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Power Drive Rally Screenshots (Jaguar)

User Screenshots

Jaguar version

Title Screen
High-score table
Choose your starting vehicle
A bridge over nifty water effects
The mini cannot compare to the almighty General Lee
The Start/Finish Line
Fix up your car after the race.
Your Rival!
Skill Test
Night Racing
Results screen
Finland introduction screen
Rally Cross #2 - Jumping across logs
Special Stage #3 - Here is one of the Pick-Ups; Time, which stops the clock for five seconds, allowing you to save time
Selecting from the second group of vehicles
Rally Cross #3 - Mowin' down snow!
Special Stage #4 - Trying to power drift
Italy introduction screen
Rally Cross #4 - Crossing the bridge. For a top-down racing game, it looks gorgeous
Rally Cross #5 - Crossing below a big tire
Rally Cross #6
Special Stage #5 - Doing serious powerdriftin' with my co-driver
Skill Test #2 - These are without a doubt the more dreaded levels in the game
Arizona introduction screen
Rally Cross #6 - Oh look, a Jaguar banner!
Selecting from the third and last group of vehicles
Special Stage #6 - Nice look at the canyon below the bridge
Rally Cross #7 - Racing close to a house with the Rival
Special Stage #7 - Some special stages will be any of the previous tracks in the country but reversed
France introduction screen
Rally Cross #8 - More Jaguar banners!
Endurance #1 - These are races that last more three laps
Rally Cross #9 - Railroads
Special Stage #8
Sweden introduction screen
Skill Test #3 - The country wastes no time in introducing you to another of the dreaded skill tests
Rally Cross #10 Getting ready to cross below a wooden bridge
Special Stage #9 - You can challenge yourself in some races by not turning on the front lights
Rally Cross #11 - Oh look chairlifts!
Special Stage #10 - We're gonna crash while trying to pick-up some money left in the road!
Kenya introduction screen
Rally Cross #12 - Crossing a puddle of water
Endurance #2 - Check out those planes in the fences
Rally Cross #13 - Big screens showing various images
Special Stage #11
Skill Test #4 - The last of these dreaded levels...
Corsica introduction screen. This is the last country to race on
Special Stage #12
Special Stage #13 - The last of the special stages
Last Race - This is an Endurance race in disguise so better be ready to bring all your skills to the table!