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Some weaned on Mortal Kombat might find Power Instinct to be a little light for their tastes, but I say that it takes all kinds to make the fighting game world go round. Power Instinct will make a fine addition to the library of any fighting game fan.
SNESGame Informer Magazine (Mar, 2004)
Power Instinct is the vanilla ice cream of 2D fighting games. Yes, there are far more interesting flavors out there, but if you come across this one, you at least won't be disgusted.
SNESGame Players (Feb, 1995)
The fighting genre's only denture-throwing grandma and good fighting control are enough to make this game a good choice for fighting fans. However, if you already own a good fighting game, there isn't enough new stuff to warrant laying down your money.
60 (Apr 22, 2014)
Gōketsuji Ichizoku is a decent fighter that plays smooth and fast, but isn’t without flaws. The octogenarian granny is very fun and one of the quirkiest and freshest ideas I’ve seen in any 16-bit fighting game. Too bad the other seven selectable characters are very generic and uninspired – the standout features of the Power Instinct series didn’t really get to shine in this first installment. While the gameplay is pretty good, sound and graphics are sadly below average. All in all, the game is definitely worth a look and can be fun to play, but it isn’t really one of the big hitters.
An all right home version of the arcade game with plenty of fighters, plenty of moves and a few surprises. The Practice Mode Option was a plus, as were some of the huge fight stages - both horizontally and vertically.
SNESGamePro (US) (Jul, 1995)
For martial arts madmen looking to pound new faces, PI is worth reading - but it's no substitute for power hitters.