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Project Future Screenshots

User Screenshots

ZX Spectrum version

This is the game's title screen. It is displayed until the game is fully loaded and is replaced by the game's menu
This is the game's menu. The default controller is the keyboard. The action keys cannot be redefined.
The game starts with Spaceman Farley arriving aboard the Future
This is the first action screen. Bad guys spawn at three points and come at Farley from oblique angles. Staying in one spot and firing until a room is cleared is not an option
There's no going back to the spaceship either because the way is blocked by a 'Complete your mission' sign. Baddies follow Farley in here and, annoyingly, they are still there when he re-spawns
Farley's got one and if that collection of white pixels can move fast enough he'll get another. The card he's trying to retrieve is in the bottom right corner of the screen
Game over. All that remains of Farley is his head in the top left corner of the room
Another game and this time Farley has made it into a corridor
... who re-spawns directly under Farley as he passes
... and who's there again when Farley's last life is triggered. Lesson - There are good & bad places to die