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Gaming Age (Nov 14, 2013)
Which, really, is a good way to describe the entire game. It's, for lack of a better descriptor, "something". Whether that means something good or something terrible will depend entirely on your own feelings about the games as art debate, and about where you stand on playing games that strive to be art. I won't even pretend to have any deep thoughts on that subject, but I can definitely say that if you want something unique on your Vita or your PS3, they don't make things much more unique than Proteus.
God is a Geek (Nov 06, 2013)
By discarding any semblance of plot, characterisation and conventional mechanics, Proteus is a brave and highly original title that forces you to use your imagination, and forges unforgettable memories through simple exploration and a sense of wide-eyed, almost childlike wonder. Everyone who plays Proteus is richly rewarded by an entirely unique, deeply personal experience that is defined by how they choose to approach it. If this is the way that games are heading, then the future is a place as bright and magical as these wonderfully realised, ever-changing islands .
Gamestyle (Oct 29, 2013)
Proteus isn’t a game in the usual sense of the word, it won’t appeal to every demographic, but it is an experience we would urge as many people as possible to take. There is something special about this that will leave a lasting effect.
85 (Nov 04, 2013)
Dear Esther begleitet den Spieler wie ein düsteres Hörbuch, Journey entführt in ein märchenhaftes Abenteuer –Proteus ist das Betrachten eines interaktiven Gemäldes. Es ist erzählerisch nicht so stark wie Dear Esther, spielerisch weniger ergreifend als Journey, doch das Erlebnis trotzdem ein besonderes. Aus den Pixeln seiner 8Bit-Hommage entstehen Berge, Täler, Wälder, Tiere und eine mythische Erzählung über den Lauf der Dinge. Zahllose Kleinigkeiten fügen sich zu einer lebendigen Welt zusammen, begleitet von einer berauschenden Melodie des Zwitscherns und Quakens. Genau wie ein Bild drängt sich das Spiel von Ed Key und David Kanaga nicht auf. Es stellt einfach dar. Es kann, muss aber nicht entdeckt werden. Und wer an ihm vorüber bzw. mittendurch stolziert, versteht sogar seinen Sinn. Aber nur wer es wirken lässt, begreift die emotionale Kraft, mit der Bild und Ton ein poetisches Kunstwerk erschaffen können.
InsideGamer (Nov 14, 2013)
Net als een schilderij moet je Proteus eigenlijk één keer goed bekijken, verkennen en ontdekken. Een tweede keer zie je wellicht nog wat details die je de eerste keer hebt gemist. Daarna zie je echter zoveel dingen die je al hébt gezien, dat eventuele kleine nieuwe details nauwelijks meer opvallen. Vanaf dat moment brokkelt de ervaring langzaam af en is het tijd om door te schuifelen naar het volgende schilderij.
NZGamer (Mar 13, 2014)
Whatever you do, don’t just play the first 10 minutes of it. You’ll be utterly disappointed and will immediately wish you purchased another game. The biggest issue many will face is that there is no clear objective, and not a lot else to do other than walk around. But if you do play this, you’re going to need to stay committed - otherwise you’ll end up throwing your Vita against the wall.
Pocket Gamer UK (Nov 07, 2013)
With the new scavenger hunt included, the Vita version of Proteus has something to offer that the PC version didn't, but it's still a polarising experience
60 (Nov 27, 2013)
Proteus é uma criação que ostenta uma beleza fora do comum e extremamente rara de encontrar nos videojogos. Os únicos exemplos que me recordo são os títulos do estúdio thatgamecompany. Mas a beleza não é sinónimo de qualidade enquanto jogo. Proteus conseguiria melhores resultados e seria melhor compreendido se se auto-denominasse como experiência interactiva. Estaria a mentir se dissesse que não gostei da experiência, mas ao mesmo tempo estou consciente que como um jogo Proteus não passa de algo razoável.