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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 3.8
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.5
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.7
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.7
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.5
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.7
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 3.7
Overall User Score (13 votes) 3.7

Critic Reviews

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games xtreme (Dec 15, 2005)
From Russia with Love is an amazing Bond title, beyond that it is a brilliant 3rd person shooter too. The Bond theme is used to great effect in everything from the weapons and gadgets though to the music and models, you really do feel as though you are playing through a Bond adventure as you go through the game, the fact that the voice for Bond is provided by Sean Connery also adds to the feel of title in a big way. Fans of the genre are going to love this game to bits, especially if like me you enjoy it when you are encouraged to complete the levels within certain conditions to obtain more stuff and to facilitate this you can choose to replay any level on any difficulty from the mission menu. I recommend this game to anyone who likes either 3rd person shooters or James Bond games and movies.
Gamesmania.de (Nov 21, 2005)
007 – Liebesgrüße aus Moskau setzt die Reihe der sehr guten James Bond-Spiele der letzten Jahre gekonnt fort. Wie schon in „Alles oder Nichts“ präsentiert sich der Geheimagent in absoluter Topform. In den abwechslungsreichen Einsätzen wird ein Actionfeuerwerk allererster Güte abgebrannt. Technisch holt das Spiel vor allem bei der Darstellung von Sean Connery als James Bond wohl das Maximum aus der aktuellen Konsolengeneration heraus. Kritikpunkte gibt es aber auch. So lässt sich das Spiel problemlos an einem Wochenende durchspielen und die an sich perfekte Steuerung versagt in den Automissionen kläglich, zudem wird letztlich nichts wirkliche Neues geboten. Doch allein das Herumfliegen mit dem Jetpack entschädigt für vieles und da der nächste Bondfilm „Casino Royal“ eher untypisch leise werden soll, führt für Fans des smarten Agenten kein Weg an den furiosen Liebesgrüßen aus Moskau vorbei.
Looki (Dec 18, 2005)
Als alter James Bond-Fan war ich natürlich lange gespannt darauf, wie der Liebesgrüße aus Moskau-Einsatz des MI6-Agenten wohl ausfallen wird. Glücklicherweise sind meine Erwartungen erfüllt worden, denn das neuste Bond-Abenteuer hat es richtig in sich. Die cineastische Aufmachung, die gelungene Nachbildung von Schauspieler Sean Connery, das tolle Leveldesign sowie das abwechslungsreiche Gameplay sprechen eindeutig für sich und machen klar, dass James Bond-Einsätze aus den 60er-Jahren auch heute noch ordentlich Spaß machen. Nur zu dumm, dass das Spiel linear aufgebaut ist und einen nicht allzu hohen Schwierigkeitsgrad zu bieten hat. Action-Adventure-Veteranen werden das Spiel daher, trotz gelungener gegnerischer Künstlicher Intelligenz, schnell durchgespielt haben.
4Players.de (Nov 18, 2005)
Lässig, cool, fetzig, abwechslungsreich – all das und mehr steckt in dem Moskauer Liebesgruß-Paket. Die Parallelen zu »Alles oder Nichts« sind zwar teilweise unheimlich, machen aber das Spiel besser. Das Sixties-Gefühl ist super, die Sprüche sind trocken wie immer. Und dass Sean Connery seine eigene Rolle nach über 40 Jahren nochmal spricht, ist ein willkommener Bonus. Die strikte Linearität des Spiels kommt in Kombination mit dem generell niedrigen Schwierigkeitsgrad und der somit kurzen Durchspielzeit zwar Shooter-Einsteigern entgegen, verhindert aber langfristigen Spaß – und der sehr minimalistische Mehrspielermodus hält auch nicht ewig bei der Stange. Sei’s drum, als Bond-Fans kommt ihr an diesem Spiel nicht vorbei. Es macht Spaß, sieht gut aus, überall kracht es, überall sind schöne Frauen zu retten und hemmungslos böse Gegner zu erledigen. Nur PS2-Spieler sollten sich an immer wieder ins Bild kriechende Ruckler gewöhnen.
From Russia with Love is one of the best Electronic Arts Bond titles, with the possible exceptions of Everything or Nothing and Nightfire. I'm honestly getting frustrated with EA changing formulas with each new game; four new Bond games since 2002, each of them feel different. While I usually don't have to justify my ratings in the actual review, I feel it's necessary to explain how I went about this, before I get e-mails saying how I mistakenly gave this a lower score than it should have gotten. Even though Everything or Nothing received a 9.2, our review system calls on us to review games at the time of release. That game was a 9.2 at the time of release; this one is not at the same level of quality as that was when it was first released. With competition from other third-person action shooters, From Russia with Love stands tall, but slumps in game length and multi-player.
GamePro (US) (Nov 09, 2005)
There are predictable missteps--the driving sequences are awkward and twitchy, and the camera doesn't always behave itself--but on the whole, From Russia With Love is a convincing and enjoyable ride on the sixties Bond rollercoaster.
IGN (Oct 31, 2005)
Looking into the goldmine of the Bond legacy, Electronic Arts successfully convinced its licensors that bringing Sean Connery into the fold and re-envisioning an older movie license was a good thing. Agreed. The second Bond movie fits the British spy film formula to a tee, with its recipe of shooting action, car chases, and high-tech gadgetry. It's a license that Rare was able to flesh out well with GoldeEye 007, but one that EA has had some difficulty with over the years.
Even with the man who created the 007 persona back in the starring role, this sequel just can't measure up to the standards of excellence set by the Bond films or by the action game genre in general.
The James Bond franchise has a long and colorful history in video games, each time with the intent of trying to capture the unique action, flavor, and style of James Bond. Sometimes these ideas work, and sometimes they don’t. The latest attempt is From Russia With Love by EA Games, and it does a fairly decent job of recreating your typical Bond action.
Just Adventure (May 03, 2006)
Perhaps it is just my love of nostalgia. Perhaps I am just a James Bond freak. I loved this game, even when it frustrated my efforts to complete it to the point of putting it down for days until I could return with a fresh perspective. I would have preferred the old graphic adventure style of game with this subject, cast, and technical graphics engine. Unfortunately, in life you can't have everything. I highly recommend buying the wide screen version of the film and watching it while playing the game.
From Russia with Love is fun, but lacks the vigor that made Brosnan's final game outing a blast.
Worth Playing (Nov 27, 2005)
From Russia with Love, the latest in EA’s yearly James Bond videogame franchise, had a lot of expectation to live up to. The last game in the series, Goldeneye: Rogue Agent, was met with excoriating reviews and underwhelming sales, and 2005 did not see any new Bond movies to ride on the coattails of – in fact, for most of the year there still wasn’t even an actor in the role of Bond. EA’s fascinating solution upped the ante even further – they decided look backwards, to the days when Connery was Bond and the movies were well-respected, and to 007: Everything or Nothing, the best-appreciated 007 game since Goldeneye. Unfortunately, From Russia with Love doesn’t do enough with what it has, the result being a title with high production values but simplistic gameplay.
It's about time they decided to go with a James Bond title starring the best Bond, Sean Connery. While some of his other exploits as MI6's 007 might've been better suited to be transitioned to the realm of video games, From Russia With Love has enough juicy story and bare-knuckled action sequences to comprise an enjoyable game. Sadly, the developers decided to totally disregard a lot of the film's content to create a game that's just about average. Jake, in his review of the Xbox version, suggests that maybe EA is “on autopilot” with regards to developing Bond games, and that doesn’t seem to be very far off the mark.
GameSpot (Nov 01, 2005)
The end result is a game that tries too hard to stay out of your way. Everything or Nothing was a game that didn't try to trip you up too much, mostly for the sake of keeping its exciting ride moving at a brisk and enjoyable pace. From Russia With Love lacks much of that excitement, thus making its simplicity stick out like a sore thumb. It certainly has its periodic thrills, but they're interspersed over a lot of shooting-gallery-like combat that doesn't require an ounce of skill on your behalf. Bond fans should find a pretty solid rental in From Russia With Love--provided they're not too sensitive to the rewrites EA made to the storyline--but it's probably not worth taking the plunge as a purchase.
GamerDad (Jan 01, 2006)
The sound is decent with the appropriate 007 fanfare and mood music, while the overall theme of being in the movie with Sean Connery as Bond is great. It's amazing how frighteningly close the character looks to Connery himself. Some of the other characters have that creepy "too real to be real" look going for them. That's just one more small ding on a game that is otherwise entertaining. This one's still more for the Bond fans than the shooter fans, though.
GameSpy (Oct 31, 2005)
Younger gamers might think that the king of espionage is Splinter Cell's Sam Fisher. Sure, he has the cool moves and the funky gadgets, but followers of the international intrigue scene know that James Bond was doing the whole super agent thing while Fisher was theoretically still in diapers and a tiny pair of night-vision goggles. And the true fans know who the real James Bond is. Nope, it's not Pierce Brosnan or the old and bloated Roger Moore. Sean Connery is James Bond. Electronic Arts throws gamers back in time to let them play as Connery's Bond in a highly stylized action romp that's a worthy follow-up to last year's Everything or Nothing.
GameLemon (Mar 28, 2006)
Let me be subtle. This game blows and my disappointment with it is limitless. Just skip it and play "Everything or Nothing" again. But invite a gypsy over to play it with you. Trust me, it will blow your mind. And for the right price, something else too.
Jeuxvideo.com (Nov 17, 2005)
Au final, on a quelques pincements au coeur en découvrant tant de possibilités sacrifiées on ne sait trop pourquoi. Ceux qui rêvaient d'un gameplay à la Quitte Ou Double dans une atmosphère oldie en seront pour leurs frais, car si toutes les actions sont là, une seule est utilisée : celle du tir. Un usage curieux d'une licence qui a pourtant l'habitude de faire dans le simple sans pour autant oublier le subtil.
Fragland.net (Jan 03, 2006)
Introduction: in the following text you’ll find out just what it is I dislike about the latest James Bond game, From Russia With Love, a third person action game on the Playstation 2.
Diehard GameFan (Nov 29, 2005)
There is a whole generation of people who think that James Bond is by far the coolest character to ever hit the silver screen. The problem is that generation has for the most part had the kids who are currently playing these games. Much like Star Trek and probably even Star Wars, James Bond has been around a very long time, and is starting to suffer from franchise fatigue. By including Sean Connery, who is almost universally regarded as the best Bond of all time, EA conveniently skipped the whole problem of not making a game while MGM figured out who was going to be the new Bond. I know that I personally was hoping EA would spend the money and do exactly what they’ve done here, make games for all of the movies. The fit seemed perfect to me. A franchise in need of exploitation and EA. They may yet continue making the older movies, but this wasn’t the best attempt. The movie deserved a better game.
UOL Jogos (Nov 15, 2005)
"James Bond 007: From Russia with Love" traz alguns bons momentos, principalmente as seqüências que foram retiradas do filme original, um dos mais marcantes de toda a cinessérie, ainda mais para fãs nostálgicos. Pela sua pouca dificuldade, é mais voltado para o público menos acostumado aos jogos, mas entusiastas também poderão ter algumas horas de desafio, ainda que por pouco tempo.
allaboutgames.co.uk (Feb 22, 2006)
Although the game isn't particularly bad, it's just too straightforward, and fails to offer anything to the genre. While the single player will provide enjoyment for a while, it's over too quickly, and the lacklustre multiplayer mode doesn't save the day. However, at least it's better than GoldenEye: Rogue Agent.
Pro-G (Nov 28, 2005)
From Russia With Love is a rather unimaginative Bond title that simply goes through the motions. What it does, it does pretty well, but when the now two-year-old Everything or Nothing boasts a better overall gaming experience, something has gone a little wrong. Fans of the movie will probably object to the butchered plot and you'll often wish for a little more variety in the gameplay, but the package is sleek enough to provide some solid entertainment throughout its short duration.
Yahoo! Games (Nov 01, 2005)
There is absolutely nothing modern about James Bond. The character is a throwback to a time we now deem simpler than ours. The suave, charming womanizer incarnated by Sean Connery is the ultimate male fantasy figure, able to save the world and get laid at the same time. So it makes a certain kind of sense that EA's From Russia With Love, which revisits the classic film, should itself be throwback to a simpler, bygone era of gaming.
Thunderbolt Games (Jun 11, 2006)
I wanted to like it. Really, the raving Bond fan hidden inside of me was practically begging me to enjoy this game more. How could it have gone so wrong? It was an adaptation of one of the most classic Bond films ever made. It was supposed to be a departure from the FPS-style Bond games that we’ve grown to love. And above all else, it had Sean Connery providing the voice acting. Unfortunately, not even that could save the game from its utterly abysmal quality. The combat system is a joke compared to those found in previous games, the special features are nothing more than overused gimmicks, and it feels more like an unfinished work. There’s nothing new or interesting about this game; it’s just another horribly mediocre third-person shooter with the words “James Bond” stapled on. When all is said and done, From Russia With Love lacks an important quality that previous Bond titles had: fun.

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