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Overall, if you are a fan of action, adventure or third-person shooting genres, then 2013: Infected Wars is certainly a game to be played on the Vita as it produces an excellent third-person shooter with plenty of action reminiscent of the frenetic pacing of Infected on PSP and tense moments regularly scattered throughout due to a horror vibe brought about by its subject matter raising the level of atmosphere which at a price of just £4.49* becomes an absolute must purchase.
Vita Player (May 22, 2015)
Tight aiming, decent movement through the world, and a wide (again, for a 5-hour game) array of weapons make this little shooter the gaming equivalent of a Fast and Furious movie: it’s no Citizen Kane (or Fallout 3), but it’s a hell of a good, mindless time. The In-App purchases have been removed, and so has the multiplayer (although I don’t miss it much).
Brash Games (Jul 20, 2015)
Solid graphics and adequate controls are not enough to outweigh this shooter’s shortcomings. With a more well devised plot and gameplay mechanics, this could have been a great addition the the lacking Vita family. Unfortunately, 2013: Infected Wars is another zombie shooter that wears out its welcome all too quick.
Gaming Age (Apr 16, 2015)
So why do I still like it? For most of the reasons enumerated above. Because I like playing bad games. Because I'm a fan of third-person shooters, even if they're terrible. Because it allows me to play a mediocre (at best) iOS shooter with buttons instead of touch controls, which — I have to admit — was a big part of why I switched from gaming on my phone to buying a PSP around five years ago.
The Vita Lounge (Jul 17, 2015)
2013: Infected Wars is one of the weaker digital titles to hit the PlayStation Vita, it's too obvious at times that this is merely a port of an iOS game, and an old one at that, I'd recommend looking elsewhere for a cheap and enjoyable experience.