Pro Evolution Soccer Screenshots

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PlayStation version

Intro movie. Two legends: Cruyff and Beckenbauer.
The Goal of the Century...
Who's the Daddy...?!?
Title screen.
Loading screen.
Mode Select.
Game Options.
Edit Mode.
Creating New Player. Figure Setting.
Practice Mode...
Training Menu.
Master League! Piemonte = Juventus...
Introducing... Master League... Division 2...
Schedule Table.
Formation Setting. Barcelona (fake names) vs Bordeaux.
"Masters Stadium".
What? Pauleta scored a goal.
Different angle.
Camera Type.
Vertical Long...
League Mode. Introduction.
Arena Stadium.
Camera Type: Zoom. Maestro in action.
Cup Mode.
European Cup introduction.
Portugal vs Czech Republic. Throw in.
Camera Type: Default Short. And yeah, Ric in action.
A sissy header.
Snimar is a fake surname. Nice shot though.
Japan vs Portugal. Free kick.
Portugal vs Austria. Goal kick.
Portugal vs Ukraine. Figo!
Goal celebration.
Do you believe in... parallel universes?
Red card.
I do. PK.
Tournament Table.
International Cup... champion!
Abel Xavier... also known as... Faisal...

PlayStation 2 version

Title Screen
Team Selection Screen
Match Start-up Screen
Match Setup Screen
Formation Screen
Opening Sequence of the Match