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Project IGI: I'm Going In Reviews (Windows)

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User Reviews

A solid FPS...but why no in mission saves!? MojoHelperMonkey (42) 2.83 Stars2.83 Stars2.83 Stars2.83 Stars2.83 Stars
I'm coming out. Ashley Pomeroy (233) unrated
Let me correct the other reviewers: Sadly spoilt by 2 STADIUM SIZED flaws P Ray (8) 2.5 Stars2.5 Stars2.5 Stars2.5 Stars2.5 Stars
One of the most entertaining FPS games ever! kbmb (435) unrated
Sadly spoilt by one major flaw Felix (141) 3.17 Stars3.17 Stars3.17 Stars3.17 Stars3.17 Stars
Excellent game, however, has a few bugs. Pavel Yeloyev (6) 3.17 Stars3.17 Stars3.17 Stars3.17 Stars3.17 Stars
Excellent FPS with good gameplay and graphics Martin Whitworth (1) unrated

Our Users Say

Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the actors' performances in the game (including voice acting). 3.3
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 3.1
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.7
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.7
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.7
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.5
Overall User Score (45 votes) 3.5

Critic Reviews

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ZETA (Jan, 2001)
Mai uno sparatutto 3D era riuscito a rappresentare con tale precisione la tensione che solo un agente segreto in una missione ad altissimo rischio può provare. Dimenticatevi le mascherate alla Soldier of Fortune, dove di militare c'è solo lo scenario. In Project IGI, l’approccio al gioco cambia in maniera radicale e oltre alla mano ferma serve anche una buona dose di senso tattico per sventare i piani dei terroristi. Tecnicamente il gioco è anomalo, infatti, il motore grafico sviluppato dalla Innerloop è lento e tutt’altro che spettacolare, ma a conti fatti permette di fare cose che nel gioco risultano essenziali. A livello sonoro Project IGI non ha nulla da invidiare a nessuna delle ultime produzioni, e anche il sistema di controllo è personalizzabile e ben realizzato. Se avete un hardware all’altezza e vi sentite pronti a raccogliere ima „missino impossible“, Project IGI è senza dubbio un gioco che non dovrebbe mancare sotto il vostro albero di natale.
Несмотря на то, что Project IGI не лишён недостатков, игра явно удалась. Игроки уже вдоволь насытились различными командными продуктами, им хочется чего-нибудь более индивидуального. В лице детища Innerloop мы получили новое ответвление в жанре. Возможно, через некоторое время мы уже получим целую пачку IGI-клонов, а возможно, игра так и останется своеобразным уникумом, как и Thief. Подобно детищу Looking Glass, IGI заставляет работать не только спинной, но и головной мозг. Над каждой миссией вы просидите не один час. А уж сколько времени уйдёт на всё прохождение — даже страшно представить.
PC Gamer Brasil (May, 2001)
Apesar de tudo, esse game proporciona um bom divertimento, é bem interessante e nos deixa com vontade de saber o que vai acontecer ao final de cada fase. Project IGI é o ápice dos discretos atiradores do mundo real.
Power Unlimited (Dec, 2000)
Project IGI is een aktievolle, vernuftige en pittige thinking shooter geworden. Men heeft goed gekeken naar de sterkste games in dit genre en daar een behoorlijke dosis realiteit doorheen gemixt. Een verrassend toppertje!
PC Games (Germany) (Dec, 2000)
Der Taktikshooter fesselt den Spieler durch schicke Optik, riesige Areale und intelligent agierende Gegner bereits in der ersten Mission an den Bildschirm.
Project IGI is an extremely accomplished tactical shooter. Perhaps it doesn’t possess mass appeal, but the hardcore will find it a gripping and compelling challenge.
Oldies Rising (Aug 04, 2009)
Project IGI n’est pas un jeu très connu, c’est pourtant l’un des meilleurs shooters tactiques qu’on puisse trouver sur PC. Conservant le fun et l’immersion du FPS, mais apportant la subtilité et le réalisme de l’infiltration sans verser dans la simulation, il offre un des gameplays les plus réussis du genre. Les niveaux sont immenses, on s’éclate à dégommer des gardes au sniper et on en redemande toujours après avoir raté une mission pour la douzième fois. Tout n’est bien sûr pas parfait… Mais quand même !
Tolle Grafik, dicke Wummen, realistische Missionen, faszinierendes Gameplay: Project IGI hat alle Voraussetzungen zum Spiele-Überhammer. Daher frage ich mich, welches BSE-Rind die Entwickler auf dem Teller hatten, dass sie ihrer Soldaten-Sim anstelle einer Speicher-Funktion einen Gegner-Respawn bescherten. Wenn man den eigenen Stolz überwindet und den Schattenparker-Schwierigkeitsgrad wählt, macht Project IGI trotzdem eine Menge Spaß.
85 (Dec 17, 2000)
Project IGI ist ein gelungener und spannender Shooter, dessen taktische Komponente eine willkommene Abwechslung im üblichen „Schieß-alles-nieder"-Einerlei darstellt. Unterstützt von einer guten Grafikengine, schönen Soundeffekten, clever designten Levels, sowie vielen kleinen Details, die einem erst beim zwangsläufigen Wiederholen einer Mission auffallen, bietet IGI genügend Stoff für spannende Abende. Wenn jetzt noch ein Patch nachgeliefert wird, der Speicher- und KI-Probleme beseitigt, ist ein Anklopfen an den Referenz-Olymp nicht ausgeschlossen.
PC Zone (Aug 13, 2001)
Though there are no multiplayer options to keep you playing past completion of the 14-mission single-player campaign (plans are afoot to correct this omission), IGI offers a hell of a lot more variation than Soldier Of Fortune's simple concoction of violent real-world action. However, what sets IGI apart is the sense of immersion within a believable storyline and the way in which it all travels along seamlessly at a perfect pace. When you reach the later levels and find yourself standing on a ridge after blowing up an enemy base and finding another up ahead, then you'll know what I mean.
ActionTrip (Jan 03, 2001)
There. IGI is striving to be a perfectly realistic game in some aspects, yet some of its features keep it far from that. I, personally liked the game, and I wasn't that bothered by not being able to save games (He's a lying bastard! He was bitching and moaning all the time - Ed). It just made me play more cautious and plan each move in advance. After several days of play, I forgot all the flaws and felt like I was playing a 3D version of my favorite Commandos... I guess that's why I gave it such a high mark...
PC Joker (Dec, 2000)
Abschließend eine Warnung: Weil während eines Auftrags kein Spielstand angelegt werden darf, ist Project IGI nun wirklich kein Game für Beckenrandschwimmer. Im Gegensatz zu SWAT 3 stehen hier aber alle Widersacher bei der Wiederholung noch am selben Platz, was dem Schwierigkeitsgrad zumindest ein bisschen den Stachel nimmt. Und spannend ist die intelligente Action allemal, warum den Amis also nicht ein wenig Arbeit abnehmen?
games xtreme (Dec 07, 2000)
It is a game that you’d want to play again and again just to see how quiet you can be on each part of the mission. Infinitely playable and enjoyable, specially when you grab a Sniper Rifle and find a high-spot. The only thing that let it down was a lack of an in mission save feature, but then again without it, you need to be extra careful.
Gamer's Pulse (Nov 27, 2000)
I went in. It was cool. It was fun. Living life on the run. With the Dragunov S-V-D, I sniped some Russ-kies - One? Two? No sir - three! I jumped and crouched, climbed and hacked, with an AK-47 on my back. I must say - I was surprised - breaking into computers? I took in in my stride! The SAS-siet British is on the loose - you like my accent? You'll love my moves! ... Well that's about it then. Quite a mixed bag, isn't it? I had a few bad experiences with this game but let me tell you this - as soon as I am done typing this, you guessed it - I'm Going In. I think you should too.
Gry OnLine (Jan 12, 2000)
Czas na kilka słów podsumowania. Czy warto wydać ciężko zaoszczędzone pieniądze i kupić “Project I.G.I.”? Trudne pytanie, ale odpowiedź na szczęście jest bardzo prosta. Tak, warto. A dlaczego, ktoś zapyta, przecież i brak możliwości zachowywania stanu gry w dowolnym momencie, i słabe AI postaci, i mało, bo tylko czternaście misji, i w sieci też nie pogramy? Dlaczego więc warto? Ano dlatego, że niezła fabuła, jeszcze lepsza, a chwilami (krajobraz) nawet rewelacyjna grafika wraz ze świetnymi cut-scenkami, świetna fizyka gry, kapitalna oprawa dźwiękowa, pełna swoboda w sposobie wykonywania postawionych zadań, spory wybór sprzętu uzbrojenia, zmienna praca kamery, i kilka innych niespodzianek, o których nie wspomniałem by nie psuć ci zabawy, to walory, które sprawią, że spędzisz ładnych parę godzin przed ekranem monitora na naprawdę świetnej zabawie.
80 (UK) (Jan 05, 2001)
Project IGI is a must-have purchase for any action gaming fan, and is a testament to what can still be done with the genre with the proper amount of thought. However, the issue of longevity does come into play with the omission of a multiplayer mode, and as such it's far from what it so easily could have been.
Gamekult (Dec 14, 2000)
Evidemment, Project IGI n'a pas inventé l'infiltration en vue subjective. Il a toutefois le grand mérite de pousser le gameplay de ce type de jeu dans des limites insoupçonnées. Une très grande réussite qui est malheureusement limitée au jeu en solo puisque aucun mode multijoueurs n'a été implémenté. Quelques petites réserves comme une configuration conseillée au-dessus de la moyenne et des sauvegardes à chaque fin de mission seulement réduisent également l'audience de ce jeu fabuleux. Un titre exceptionnel à bien des égards mais qui nécessite patience et persévérance pour enfin séduire.
80 (Dec 15, 2000)
Mais le côté réaliste de ce jeu vient plus de la réalisation graphique que du matériel disponible. En effet, les décors sont de qualité presque photographique et les bâtiments, même si ils restent parfois un peu trop cubiques, disposent de textures réellement splendides. Vous n'avez qu'à admirer les toits couverts de neige ou les murs de bétons usés par les intempéries pour vous en convaincre. De même, les effets dynamiques sont très réussis, que ce soit au niveau des bruitages ou encore des impacts de balles sur les murs. Seul ombre au tableau, on constate de temps en temps quelques bugs qui permettent de voir à travers les murs quand on est dans un espace restreint, ou tout simplement tout près d'un objet. Enfin, dernier point négatif qui décevra beaucoup de fans du genre, vous ne trouverez pas la moindre option multijoueurs dans Project IGI.
Hoewel zo goed als geen enkel individueel element van Project IGI echt origineel is, zijn ze uitzonderlijk goed gecombineerd. Jammer van de minpunten zoals de onmogelijkheid tijdens missies te saven, de zwakke AI en het ontbreken van een multiplayeroptie
79 (Sep 18, 2002)
To conclude : This game is good, but it could have been very good and maybe even the best, but a lack of AI and Multiplayer makes this title just above average. If u like shooting games, just try this, but I warn u, it’s not complete as the hype says it is.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Dec 29, 2000)
Project IGI had een topper kunnen zijn maar is alsnog te vroeg op de markt gegooid met alle nadelige gevolgen vandien.
Game Over Online (Dec 15, 2000)
Overall I still enjoyed this game and the AI isn't awful enough to really bother me. The lack of save feature is annoying. The graphics and sound are pleasant, and the gameplay works. It could use some spit and polish, like Hitman, but it's pretty fun.
GameSpot (Dec 22, 2000)
While none of the individual elements of Project IGI are particularly original, they're meshed together very well. The missions feature a finely paced balance between tense stealth and dramatic combat. By mixing military firefights with careful sneaking, the game manages to be entertaining overall, and the environments are very convincing. Still, the game has problems that can't be overlooked, such as the lack of midmission saves, the weak artificial intelligence, and a general lack of interesting or memorable characters, including the one you play. Also, while you can approach each mission slightly differently, there's only so much variety that each affords, and there are no multiplayer modes or level editor. So, despite the long and complex missions, the game's replay value is really limited. Still, as a single-player shooter with a traditional progressive mission structure set in realistic and memorable environments, Project IGI is a fun, if flawed, action game.
GameSpy (Jan 29, 2001)
I reallllly wish I could recommend this game. It's a quality game in almost every respect...but the save flaw is just too big. The only way to really enjoy this game is to hope for a patch that implements a save feature. Then go buy it, apply the patch, and then enjoy the piece of gaming goodness that awaits. Without a patch, though, there are too many other good games to spend your money on -- ones that don't frustrate the player with terrible oversights in features.
Level (Feb, 2001)
Acesta ar fi Project IGI (mă rog, ceea ce a putut intra pe două pagini…) în ciuda lipsurilor evidente, îl recomand chiar şi celor nu prea pasionaţi de FPS-uri, măcar de dragul experienţei. Oricine vrea să mai stoarcă puţină adrenalină în vene poate liniştit să apeleze la produsul descris în prezentul articol. Tensiune şi enervare garantate!
HappyPuppy (Feb 05, 2001)
Judgmental as a critical evaluation may sound, Project IGI is an above-average game. Doubtless, James Bond groupies will have a dandy time sniping goons from afar, playing super-spy, and saving the free world from a bunch of evil nitwits. But after spending a week tiring of this title’s company, memories of the countless frustrations encountered are also taken away from the affair. Thus a purchase boils down to one decision: do armchair commanders demand a soldier in tip-top shape, or can they accept a recruit that attempts to shirk active duty by shooting itself in the foot?
Absolute Games ( (Dec 14, 2000)
Я уже чувствую, как поклонники игры вдумчиво точат ножи и что-нибудь заряжают. Подождите, ребята, ваша цель не я, а разработчики. Это они своими собственными руками загубили игру экстра-класса. Хотя, не всё ещё потеряно. Патч, один лишь патч, исправляющий все эти недоделки (и, желательно, добавляющий поддержку мультиплеера) — и Project IGI сможет на равных бороться с Hitman и Soldier of Fortune за звание «Action года».
At first I was pretty excited to play IGI. Something of a cross between GoldenEye and Tenchu, it seemed as if a console-style action game had been reproduced perfectly on the PC. Unfortunately, the game's AI is mind-numbingly stupid. At times, you can literally snipe someone's companion and they won't even notice. Nor will enemies call for help, preferring to charge idiotically into that darkened passageway you're hiding in. To the game's credit, the environments are attractive and well-detailed. I also particularly enjoyed the puzzle-oriented nature of the levels, even if you could simply say "[email protected]#$ this" and start hosing down anyone who gets in your way. While the game is still interesting, the tomfoolery of the enemies reduces it from a killer stealth/action experience to a somewhat entertaining sheep hunting game.
70 (Jan 19, 2003)
Voici un bon jeu d'infiltration que je vais me faire un plaisir de tester pour vous. Le jeu nous propose d'incarner David L. Jones, un ex-agent du SAS envoyé en mission en Estonie pour faire face à la Mafia locale. Prenez de nombreuses scènes d'actions, ajoutez à cela de nombreuses scènes d'infiltration, un bon Gameplay, le talent d'Eidos, et cela vous donne un bon jeu d'action / infiltration.
GameStar (Germany) (Dec, 2000)
Mit derart angespannten Nerven wie bei Project IGI saß ich schon längere Zeit nicht mehr vor dem Monitor. Das liegt zum einen daran, dass die Missionen extrem packend und abwechslungsreich sind. Ballern allein genügt selten, fast immer muss ich mir einen sinnvollen Plan zusammenstellen. Auch Grafik und Atmosphäre sind eindrucksvoll gelungener, teilweise wirken die riesigen Umgebungen unglaublich realistisch. Die Ursachen für mein zerfetztes Nervenkostüm liegen aber auch an ärgerlichen Design-Schnitzern, allen voran die fehlende Speicheroption. Letztlich hat das dazu geführt, dass ich einige Missionen regelrecht auswendig lernen musste und mich dann kaum getraut habe, mal auf gewagtere Art zu agieren. Auch die KI-Schwächen dürfen so nicht vorkommen. Die Gegner sind dadurch zwar nicht leichter zu erledigen, aber verhalten sich manchmal schlicht unberechenbar. Letztlich ist Project IGI nur eine Empfehlung für Hardcore-Fans des Soldaten-Szenarios.
Game Captain (Dec 30, 2000)
Schöne Landschaften und Waffen, dies reicht aber nicht für ein wirklich gutes Spiel. Trotz der vielen guten Pluspunkte wie Landschaft und Waffen leidet das Spiel unter einem gewissen Faktor, den ich einmal plump als Langeweile bezeichnen möchte. Die Level bieten null Abwechselung und es wird quasi immer nach Schema F vorgegangen. Wirklich spannende Situationen sind rar, lediglich die Rahmengeschichte hält meine Motivation ein wenig hoch. Rätsel sind Mangelware.
The Retro Spirit (Dec 21, 2012)
David Jones fikk bare to titler med Project IGI, og det er litt synd. All ære til spillet for å prøve, men det skulle vært litt mer tid i AI og grafikken i spillet, så ville dette vært noe meget spesielt. At spillet kom ut 2 år før Splinter Cell kom på markedet får man til å tenke: Hva brukte Ubisoft av det de lærte fra IGI i Splinter Cell? Hvis Ubisoft finner det for godt å ta opp Herr David i tjeneste igjen, så ville det vært en interessant tittel å fulgt med på, uten all fancy moves og slowmotion. Med dagens teknologi, så tror jeg faktisk Project IGI 3 ville vært magisk.
Wieder hat Innerloop es nicht geschafft, den Standort zu erreichen. Zu viele Schnitzer sorgen (wie einst bei Joint Strike Fighter) dafür, dass gute Ansätze verwässert oder unbrauchbar werden. Ich habe ehrlich gesagt keine Lust, 20 Mal auf einen genau im Zielfadenkreuz stehenden Gegner zu feuern, bis er endlich umfällt. Die Grafik lockt ebenfalls niemanden vor den Monitor. Zu viele, nicht unwesentliche Dinge wie Zäune werden erst spät ersichtlich, dazu das ewig morphende Gelände. Dass kein Mehrspieler-Modus integriert wurde, fällt dann schon gar nicht mehr so negativ ins Gewicht!
Without a doubt, there is a place for realism in the first-person shooter genre. The question is, at what point does realism take the fun out of a game? While Project IGI has a lot of potential for enjoyment and goes a long way toward enriching the FPS genre as a whole, its difficult realism builds quickly into frustration. This does not make it a completely bad experience; the immense mission levels and variety of tactics make it a game worth the time of any FPS fan to check out. Had it included a mid-mission save and a multiplayer mode, it could have been a solid four star title; add tweaked graphics and improved AI, and it would have been a surefire winner. However, without those features, Project IGI is a good game, but certainly not a great one.
In the end, PROJECT IGI can still be called a tactial sim, but barely. With no in-game save, dumb Al, and no multiplayer component, IGI just doesn’t hit the mark. PROJECT IGI can be fun to play, but it lacks the rewards of a ROGUE SPEAR or SWAT 3.
Next Generation (Apr, 2001)
After a promising start, I’m Going In quickly transforms itself into a frustratingly mediocre experience.
Playing Project IGI: I’m Going In is a painful experience before you even get the disc in the drive. What an embarrassingly bad name for a game. See, the IGI in the beginning of the title stands for "I’m Going In." Then they explain it in the rest of the title. Isn’t that clever? In any event, everything that IGI is trying to do has been done before, and done better. Again, I have to invoke the name of Counter-Strike, and I will continue to do so until I see an FPS that holds a candle to it. In a market that loves a game that gives and keeps on giving, IGI is as stingy as a Republican’s education budget.