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Pro Sport Hockey Screenshots

User Screenshots

NES version

This game has an official NHLPA license.
Title screen
Title screen (Japanese version)
Select mode screen
Options screen
Exhibition game screen
You can practice both offense and defense.
Super cup screen
Password screen
Team selection screen
Team roster screen
A screen showing a player's attributes.
Super Cup match-up screen
The screen before a game starts.
The pause screen during a game

SNES version

This game has an official NHLPA liscense
Intro cutscene
Title Screen
Choose to either practice or play through a season
You can practice with an exhibition game or a shootout
Options screen
A player heads towards the goal during a shootout
The goalie makes a save
A puck makes its way into the net
The setup screen
Team selection screen
Matchup screen
Editing your lines
A player shreds ice
Winding up for a slapshot
Goal celebration screen
A foul gets called
A major penalty called
A powerplay situation - 5 on 4
Another powerplay situation 5 on 3
You can see how much time is left and the score
How much time is left in the powerplay
The scorebox at the bottom can be turned on and off during a game
End of the period stats
Options on the season screen
Season schedule
A game ends in a tie
Season menu
Regular season standings
League leaders
League rankings