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100 (Jul 08, 2013)
A parte engraçada é que parece que todo o jogo foi criado sob o efeito de drogas, algo retirado de uma mente perturbada mas acaba por se mostrar como uma obra-prima imperdível para quem gosta de experiências novas. Quando se tecem elogios aos jogos independentes e aos seus produtores, são jogos como Hotline Miami que vêm de imediato à cabeça porque representam o melhor que podem encontrar. Os jogos perfeitos são um mito, mas na minha perspetiva, este é um adjetivo que atribuiu com segurança a Hotline Miami. Não mudaria nem um pixel.
Gaming Age (Jul 24, 2013)
And that, to me, is the essence of Hotline Miami: it's a game that does everything so perfectly, it even makes me love stuff I would normally hate. Which means that if we're talking about stuff you'd normally love — extreme violence, extreme difficulty, druggy music — then this right here could end up being your favorite game of all time.
Defunct Games (Jul 16, 2013)
There's a reason why PC owners fell in love with Hotline Miami, and now console players are finally able to share in the fun. Forget cramping your fingers with the PlayStation 3 controller, it's this PS Vita version that you're after. With exclusive content and the convenience of the touchscreen, you'll swear Hotline Miami was made with Sony's handheld in mind.
90 (Jun 24, 2013)
The beauty of such a statement, however, is how good people often are at proving them wrong: after a while there's every chance new ways of approaching each miniature hub come to light. Either way, Hotline Miami remains ridiculously moreish and opening up how many individuals have access to it – much like Minecraft on the 360 – can only be a good thing. Happy days all round, then...
Gamestyle (Jun 27, 2013)
The Indie revolution has started and this is pretty much a flagship title, a game that shows why the Vita is a perfect fit for the Indie games, why they work so well and why they can be so fun. Hotline Miami is a game that you simply must own, it will be the best £6.49 you will spend, whether you have it on PC already or not!
Modojo (Jul, 2013)
Wrap it up with a bizarre story and a cool 80s vibe, and Hotline Miami is one of PlayStation Vita's guiltiest pleasures, a blood-soaked, retro-inspired homage to the most difficult video games ever conceived. So long as you're of age, it comes highly recommended.
Push Square (Jul 02, 2013)
With the vastly improved controls and portable-friendly nature of the game, one could argue that the Vita version of Hotline Miami is the definitive offering. Everything that made the PC original so compelling is present and correct, and the fact that you can now take the game with you when you leave the house is a real blessing. Hotline Miami’s intense challenge, deep narrative, and penchant for extreme violence mix together to create an intoxicating cocktail which once again brings up that age-old argument of whether or not games should truly be considered art. We’ll leave you to wrestle with that particular quandary, but Hotline Miami is arguably as subversive and shocking as anything the mediums of film, music, or literature can produce — and it’s bloody good fun at the same time, too.
90 (Jul 01, 2013)
Ora scusate ma devo tornare a giocare, sto cercando di ottenere la maschera da rana verde e ho dodici scagnozzi russi che mi inseguono con mazze da baseball e manganelli.
90 (Jul 10, 2013)
Avec Hotline Miami désormais disponible en cross-buy PS3 / PS Vita, la portable Sony se dote d'un des titres indépendants à la personnalité la plus singulière de ces dernières années, et certainement aussi l'un des plus addictifs. Localisé en français comme sur PS3, Hotline Miami trouve peut-être sa plateforme idéale avec la Vita. En effet, le double stick de la console rend l'expérience très confortable et, surtout, bon dieu, quel kiff de fracasser des crânes dans le métro avec cette BO de tueurs à fond dans le casque ! Certes, il est un peu plus compliqué de bien voir quelle arme on choppe sur un tas de cadavres mais le bel écran de la Vita permet désormais par simple contact tactile de cibler un ennemi. Utile pour les ennemis isolés, sans simplifier le jeu de massacre. Pour 7,99 euros, Hotline Miami est un indispensable, il en vaudrait 50 euros de plus que ce serait pareil.
Atomic Gamer (Jul 11, 2013)
Plenty of praise has already been thrown at publisher Devolver Digital and creators Dennaton Games for the brilliance of Hotline: Miami, and now a little more can be hurled at Abstraction Games, the guys that ported the game to Vita. I can't see a single way this port could have been improved beyond somehow expanding the game itself further, but as it is Hotline: Miami offers great value with several hours worth of pulse-pounding retro action and a wonderful atmosphere. This game and its wonderful soundtrack will linger in your memory for longer than most games within even double its $10 price point, and it turns out that the first mobile platform that Hotline: Miami has been released on is pretty much a perfect home for this excellent indie game. Buy this one without hesitation, especially if you haven't played it before.
Vandal Online (Jul 05, 2013)
Sí hay que señalar que, aquellos que jugaron en PC no encontrarán aquí muchos alicientes para volver a comprarlo, más allá de poder jugar, obviamente, en PlayStation 3 y/o PlayStation Vita. Para los que se lo perdieron en su momento, sólo podemos decir que hay que probarlo. Obviamente no gustará a todo el mundo, pero a poco que sepamos a lo que vamos, Hotlime Miami nos garantiza adicción y diversión como pocos.
GameSpot (2013)
Hotline Miami's vague and unsatisfying ending may irritate some, but it shouldn't stop you from enjoying this wonderful barrage of the senses. Hotline Miami is a discotheque of death that's very hard to walk away from, and a fantastic twitch shooter with a confident sense of style. Many games attempt to use story to explain away the massacre of outrageous numbers of victims. Hotline Miami bathes in the thrill of murder, and cares little about justifying its actions.
Spazio Games (Jul 03, 2013)
Poche scuse, Hotline Miami va scaricato quanto prima. Il prezzo è onesto (soprattutto grazie alla funzione cross buy), la qualità del lavoro di Dennaton Games innegabile, la conversione davvero ben fatta, anche se qualcuno potrebbe obiettare che a quasi un anno dall'uscita originale non ci sia stata alcuna aggiunta di rilievo (livelli extra, modalità alternative ecc.). Per quanto ci riguarda, le piccole ma bilanciate aggiunte al sistema di controllo e l'aver riproposto intatto quel feeling al contempo magico e malato dell'originale ci bastano ( e ci avanzano) per consigliarvelo senza troppe remore, a maggior ragione se non avete avuto la fortuna di provarlo sul vostro PC.
XGN (Jul 29, 2013)
Die keiharde methode zal niet iedereen kunnen bekoren maar dat is dan ook niet het doel van de ontwikkelaar geweest. Hotline Miami trekt zich los van de hedendaagse conventies en bezorgt een ervaring die weinig andere games in 2013 zullen kunnen leveren. Het spel maakte vorig jaar al indruk op de PC en is bijna een jaar later even indrukwekkend goed op de PlayStation 3 en Vita.

In quanto a contenuti inediti, questo per PlayStation 3 e Vita si è dimostrato un porting particolarmente svogliato. La sola vera novità è rappresentata da un filtro grafico attivabile indossando una maschera, ma per il resto gli sviluppatori si sono limitati a convertire il gioco così com'era su PC. Bug e imperfezioni comprese. Il gameplay viene in larga parte salvato da un sistema di puntamento che non è perfetto ma che mette sicuramente una pezza alla minore precisione degli stick analogici, mentre dal punto di vista estetico e sonoro resta meraviglioso, coinvolgente ed elettrizzante anche sul piccolo schermo della console portatile.
3D Juegos (Jul 01, 2013)
Simplemente espectacular. Hotline Miami es un interesantísimo juego descargable gracias a su impactante puesta en escena, adictiva jugabilidad y lo enigmático de su argumento. Es verdad que podría haber sido algo más largo, que la IA de los enemigos debería estar más pulida, o que su apartado gráfico no saca todo su potencial; pero el delirante viaje que propone a través de la mente de un asesino es tan condenadamente bueno, que su compra es muy recomendable.
Pocket Gamer UK (Jun 25, 2013)
Hotline Miami is brutal, gory, masterful, essential. You'll play for the arcade mob shootings, and stay for the psychedelic style
GamesRadar (2013)
f you're new to Hotline Miami, and you want to play on handheld, you should definitely check the game out on Vita. If you have a PC, though, that remains the best way to play the game on a big screen, as the controls work better with a mouse and keyboard.
InsideGamer (Jun 30, 2013)
Laat je niet misleiden door het uiterlijk, Hotline Miami is namelijk geen Kill Frenzy: The Game. Voordat je de – vaak behoorlijk lugubere – moorden kunt plegen, moet je observeren, plannen en nadenken. Zeker meerdere vijanden in één kamer omleggen vereist heel veel geduld en vaardigheid, waardoor de game uiteindelijk een stuk langer is dan je aanvankelijk verwacht. Mocht je de keuze hebben, speel ‘m dan wel op de Vita. De besturing op de handheld is dankzij de touchscreen net even wat fijner.
Gamereactor (Denmark) (Jun 28, 2013)
Spillet er i sig selv fantastisk, med vanedannende og sjovt gameplay, god musik, og en fængende historie. Styringen er god, på trods af enkelte problemer med berøringsfunktionerne, og visuelt egner det sig perfekt til Vitaens skærm. Også banemæssigt er spillet yderst velegnet, da banerne ofte ikke er længere end de kan nås på en enkelt tur med bussen, eller mens man venter på toget, og den store genspilningsværdi man finder i de forskellige masker og high scores gør, at man kan få rigtigt meget tid til at gå med denne titel på sin Vita.
80 (Jun 26, 2013)
Hotline Miami è cattivo fino all'estremo. E come tutti i prodotti che si prendono la libertà di varcare qualche limite, risulterà per molti troppo esagerato, senza freni né modo. Troppo violento. Troppo rapido. Troppo.
C’est une certitude, Hotline Miami ne plaira pas à tout le monde. Ses graphismes (volontairement) datés, sa musique électrifiante et sa difficulté intransigeante devraient pas mal rebuter. Mais croyez-nous sur parole, l’expérience vaut le coup. Se cacher derrière une porte en serrant dans ses petites mimines une batte de baseball pour aller fracasser le crane de trois malfrats en une fraction de seconde est une expérience pour le moins jouissive !
80 (Jun 27, 2013)
Mieux vaut être prévenu, Hotline Miami n'est pas un titre à mettre entre toutes les mains. Vous risquez fort, en effet, d'être rebuté par son extrême violence, son look rétro et son gameplay intransigeant. Mais si vous êtes un joueur nostalgique accro au sang, au pixel et au challenge, vous ne pouvez pas passer à côté de cette perle à l'état brut qui pourrait bien vous faire perdre la raison.
77 (Jul 05, 2013)
Die ungewöhnliche, explizite Action wurde mit ihrer abstrusen Story sowie allen anderen Vor- und Nachteilen auf die Sony-Systeme portiert.
60 (Jul 16, 2013)
Det er nemlig ikke sjelden at Hotline Miami endrer på sine egne spilleregler femti forsøk ut i et nivå, og etter femti dødsfall brukt til å finne en løsning som kanskje fungerer blir det fort frustrerende og monotont. Da frister det istedet å ta med seg en pumpehagle og håpe at du er raskere på avtrekkeren enn førti tilbakestående russere. Med Vita-konsollens noe mangefulle analogspaker er ikke dette særlig morsomt. Og nei, det blir ikke morsommere jo lenger man holder på.
Mash Those Buttons (Jul 03, 2013)
Hotline Miami takes some chances to be interesting with the use of the several masks that either gives you an advantage or handicap that can be changed from level to level, a surreal story that you wouldn’t see anywhere else, and a seemingly complex rating system for each level that is affected by how you approach each stage’s combat. However, there seemed to be a number of times that the AI would get stuck in walls, and an even greater number of times where it looks like you struck an enemy but your weapon would go right through them without killing them; allowing them to kill you instantly. When you pick up Hotline Miami expect to die a lot and probably get frustrated a lot, but if you can look past all of that I would say it’s worth checking out; just make sure to play it on the PS3 and not the Vita or you’re in for an uncomfortable cramping experience.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Aug 30, 2013)
Hotline Miami, de indie topper die op onbegrijpelijke wijze over het hoofd werd gezien toen de prijzen werden uitgereikt op het IGF2013, is uit op PS Vita, waardoor de bezitters van deze mobiele console hun tere zieltje kunnen bezoedelen met deze portie ultrageweld op zijn topdown GTA.