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The Price of Magik Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amstrad CPC version

Starting location
It's dark inside.
I went to the woodshed.
I found some unusual stuff in the herb garden.
I climbed a vine.
On the roof.

Commodore 64 version

Starting screen
The first spell, although it's no use yet
The ALL command as a time-saver
On the vine
Still rising
Up on the roof
Get robes. Wear robes. Fly. Fall.
A tight corner
The office
How to use spells
A rambling mansion
Just the the Royal Mail
Not the one CBBC was set in?
What the butler sees every day
Going back to the place that I love
I'm not anti-chapel, some of my best friends are chapels
The red moon and its magical qualities
Where's the worse hole?
'Corridor', a word all experienced adventurers link with 'maze'
That kind of garden, eh?
The bat is important
Bit of a satire on wargames here
On the landing
Using a spell
A different corridor
Is that a lightning bolt on the wall
Complete with parrot....
Is that the chest of wonders?

MSX version

Loading screen
Starting screen
I climbed a vine.
On the roof.
I found some unusual stuff in the herb garden.

ZX Spectrum version

Loading screen
Starting point
There ain't nothing in the woodshed, except maybe some wood