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IGN España (Jun 10, 2015)
1001 Spikes es ese plato de lentejas que de pequeño te daba repelús y que ahora te comerías todas las semanas. Es muy difícil y en ocasiones desesperante pero su diseño de niveles y la sensación de gratificación que siente el jugador al atravesar sus diferentes fases convierten esta pesadilla en un plato que te acabas comiendo a gusto.
Polygon (Jun 24, 2014)
1001 Spikes feels like a game that's been locked away for 25 years. Upon being removed from a time capsule filled with Tab and Reagan bumper stickers, it was dusted off and updated for a modern generation, but 1001 Spikes remains extremely true to the era that inspired it. It may make you curse, snap a controller in half and throw your handheld out a window, but that's all natural. That's just how things used to be. A glorious time, indeed.
Pocket Gamer UK (Jun 25, 2014)
1001 Spikes will frustrate, but its retro difficulty is worthy of a seasoned player's time
Shacknews (Jun 06, 2014)
It'll take a long while to get through the game's crazy six worlds, and even then, it has plenty more to offer. The impatient will probably give up just a few levels in, but the devoted will find a lot to enjoy with 1001 Spikes. It's a fitting tribute to the games of old, while embracing a challenge level that today's dedicated gamers will truly appreciate. If they don't break their controller first, that is.
GameSpot (Jun 16, 2014)
One of the few areas in which 1001 Spikes is lacking is in comparing your performances with other players. The game puts an emphasis on your best times, and even has the option of using a speedrun clock if you so choose, yet there are no online leaderboards with which to compare scores with friends and strangers. That's too bad, because self-imposed misery loves company, and 1001 Spikes is best for the kind of person who can take punishment and enjoy it. It can be soul crushing for the same reason it's inspiring.
IGN (Jun 08, 2014)
The Vita version lacks any multiplayer features and cuts The Golden Vase mode entirely (slightly disappointing, as it's useful for farming lots of coins in a hurry, but understandable). What remains plays identically to the other versions, features the PS4’s Adventure Aban skin, and looks vibrant on the handheld's screen.
Defunct Games (Jun 20, 2014)
Maybe I'm a masochist, but I find this brand of punishing action to be rewarding. There's no better feeling than finally overcoming a puzzle that felt insurmountable 150 lives ago. I was not only impressed with the game's devilish level designs, but also the amount of quality bonus content and diverse line-up of extra characters. For people who enjoy repeatedly stubbing their toe, 1001 Spikes is for you.
Gaming Age (Jun 19, 2014)
On a broader note, 1001 Spikes definitely feels much more like a genuine game from the 8-bit era. By this, I mean that I could totally imagine playing this on the NES. The graphics, the music, the way the (surprisingly deep, plotwise) cutscenes are animated: all of them are straight out of 1988 or so, to the point that I could get in a time machine, show the game to 8-year-old me, and have 1988-Matthew think the game was just like everything else he/I was playing at the time. Of course, in a way, that just means the game is just as much of 2014 as it is of 1988, since it can also be slotted squarely alongside the seemingly countless other tough-as-nails platformers that populate the modern-day gaming landscape. Does 1001 Spikes do enough to really differentiate itself from that crowd? Honestly…not really, no. But if that's your thing, then it's at least good enough that it's not a total waste of time, either.
The Vita Lounge (Jul 28, 2014)
I can see that 1001 Spikes is Nicalis' ode to the difficult games from back in the day, and that it's someone looking for a hard game or someone who feels that nostalgia might enjoy - unfortunately, I am not old enough to feel that sense to it. For me it was a painful experience which I never hope to have to go through again - and thinking back, maybe it was intended to (and did) break me.

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