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Power Dolls Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Modified Power Loaders are the Omni colony's main advantage over Earth's forces.
Mission briefing. Three explosives must be set on the dam. Each takes three turns to arm.
This heavy load has lowered my pilot's Action Points by more than half of her maximum.
Units 1 & 5 will cover 2 3 & 4 as they plant the explosives. 6 will be a spotter for my 3 artillery.
Using 3 artillery units means all my air force pilots must fly transport instead of fighter support.
My scout has sacrificed firepower for extra scanning equipment. She can't hit a barn door anyway.
These mobile guns fired at my transport. My grenade launcher will take care of them.
A smoke screen will hide my units on the dam while I hold off the tanks with artillery and missiles.
Artillery doesn't fire until after the enemy's turn. It's a good bet some will come along the roads.
Opportunity fire on a surveillance truck. This is why I gave the dam units SMGs instead of grenades.
My support unit is out of grenades and missiles so she's attacking this mobile gun in close combat.
This is your reward for completing a mission. Missions can be skipped but you don't get this bonus.
A report on which pilots and vehicles survived. Pilots that are MIA may return after later missions.
After each mission you get access to additional pilots, Power Loaders and weapons.

FM Towns version

Title screen
Intro for this version is voiced in Japanese
Selecting pilots
The FM Towns version runs in 256 color mode, though it's only really noticeable on the pilot's portraits
Let's start
Attacking enemy unit

PC-98 version

Title screen
Fictional history
Technology advances...
...and mechas are born
Scenario overview
Pilot selection
It's your turn!
Pilot's stats
Movement range
Attack options