Powerboat Challenge Screenshots

User Screenshots

Zeebo version

Title screen and main menu.
Options menu.
The tutorial. Here you learn the basics of the game: how to control your boat and how to pass by the buoys.
This screen shows the progress made so far with each of the four available pilots.
Character selection screen. More importantly than the character, here you select a boat based on its traits.
Selecting an island to start racing. At first, only the Richmore island is unlocked. To unlock the next island, you have to beat a given number of events at the previous one.
Depending on the character you selected, you'll have a main adversary in each island who will tease you. Here, I'm playing with Yong Hyun Kim and the main adversary at Richmore is Ryan O'Neil.
Selecting an event. The yellow icon shows what kind of event it is; these two are race events. The brown house is the store, which isn't available yet.
Starting a race.
In Race events like this the object is to arrive at 1st. The buoys must be passed on the right side; the closer you pass, the more turbo boost you earn.
The race results.
The tuning shop. The money collected by winning events can be expended here. Here you can see the changes in performance and appearance that take place in your boat if you buy items.
The second island map, Brookfield.
Racing as Ryan O'Neil at Brookfield island. Here I'm using the turbo boost.
A Time Trial event. In this kind of event, the player must try to beat the time shown at the top of the screen.
The third island map, Culuá.
Racing as Zed Turner at Culuá island in an eliminator event. In this kind of event the last racer to cross the line at each lap is eliminated.
A Time Trial XT event. In this kind of event, the player must reach the checkpoints before the time runs out. The numbers above the buoys show how many seconds are left for them to change directions.
The last island, Akonisos, has only one event.
Racing as Zed Turner at Akonisos. This event has only the best racers (the 4 main characters). So far I'm doing a perfect run (passing all buoys in "perfect" distance).