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Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

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PlayStation 2 version

Namco logo
Opening (In-Game) Movie
Title Screen
Main Menu
The story is told through still images and narration in addition to video.
Mission briefing.
Mission Briefing.
If you earn enough, you can select new aircraft.
The first takeoff.
Combat in the skies.
Attacking a sea-based target.
Hit and run.
The replay mode features realistic, jerky camera movement.
Launching missiles.
Destroying enemy craft with Phantom F-4, the first fighter you'll be flying
Every fighter has different cockpit view
Statistics after a successful mission also show a flying routes
When you start the mission, your comrades are flying by, but soon they'll scatter in search for prey
With regular air-to-air missiles, you can only fire two at the time
One look at the radar clearly tells you your team is outnumbered, and in cases like that, it's pilot's skills that count
With more money at your disposal, you'll be able to afford better crafts
Depending upon the mission objectives, you may install different weapon that you find useful
Rotating camera during flight lets you see any angle you desire
Igniting the thrusters on your SU-35 Fighter to faster reach the ground objectives that await in the desert
Looking from above may tell just how low is your altitude
When enemy fighter is stalking you or a missile's on your tail, check your six to evade easier
If you keep holding the missile button, the camera will follow that missile until it reaches the target
Zoom in on the radar to get a better perspective where the enemy is
When all your commands turn red, that means you've been shot at and it's time for some serious maneuvering
There are certain advanced air-to-air missiles that let you fire at multiple targets at once