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Rayman Origins propose un défi intéressant et assez long - proche de la dizaine d’heures - sans être insurmontable pour les joueurs du dimanche. Certes, certains passeront peut être à côté de quelques niveaux bonus très agréables comme la chasse aux coffres ou la Lande aux Esprits Frappés, un nom qui reflète très bien ce jeu loufoque. Si vous aviez encre un doute sur la capacité à vous divertir avec Rayman Origins, n’hésitez plus. Foncez !
Giant Bomb (Feb 16, 2012)
To put it more succinctly: if you already own Rayman: Origins, this is just Rayman: Origins again, and you probably don't need to buy it a second time. If you don't, and are looking for an interesting, single-player-only platformer for your new Sony-branded toy, Rayman: Origins isn't merely recommended; it's necessary.
Ubisoft’s Rayman Origins for the PS Vita is an excellent portable game, plain and simple. The visuals are incredible, the sound is just as strong, and the gameplay is addictive with tight controls. I didn’t want to stop playing this game. There is no doubt that the omission of multiplayer is somewhat saddening, but given the PS Vita version is meant for those on the go, many will not miss this feature, although I did somewhat. Rayman has made the transition to the world of portable gaming in style, and if you are picking up a PS Vita during the official launch, or sometime there after, you can do no wrong by picking up this title at the same time.
HonestGamers (Feb 19, 2012)
Rayman Origins isn’t as fresh an experience now as it would have been in November, but give it a shot and you’ll have no trouble seeing why Ubisoft decided to give such a great game another chance to find the audience it deserves. If you still haven’t experienced the title, make up for your November oversight and pick it up today.
Modojo (Feb 14, 2012)
Simply put, Rayman Origins is one hot box of rocks. Arguably, it is PlayStation Vita's best launch game, a content and graphically rich experience that serves as a loyal handheld companion, perfectly suited for long or short play sessions. In other words, worth every penny of its $39.99 asking price.
Destructoid (Feb 14, 2012)
It's a shame about the lack of multiplayer, but Rayman Origins is still 2D platforming at this console generation's finest. This is a huge, deep, challenging, artfully crafted masterpiece that is now portable, which opens the door for even more gamers to get lost in its goofy and delightful world. If you've somehow missed Rayman Origins in last year's crowded holiday release season, and you plan on getting a PlayStation Vita, make sure you include this in your launch day purchases. This game is too lovely to be missed.
GamesRadar (Feb 14, 2012)
The Vita version also includes a new collectible type that required us to tap the screen once we found it – a nice addition. And it eliminates the co-op multiplayer. For some, that’s a big loss, but not so for us. The multiplayer was the weakest feature of the original game, often leading to chaotic, unmanageable action that might be fun in small doses but wasn’t really practical for completing the game. Then again, players can complete with a Ghost mode, challenging one another to best each other’s times. We’re not sure if that makes up for the missing multiplayer, but for us, the solo adventure is the best part of Rayman Origins, and the Vita version is easily a must-have in the launch lineup – and likely long into the new handheld’s lifecycle. It’s the perfect type of game for a handheld, easily playable in short doses or long sessions, and it’s a triumph of clever, captivating game design.
Just Push Start (Feb 14, 2012)
Despite the game being a port, Rayman Origins for the PlayStation Vita is a definitive title that you must pick up along with the system this week. With tons of levels, unlockables, challenging boss fights and a ghost mode, there is plenty of things to spend hours playing. With Rayman Origins on a portable handheld, Rayman fans can now play the game on the go.
IGN (Feb 13, 2012)
The past few years seem to have convinced some critics that "artsy" platforming games ought to be short affairs, but Rayman is much, much better than that. There are a magnitude of stages to explore here, epic boss fights, unlockable character skins, hidden stages galore and hours upon hours of frantic fun. The notion that imaginative visuals and matinee-priced entry fees need be mutually exclusive is one Rayman Origins continues to dispel as hour after hour of gaming joy continue to ramp up in both sheer scope and in grand gratification. Rayman Origins takes on a genre mastery of ground work laid down decades ago and elevates it to astronomical new standards. It's a spectacular living painting that's as much fun to play as it is to look at, and it's a total triumph. Your move, video game industry.
87 (Feb 17, 2012)
Was für leuchtende Farben! Was für ein knackig scharfes Bild! Was für ein Spaß! Es ist schon erstaunlich, wie sehr die Rayman-Kulissen vom leuchtstarken OLED-Bildschirm profitieren. Auch spielerisch hat Ubisofts Maskottchen meine Augen zum Leuchten gebracht. In kaum einem Jump-n-Run der letzten Jahre steckt so viel gute Laune und klassischer Hüpfspaß. Das französisch aufgekratzte Comic-Design, der abwechslungsreiche Soundtrack und das durchdachte Level-Design haben mich auf Anhieb wieder so motiviert wie auf PS3 und 360. Die Steuerung mit dem Analogknubbel funktioniert ebenfalls bestens. Für Abzüge sorgen nur der schwankende Schwierigkeitsgrad und die etwas lieblos geratene Umsetzung: Der lustige Offline-Koop wurde gestrichen und auch die Zoom-Funktion wirkt nicht wirklich durchdacht. Als kleinen Ausgleich gibt es aber die neuen Wettrennen mit online tauschbaren Geist-Dateien. Für Jump-n-Run-Freunde ist Rayman auch auf der Vita ein Pflichtkauf!
PlayFrance (Feb 20, 2012)
Si vous n'avez pas encore craqué pour les dernières aventures du héros sans bras ni jambes créé par Michel Ancel et que vous comptez acquérir prochainement la PlayStation Vita, voilà un titre qui trouvera une belle place dans votre nouvelle ludothèque. Les niveaux y sont variés, le gameplay précis et exigeant, et la réalisation tout bonnement splendide. Alors certes le passage sur portable nous fait perdre l'option multijoueurs au profit d'un mode fantôme peut-être moins intéressant, mais l'expérience n'en demeure pas moins rafraîchissante et extrêmement prenante. Amateurs de plateforme, n'hésitez pas une seconde !
PlayStation Lifestyle (Feb 14, 2012)
It’s that type of nonsensical fun throughout that makes Rayman Origins one hell of a good time. But it’s the visuals and crisp gameplay controls over Rayman’s platforming that make the game really stand out among other platformer titles. Rayman certainly gives Mario a run for his coins. All combined make Rayman Origins one of the best Vita launch titles. And despite the launch line-up being so jam-packed with goodness, Rayman Origins could finally get the appreciation it so deserves. The only problem is that if you’ve played it on consoles already, the new Vita features aren’t enough to warrant a repurchase.
If you're a solo player or not bothered by the lack of multiplayer options, buy Rayman: Origins. It's a best-in-class platformer that will delight and challenge you; if you're looking to take your multiplayer Rayman: Origins playing on the road, this probably isn't the version for you.
80 (Feb 29, 2012)
Rayman: Origins weet ook op de Vita nog verfrissend aan te voelen met zijn kraakheldere graphics en zorgvuldig uitgedachte platformactie. De coöp heeft plaats moeten maken voor de Ghost-modus en dat is enerzijds jammer en anderzijds de beste beslissing die Ubisoft heeft kunnen maken. Onderweg kun je met dit extra speltype snel uit de voeten en dat is toch essentieel voor een handheldtitel.
Once you’ve got over the manly squee-ing at how glowy the fireflies are, there are plenty of secret Electoon cages to be found and time challenges to be met to make sure you’ll be back for more. A satisfying difficulty curve seals the deal and makes Rayman Origins one of the strongest titles in an already muscular line up. Not bad for a character without any arms.
80 (2012)
Rayman Origins signe une prestation d'une grande qualité. Ce jeu de plates-formes 2D est d'une rare beauté, et bénéficie d'une prise en main immédiate. Cette édition Vita nous livre une conversion très réussie, auquelle il manque malheureusement le mode multijoueur de la mouture originale.
Gamereactor (Sweden) (Mar 13, 2012)
Men ändå... Låt inte det stoppa dig från att skaffa Rayman Origins om du inte redan spelat det dock. Michel Ancels sällsamma värld är så märkvärdig, så levande och så underbar att jag lyckades sitta och le som ett fån under en hel flygtur nyligen så till den milda grad att jag skrämde slag på medpassageraren som troligen trodde jag var psykopat. Detaljerna som sagt. Och musiken. Och ljudet. Och banvariationen. Klar köprekommendation, helt enkelt.
80 (Feb 20, 2012)
Parce qu'elle se retrouve privée de son mode coopératif, la version PSVita de Rayman Origins ne s'adresse qu'à ceux qui n'auront pas la possibilité de découvrir le jeu sur un autre support. Dommage, car le soft reste excellent, très inventif et superbement réalisé. Les quelques ajouts proposés sont toutefois trop légers pour compenser l'absence de convivialité inhérente à cette mouture portable.
Game Informer Magazine (Feb 14, 2012)
Ultimately, Rayman Origins is still a fantastic game, with or without multiplayer. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you now have one more reason to give it a shot.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Mar 31, 2012)
Maar zelfs zonder die fantastische multiplayer blijft Rayman Origins één van de beste platformgames van de laatste jaren die ook bij Vita eigenaars een plaatsje in het hart verdient.