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Gaming Age (Sep 14, 2015)
Of course, pretty much everything sets Danganronpa Another Episode apart — that’s what makes it so impressive. After the first two games in the series, it was clear that Danganronpa was worth checking out if you had the slightest interest in visual novels or adventure games. By branching out to a whole new genre, developer Spike Chunsoft is showing that it’s a franchise that’s just worth checking out, period.
PSN Stores (Aug 24, 2015)
I don’t think it quite reaches some of the same highs as the other games (looking at you Danganronpa 2 Chapter 5), but it gets pretty close. Komaru, Toko, The Warriors of Hope, and some other characters I’ll leave unnamed make up a great cast. One in particular makes for the best villain this series has seen yet. That the story and characters are so good isn’t super surprising to me. I’ve just come to expect as much from Danganronpa. What is surprising is just how much I enjoyed the gameplay. The variety of truth bullets and Monokuma bears opens the game up for so many different possibilities and experimentation. Solving puzzles, taking out hordes of Monokuma, and confronting large bosses ultimately made for something far more enjoyable than I ever expected. As I said earlier in this review Another Episode is capable of standing on its own, presenting a fresh take on Danganronpa, while also adding a lot to the overall narrative.
RPG Site (Aug 25, 2015)
Overall, DanganRonpa: Another Episode is a fantastic entry in the franchise and far more worth your time than the "spin-off" status would imply. In spite of its sub-par combat mechanics, fans of the series will find plenty to love about this fascinating and intense lore-furthering side-story, from the colorful cast of dysfunctional characters to the simple yet memorable puzzles.
People who have never played a Danganronpa title probably won’t want to begin here. Go back and play Trigger Happy Havoc, then happily immerse yourself in the continuing storyline of Ultra Despair Girls. At least familiarize yourself with that story before diving in. If you’re already a Danganronpa fan, however, this makes a great new addition to your collection. You won’t be enthralled by the action, but the story, voice acting, music, light puzzle elements, and additional material will keep you entertained in the 20-plus hours you’ll likely spend playing.
TechRaptor (Sep 14, 2015)
Overall, Ultra Despair Girls manages to be both a worthy distraction between the two mainline Danganronpa titles, while also giving a new coat of paint to the series' formula.
Otaku Gamers UK (Aug 28, 2015)
Fans and newcomers to the series will find a lot of enjoyment with Another Episode. It is a fun 3rd person action game with a very dark, twisted story at its core. They say the children are the future of this world but after you play this, you may want think that one over. However it is worth remembering that all is not as it seems.
Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls is great, but this greatness lies primarily with the tale it weaves and character interactions. Fans of shooters will likely find it too simplistic and antiquated to enjoy (yes, even with the multiple bullet types). Folks coming in from a visual novel fandom will presumably also dislike the shooting because it spaces out the time between storytelling segments and isn’t particularly fun. Given the gameplay is totally functional, however, it’s possible to excuse it after seeing some of the more intense story-based moments. As long as you’re aware of the middling shooter gameplay which takes up about half the experience, you’ll still be able to enjoy the outrageous, hilarious, depressing and ultimately impressive writing of Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls.
It's an oddball offshoot of an already quirky series, but it feels like it belongs. It doesn't hurt that the game's controls are easy to pick up and play, or that the division of gameplay elements and story progression are balanced out surprisingly well. Even though the story is warped and often confusing, it's got enough substance to get you invested in the characters and their adventures, leaving you waiting to see what crazy direction the plot will take next. And before you start to forget that this is an actual video game, there's a new action sequence that puts you right in the thick of things and keep you feeling like you're an active part of the craziness. Ultra Despair Girls is like an insane ride through a carnival sideshow. It's weird, it's warped, and it's rough around the edges, but at the end of the ride you still leave entertained, even if you can't exactly explain why.
77 (Sep 03, 2015)
Trotz anfänglicher Skepsis muss ich zugeben, dass DanganRonpa das Wildern in Shooter-Gefilden gar nicht so schlecht zu Gesicht steht. Zwar fällt die maue Technik noch mehr ins Auge als noch zu Adventure-Zeiten, aber wie in den Vorgängern verbringt man auch in Ultra Despair Girls die meiste Zeit in herrlich bizarren Dialog- und Story-Sequenzen, wo dies kaum eine Rolle spielt. Doch selbst der Griff zur Waffe hat mich dank taktischer Skill- und Munitionswahl samt individueller Modifikationen durchaus positiv überrascht. Rätseleinlagen, Suchspiele und andere Herausforderungen wurden überzeugend in den Spielverlauf eingebettet, auch wenn man sich bei den Hilfestellungen meiner Meinung nach ruhig etwas zurückhaltender hätte geben können. Auch die vielen Ladeunterbrechungen beim Erkunden der Spielwelt blieben negativ in Erinnerung.
IGN España (Aug 25, 2015)
Una aventura distinta tanto en lo referente a su jugabilidad, por lo peculiar de su sistema de combate, como en su propuesta, más cerca de lo que acostumbramos en la acción en tercera persona a la novela visual. Consigue entretener, a pesar de contar con ciertos errores de builto, como es el ritmo irregular de sus primeros momentos, su desarollo jugable algo plano o el hecho de encontrarse solo en inglés (y sin subtítulos en algunas partes). Además, como cualquier juego de la serie Danganronpa, rebosa carisma por los cuatro costados, acertando además al llevar el foco de la historia a la relación entre la dupla de protagonistas femeninas. Tenemos que reconocerlo, este título es una marciana, pero aún así no hemos podido separarnos de nuestra PS Vita durante las casi 20 horas que dura su campaña.
The Game Hoard (Oct 05, 2017)
Ultra Despair Girls is a deviation from the series formula, but this spin-off manages to carry the tone of the franchise while doing its own thing and doing a decent enough job at it. The story is an excellent read that will invest its readers into the plight of Komaru and Toko, it’s only a shame that it has so many hiccups along the way that hurt what is otherwise quality writing. The gameplay could definitely be expanded upon to make it just as enjoyable as the story, but as it stands it is rather barebones, helped mostly by the segments where it involves more puzzle solving instead of actual combat.
GameSpot (Nov 18, 2015)
If Ultra Despair Girls didn’t have so much else going for it, it would be a mostly-mediocre quasi-survival-horror-shooter with a few high points. But even with some very obvious gameplay issues, the sheer strength of the game’s setting, story, characters, and style manages to overshadow everything else, turning this into an absolute must-play for anyone already invested in the Danganronpa universe. As is a common theme in Danganronpa, the hope of more quality time with characters you grow to love overshadows the despair of crashes and a handful of poorly-thought-out gameplay sections.
TheSixthAxis (Sep 04, 2015)
Danganronpa’s break from the visual novel genre doesn’t produce the best results. It was definitely an experiment worth trying yet the action gameplay does little to hold up its side of the bargain. Once again, it’s the story and character development that really drive the experience, serving up plenty of fan service. For that reason, I’d easily recommend Another Episode to those who adored the first two games – newcomers, on the other hand, may struggle to see the appeal, especially when wading through shooting segments just to watch the plot unfold.
70 (Oct 15, 2015)
In definitiva Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls è un titolo discreto, che offre tante novità assolute per la serie, alcune riuscite e altre meno. La vicenda narrata fa leva su molti estremi e assurdi, prendendosi poco sul serio e puntando a quel tipo di humour tipicamente giapponese che o si ama o si odia, senza troppe vie di mezzo. L'esperienza stenta a decollare nelle prime fasi di gioco ma si riprende soprattutto dal secondo capitolo in avanti. Qualitativamente risulta inferiore ai primi due capitoli proposti sotto forma di visual novel, ma per molti versi appare più incline ad incontrare le esigenze di un pubblico un po' più ampio, a patto che siate disposti a collocarvi in un'ottica fortemente orientale e non abbiate l'ostacolo della lingua.
Destructoid (Aug 28, 2015)
Ultimately, Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls just didn't click for me the same way previous games did. Sure the narrative still has some strong moments, but it's punctuated with third-person shooter gameplay that doesn't enhance my engagement with the narrative the same way the first two visual novels did. If you're a series fan, there's a good, text-heavy, hands-off narrative to be explored here, but the gameplay sections really dragged it down for me.
60 (Oct 16, 2015)
I would love to say that this is a must-play or that it will draw new fans to the series. In reality only diehard fans are ever going to slog through this one since the narrative does tie the first two games together nicely. Beyond that, this game has very little going for it. Hopefully we will have a return to form with Danganronpa 3.
Game Informer Magazine (Aug 27, 2015)
This Danganronpa spin-off tries something different, and the result is bad for everyone involved.
Diehard GameFan (Aug 26, 2015)
If you’re a big fan of the franchise, Ultra Despair Girls will probably be fine to play through once, but it’s not going to be the memorable experience its predecessors were, and you probably won’t want to come back to it the way you might have wanted to for the prior games. I still have high hopes for the third game, but this was just a letdown compared to the prior entries, and while it was okay, that’s honestly all it was.

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