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Protector Screenshots (Jaguar)

User Screenshots

Jaguar version

Title screen of the original version of Protector. Note the similarity with the cover art for Datastorm on the Amiga.
Hi-Score table
Selecting the starting wave. You can select a new wave after every 5 waves completed.
Wave 1. The first thing you'll notice is that, unlike Defender 2000, sprites are small, allowing for more visibility of the playfield.
Ye Olde Shoppe - Here you can buy upgrades and lives.
Results screen.
When a enemy is killed, they leave a nice particle effect.
Red orbs left by defeated enemies grants you money for the shop.
Although you can buy upgrades on the shop, on occasions enemies will leave a Green orb, which will grant you a random power up.
Wave 6. One of the new enemies introduced are turrets which can only be killed by either a bomb or going down and deal with them that way.
On some waves, a meteor swarm will occur and you can only avoid them, since the meteors are not destructible.
Another enemy introduced in later waves, which will bombard you with missiles.
Another of enemies introduced in later waves is this thing...
Wave 11. One of the last enemies introduced are spinner-like robots that jumps on occasions.
Special Edition - Title screen
Special Edition - High-Score screen
Special Edition - Options screen. Unlike the original, which was a previously unreleased game, Protector SE allows you to use the game cartridge as a homebrew tool to program games. Neat!
Special Edition - Choosing a starting wave. This has a new graphic.
Special Edition - Wave 1. Not much has changed in terms of the original sprites but Protector SE adds new enemies and graphics, on top of extra levels compared to the original version.
Special Edition - The Ye Olde Shoppe is now renamed Weapons Depot and prices are increased a bit compared to the original version.
Special Edition - Wave 1 cleared.
Special Edition - Wave 2. Rescuing a human.
Special Edition - Wave 5
Special Edition - Pressing 4 on the controller's keypad will activate Hyperspace, which warps you from one location into another one.
Special Edition - Meteor swarms are still a thing in this version.
Special Edition - Wave 10. This thing is still here. After each 5 wave from this one, you'll be greeted with new bosses, though not each 5 wave has a boss.
Special Edition - Wave 11. That's a pretty background indeed...
Special Edition - Wave 12
Special Edition - Wave 16
Special Edition - Wave 17
Special Edition - Wave 20. One of the new bosses in this version.
Special Edition - Wave 21. This is where the turrets at ground are now located.
Special Edition - Wave 22
Special Edition - Wave 26
Special Edition - Destroying a UFO will spawn multiple smaller ships to make your life a nightmare.
Special Edition - Wave 30. Another one of the new bosses in this version.
Special Edition - Wave 31
Special Edition - Apparently these enemies have a frog-like name.
Special Edition - Wave 36. Watch out for that green enemy ship, as he is very resilient to your shots and he'll not go down easily.
Special Edition - Wave 40. The last wave of the game. Keep your eyes open in this one!