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Ø Story Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

User Screenshots

PlayStation 2 version

Main menu.
Profile creation.
Story introduction.
Player is about to have a fatal accident and die... that is when his second chance starts.
Main title.
The angel is giving you a second chance at love.
Your second chance lands you at the beach in front of a girl called Rina.
Rina is being attacked by a crazed fan.
Failing a quick-time event will rewind time and let you try again.
Use the quick-time event to summon the wave and stop Rina's pursuer.
Choose the way of communication, a bell or a memo pad.
Setting some ground rules.
Rina is a popular j-pop singer.
Sometimes multiple cameras let you switch your viewing angle.
For some reason, Rina's assistant seems to be able to hear you even though you are a spirit.
Using the lipstick to communicate with Rina.
Rina's manager got a bit over-excited.
Game movie can be paused at any time during playback.
The songwriter put some drug in the coffee he gave to Rina... what should I do?
Rina is ready to give her body for a success... and she doesn't want to be saved.
Thinking about giving up on love altogether.
Saving Rina from the pervert songwriter.
Rina seems to be admiring the street performer's play... guess she doesn't feel like she is singing because she love it anymore.
Firing arrow at the specific time will tell you what Rina is thinking at the moment.
Floating over Tokyo, hearing Rina's cry for help.
Using computer keyboard to communicate with Rina.
Calendar shows the days advancing.
Angel reminding you you only have 4 more days to make Rina fall in love with you.
Looking for a specific person in the passing crowd.