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Prince of Persia Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Starting position
Fighting a guard
Got killed...

Amstrad CPC version

Title screen
Title screen (French version)
Opening story
First level

Apple II version

Title screen
Intro (1)
Intro (2)
Intro (3)
Game start
Find a sword.
Door to the next level
Level 2 - Start of level.
Level 2 - Sword fighting with a guard.
Level 2 - Drinking an elixar to restore health.
Level 2 - Climbing up a ledge.
Level 2 - Got killed by a guard.
Level 3 - Start of level.
Level 3 - Climbing up!
Level 3 - Avoid the trap!
Cutscene - The princess watches the hour glass slowly run out...
Level 4 - Into the palace.
Level 4 - Running
Level 4 - The guards are tougher to beat in the higher levels.

Atari ST version

First level
Title screen.
Find your beloved woman within a hour or everything will be lost.
Starting point.
Killed by deadly spikes.
Sword is your main weapon against all enemies. You must find it quickly.
First fight.
Door to the next level.
Level two.
Red drinks will restore your health.

DOS version

Title Screen
The Story...
A Fight in the Dungeons
Watch out for the Snappers
The Search for your mirror image
Must jump before the door closes
An immortal warrior! What to do now?
In level 4 the backgrounds change
A mirror blocking the way
The infamous fat guard in level 6
Found the sword!
Should I take the blue one or the red one?
We only wanted an ear piercing.
Hey, That bottle is mine!
Killed by a guard...
Cutscene - The princess watches the hourglass slowly run out...
Level 4 - Out of the dungeon and into the palace.
Title Screen (EGA)
Thrown in the dungeon (EGA)
Title Screen (CGA)
Thrown in the dungeon (CGA)
Enter the second level
Crash & Dead
Dead again
Title screen (Hercules)
The princess awaits our return... (Hercules)
Starting our quest (Hercules)
Travelling left from our starting location... (Hercules)
...we find an essential item for our adventure, a sword (Hercules)
At the start of the game there are three story screens. The first says that Jaffar rules in the sultans absence, then there's a short cut scene followed by this screen

FM Towns version

Title screen
Main menu
I hate time limits...
Great... get a sword next time, big dope
Get used to seeing this...

Game Boy version

Title Screen
The Story
1 Hour
Level 1
You must open the gates.
Found the sword!
Encounter with Guard
Level 1 Exit
My soul
Level 10

Game Boy Color version

Title Screen
Language selection.
Italiano. It's Bellissima and not bellisima, I guess.
Opening Story
First level
Found the sword. Easy.
The first battle. Easy again.
Level 4. Feeling thirsty.
Nops... Arm&Sword are not long enough.
Level 6. Long (suicidal) jump.
This is... nostalgic.
Level 10.
The scenario is not epic... I'm disappointed.
This is not a spoiler. It's just LOVE.

Game Gear version

Title screen
Options screen

Genesis version

Evil plans
I doubt women are allowed to wear such clothes in Persia...
Jaffar with his indiscreet proposal toward the princess
You are thrown into a dungeon
The outfit of the hero is quite different from the one in DOS version
Can't we talk it over?
The door leads to the next level
One of the many ways to die in this game
Some grog won't do damage... or was it just a healing potion?

iPhone version

Main Menu
How to play the game
Title Screen
why we fight...
Introduction: The Sultan's daughter...
Introduction: Jaffar gives us 60 minutes to free her
Introduction: where is our hero?
...fighting his way through the dungeon
We better get ourselves a sword
We fell and have to restart from the beginning of the level

Macintosh version

Main Screen
You have the sword !
Hang on, princess...
Oh no, it's tragic !
Fat but quickly
Give me your hand, bros !
Sweet dreams...
Intro - Jaffar appears (black & white)
Starting position (black & white)
Facing the first guard (black & white)

NES version

Title Screen
Title Screen #2
Cimbing a wall
About to be stabbed
Jumping a pit of spikes
Long jump
Escape the level after finally opening the exit door
Do battle with a green guard
The first battle with a skeleton
Negotiating the chomper trap
Escape the dungeon and battle through the main castle
Exiting a level in the main castle
A pivotal part of Prince of Persia where you crash through a mirror and release a malevolent reflection
Dealing with 2 chompers whilst your reflection steals your potion
Battling against the backdrop of a starry night
Our hero finds himself back in the dungeon; in this segment, he drinks a potion which makes him float gently down during a fall that would normally kill him
The mouse on the far ledge helps out by pressing the switch stone
This may look like the dungeon, but it actually has windows

PC-98 version

Title screen
Main menu
PC-98 version introduced the Prince's turban & vest look which became the basis for most later Prince of Persia ports
Japanese computer versions make heavy use of dithering effects to mitigate the limited 16-color palette, so best viewed on a CRT
Lesson learned, don't underestimate the fat guy
In-game press F1 to access the menu, fourth and fifth option (from top) allows you to set the movement and combat speeds
Meanwhile the Princess sends out her pet mouse to help me
Final level
Don't rush me! I'm kind of in a middle of something
Don't fight yourself
You think it's over, right? Princess saved, bad guy killed
Think again! Jaffar shows up and teleports you to bridge for the true final fight (also included in the PC Engine CD/TurboGrafx CD and Sega CD ports which are based on this version)

SAM Coupé version

Title screen
Game start
I should come back with a sword.

SEGA CD version

Title screen
The story cuts between regular static screens...
... and awful (to say the least) anime-styled screens, everything with voice overs every bit as terrible
The prince preparing to do his "constipated tiger" move on the prison bars
The dramatic hourglass scene
Game mode screen.
Graphics are midway between the 8 and 16 bit versions.
Pretty like Master System...
Prince getting his sword, hoping it will serve him better than it did to his last owner
"Is that a good or a bad potion?", the Prince wonders, looking at the fumes
A fight
If the fight was too fast for you, it's possible to slow down fights and how fast the prince moves.

SEGA Master System version

Title screen
Options screen
The intro
Starting out in the dungeon
A great fall
Fencing with a guard
Impaled on spikes

Sharp X68000 version

Title screen
Intro - Jaffar and the princess
Game start
Encounter with a guard

SNES version

Title screen.
Main menu.
Torture (Japanese version)
Title screen (Japanese version)
The beginning
A guard is about to shish kabob me
I died
I must reach that potion
Looks like I have taken a wrong step
Fighting a guard
Falling down
Hey, that's me!
I've jumped through the mirror
A very large hall
Confronting with a skeleton
That trap looks dangerous!
A tutorial level
Fighting a guard in a palace level.
A duel with an Amazon guard.
Sometimes there are brief outdoor areas, like this nice moonlit bridge that connects two palace towers.
This guard is excellent at fencing.
The Prince's shadow blocks the way.
In the SNES version, the Prince finds himself in some kind of an underworld after the encounter with the shadow.
The underworld levels have appropriately styled flame traps.
The halls of the palace are exquisitely decorated.
The Princess' mouse comes to the rescue.
This is not a door to the next level, it's a teleporter...
...that will take you to an otherwise unreachable part of the level.
Another part of the palace, another style of decoration. The red carpet doesn't exactly mask the spike traps here.
These heavily armoured guards are either high-ranking officers or some sort of Jaffar's personal elite guard.

TurboGrafx CD version

Title screen A
Title screen B
The famous time limit...
Hey, wait! I don't have a sword yet!
Typical situation: the Prince is dead

Official Screenshots

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