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Playmates' website:

    Welcome To The Nightmare Of Ramses Tomb

    As an armed forces specialist, you have trained for all forms of enemy contact. Nothing, however, can prepare you for the modern-day nightmare you are about to enter. The ancient Egyptian city of Karnak has been sealed off by enemy forces. No military action has yet been successful in penetrating the perimeter. The enemy possess firepower of unknown origin. There is a high probability of ultra-human involvement. Your mission is to infiltrate Karnak, discover the nature of the enemy forces, and respond with maximum efficiency. Lethal force has been approved.

  • Command an arsenal of firepower including: hand grenades, flame throwers, machine guns, and a magical cobra staff.
  • Capture an array of powers to become an unstoppable fighting machine.
  • Explore ancient temples, underwater grottos, and the realm of the undead.
  • Optional third person view from behind the player character.
  • Network support for up to four players in DOS version, eight players in Windows 95 version.
  • Stacked sector technology allows you to move between multiple floors within a single level!

    Contributed by jean-louis (32573) on Aug 09, 2015.

Back of Jewel Case - PlayStation (UK) :
    An archeological expedition to unearth long-forgotten treasures revealed a history more dark and depraved than anyone thought possible...a lot more...An ancient evil force, not of this time - or this world - has remained buried since the Egyptians walked the Earth. But not it's Exhumed...

    Contributed by onecarefulowner (1) on Jul 21, 2008.

Official UK PlayStation Magazine (April, 1997):


    Rest In Pieces

    94% Sega Saturn Magazine
    93% Mean Machines Sega

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Playmates Interactive Entertainment 1997 Spring Catalog:
    Welcome the nightmare of Ramses tomb! Alien forces possessing horrifying powers have sealed off the once thriving city of Karnak from all outside contact. As a covert mercenary, you've been trained for all forms of combat. But nothing can prepare you for the nightmare you are about to enter.

    30 levels of non stop first person gameplay.

    Dynamic gameplay allows you to move between multiple floors within a single level.

    Full 360 degrees of freedom as you cross bridges, crawl through tunnels and swim through underwater grottos.

    Find and use 7 weapons including a machete, hand grenades, flame thrower, machine gun and magic staff.

    Dynamic lighting effects create stunning special effects.

    Fully networkable for up to 4 players.

    Contributed by Mullet of Death (653) on May 13, 2005.

Manual Introduction(UK):
    Hey, tough guy, fancy saving the world for a change?

    The ancient Egyptian city of Karnak has been seized by an unknown power and great turmoil is spreading throughout the land. Many have entered the valley of Karnak in an attempt to discover the source of the evil, but none have returned.

    So, the future of our planet is in your hands. Explore the area and find out what on Earth is going on. Be warned: the presence of this mysterious force has resurrected hundreds of exceedingly bloodthirsty creatures, all intent on claiming your soul for themselves. Don't take any chances - or any shit: make use of any weapons and ammunition left behind by previous (unsuccessful) visitors and kill anything that moves.

    That is all...

    Contributed by Jack Lightbeard (2707) on May 12, 2005.

Magazine Ad - EGM #91, February 1997:

    This space available for immediate occupancy.

    The darkness of ancient Egypt and evil alien forces, possessing horrifying powers, have taken possession of the ancient city of Karnak. And these landlords are exacting extremely high rents. Like an arm and a leg... or worse.

    Airdropped into first person landscapes, you must swim, crawl and otherwise run like hell through 20-plus levels of gameplay. Real time, fully 3-D rendered environments allow you complete 360° freedom of gameplay. With just a machete to begin with, search for 7 other weapons like hand grenades, a flame thrower, an M60 machine gun and a magical cobra staff. Dynamic lighting allows for stunning visual effects. Cross bridges, crawl through tunnels and swim through underwater grottos. Your only salvation is the guiding Spirit of the Great Pharaoh Ramses. He's the only one in this god-forsaken neighborhood who wants to help you get a forwarding address.

    So welcome to the nightmare of Ramses' tomb. And enjoy your stay. It may last forever.

    Contributed by Joshua J. Slone (4672) on May 31, 2004.

Magazine Ad - EGM #87, October 1996:




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