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Prisoner of Ice Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

The rather eerie title screen
A Stuka ambushes an Allied submarine
And in the confusion something escapes...
Something breaks free of the crate and grabs the Captain
Bjorn Hamsun, the last surviving member of his expedition
That has GOT to hurt...
Close up of a Prisoner of Ice
It seems that somehow a creature survived and has followed you back to Britain
Captain Sears, your superior officer
The Thing that used to be Hamsun runs amok in the Infirmary
No, he's not possessed by a Prisoner. Nonetheless, this guy is still pretty creepy looking
A poor Mayan peasant is sent back in time as a Great Old One snack
Why do I get the feeling time travel is going to enter this story at some point?
Diane, the niece of John Parker (from Shadow of the Comet)
John Parker is reunited with the sorceror Narackamous (and undoubtedly thinking 'didn't I kill you already?')
Nazi commander Deitrich is a few bradwursts short of a full sandwich
Ryan gives a Prisoner a taste of his electrifying personality
In a grim post-apocalyptic future, survivors do battle with the unleashed Prisoners
A survivor escapes into the past with baby Ryan
Use the Force, Ryan! Actually, that guy on the right is Lord Boleskine, not Obi-Wan
Ryan rudely interrupts Narackamous and Dietrich's Great Old One summoning ceremony
Narackamous doesn't seem to like you
Ryan, I am your Father...'s mother's uncle's niece's son's best friend
menu screen
The Bad and the Ugly lose with a big "No!"
The final choice is between two slightly different, though equally brief, endings, which are titled "The survivor of Time" and "The one who never was".
Strangely enough, his is the happiest ending.

Windows version

Intro cutscene. And the first thing you see is... a crate!
A Stuka approaches...
Run for your lives!
Hey what's that?
Title screen.
Title screen 2.
Main menu.
Game intro.
The S. S. Victoria.
Polaris operation rescued two containers and Björn Hamsun...
The main deck of S. S. Victoria.
Look, we've got something on radar.
Oh, that ship is aiming at us!
We've been hit.
Sleeping in service again!?
"Alis, it's too late for me. Be strong." Oops, wrong game...
Oh-oh, it wasn't a good idea to open that door...

Official Screenshots

  • Prisoner of Ice Screenshot
  • Prisoner of Ice Screenshot
  • Prisoner of Ice Screenshot
  • Prisoner of Ice Screenshot
  • Prisoner of Ice Screenshot