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    Big Twonkies - Big Trouble!

    When ferocious alien Twonkies take over, only one boy genius can save the day. Jimmy Neutron is back and now he must find new gadgets, create all-new inventions and save Retroville from Twonkie terror!

    Shrink down the Twonkies with Jimmy's new Sheenograph!

    Escape Twonkus-3 before it's too late!

    Program Goddard to find hidden gizmo pieces!

    Capture all the Twonkies using the VDR!

    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (210512) on May 10, 2010.
    Join Nickelodeon's brainy boy wonder for his latest adventure and create crafty gadgets
    to defeat the nefarious aliens of Twonkus-3.

    If awards were given to games for the length and/or silliness of their title, THQ's latest
    cartoon-related offering would surely be a front runner. Behind the daft title lies an equally
    daft but thoroughly entertaining action adventure that's packed to the rafters with gags and
    gadgetry. Only the inventiveness of one Boy Genius can defeat the evil Twonkies....

    The trouble starts when the inhabitants of Retroland find themselves under attack by aliens
    from the orbiting comet known as Twonkus-3. The Twonkies aren't your regular aliens
    either - they're weird creatures that multiply and enlarge whenever music is played.
    Naturally, it's down to Jimmy Neutron to save the day by creating clever new inventions
    using everyday objects. By collecting and combining items, Jimmy can magic up more than
    28 gizmos, 11 inventions, and 4 super inventions.

    Test your creativity, ingenuity and braininess over six episodes and in a variety of
    environments, including Jimmy's Lab, Twonkus-3, Downtown and Retroland. As you
    explore the game's fifteen fun-packed levels, look out for secret gizmos to give Jimmy
    additional power-ups.

    • Create clever inventions from everyday objects

    • Explore exciting environments such as Jimmy's Lab, Retroland and Twonkus-3

    • Collect secret gizmos for extra power-ups

    Contributed by DreinIX (10673) on Mar 28, 2008. - GameCube:

    Jimmy Meet World

    Aliens from Twonkus-3 -- the comet that passes over Retroville every year -- overrun the town and threaten everything in their path. When music can be heard, the aliens becomes agitated -- multiplying and growing to tremendous proportions. It's up to Jimmy Neutron to figure out combinations of everyday items and turn them into inventions that will defeat the Twonkus-3 aliens.


    • Inventions system allows players to collect everyday objects and combine them to create dozens of gizmos, inventions and super inventions
    • Six episodes spanning 15 levels including Jimmy's Lab, Twonkus-3, The Neighborhood, Downtown, Retroland and the Final Showdown
    • $19.99 MSRP

    Returning from a quick trip to Twonkus, Jimmy unwittingly brings back a rocketship full of trouble. Twonkies start off all cute and cuddly, like cooing teddy bears. Turn on some tunes, though, and they grow big into snarling beasts. Their bark is much worse than their bite, but Jimmy will still need to work overtime to get them out of Retroville.

    Gameplay consists of tromping around fairly small levels, rounding up Twonkies, defeating feckless enemies and solving simple puzzles. Very simple puzzles. Jimmy may be a genius, but you don't have to be. For example, when Twonkies terrorize Jimmy and his pals in the school science lab, Jimmy immediately finds the makings of a shrink ray, which he then bounces off a mirror to shrink himself and escape.

    Enemies are dimmer than a Yugo dome light. In real life, a bully goes out of his way to pick a fight. The bully Jimmy encounters in the school library, though, won't raise a finger unless Jimmy misses when he throws a book at him.

    Bright Y Button icons tell you where to look next. Lengthy checklists that feature every minor objective in a level make the game feel much more substantial than it actually is.

    With the help of trusty robo-dog Goddard, Jimmy finds everyday objects like a calculator and a ball of string. He then fashions them into gee-wow stuff like a rocket ship. So why hasn't this kid won a Nobel Prize?

    Goddard develops additional abilities, too -- always just when they're needed. For example, on Twonkus, Jimmy finds the dig ability -- which proves to be vital for excavating rare minerals on the planet.

    THQ's Australia studio ladles on lots of well-crafted cinema and voice-overs. In fact, the game feels like an extended Jimmy Neutron episode, with plenty of screen time for Jimmy's pals Carl and Sheen and other citizens of Retroville.

    Bottom Line

    At an MSRP of $19.99, Jimmy Neutron: Attack of the Twonkies is great fun for Jimmy fans.

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (65848) on Aug 24, 2006.