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Privateer Screenshots

User Screenshots

ZX81 version

Title Screen
Fire at the battery
Intercept the Privateer
Time for battle

ZX Spectrum version

ZX81 48K version. This screen displays while the game is loading
ZX81 48K version. Game nearly loaded, credits displayed
The game's menu
Stage 1 : Enter Elevation
Stage 1 : Enter time delay on the shell
Stage 1 : The shot didn't get to the target before it exploded
Stage 1 : getting better but being close is not good enough and now the battery knows I'm here
Stage 1 : They got me
Stage 1 : Replayed and this time I've got a shot that looks good
Stage 1 : Success
Stage 2 : start screen
Stage 2 : The wind conditions vary for each enemy ship
Stage 2 : the enemy seems to move much faster than me, they're almost off the screen
Screen 2 : That one got away
Stage 2 : yes I want to continue
Stage 2 : If enough get away then it's game over, back to level 1.
Stage 2 : Got the hang of this now. Don't stab at the navigation keys, keep them pressed down all the time.
Stage 3 : Caught one of the privateers!. This is the start of the combat phase.
Stage 3 : Combat consists of sitting there and taking a pasting as the privateer pounds you with shot after shot.
Stage 3 : That's the gun deck gone
Stage 3 : That's the crew hit
Stage 3 : That's the foremast hit
Stage 3 : in comes another salvo. I cannot fire back until Mr Bush tells me that our guns are ready
Stage 3 : I take hits to morale, the gun deck, the 'tweendecks, aftercastle, foc'sle, foremast, stern, mainmast and prow, but if I try to shoot back before the guns are ready ....
Stage 3 : Caught one privateer, failed to sink him, End of the game.