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atari kombinera

120-en no Haru: ¥120 Stories Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

User Screenshots

PlayStation 2 version

Title screen
Main menu
Config screen
Bonus materials
BGM player
CG mode lets you see text un-obscured backgrounds, but only those you have unlocked during the story
Pause menu lets you save or load game, see log, change settings, return to main menu or continue playing
Starting the winter story
The girl in a train is telling me to watch where I step because she lost her contact lens near the train door
She cannot find the contact lens, and of course we have to see her searching from this angle
Err, that is a good question... why did I enter the bathroom while she was inside
Conversation log
Advancing the story through chapters
Time to eat something
Unlocked CG stills can be seen without on-screen text