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AFL Premiership 2007 Credits

IR Gurus

Senior ProducerJustin Halliday
Associate ProducerRhys Quinert
Lead Sports ProgrammerSamuel Sauvage
Lead AFL ProgrammerLyndon Howie
Lead Sports ArtistMark Houareau
Design TeamJustin Halliday, Mark Houareau, Thuyen Nguyen
ProgrammersPeter Plompen, Sam Shigrow, Jonathan Batten, Cory Neale, Henrik Axelsson, Andrew Pierce, Bart van Deventer
ArtistsSam Crook, Adrian Oostergetel
Lead QA TesterSean Baxter
QA TestersOllie Brown, William Duong
Special ThanksSean Holmesby, Rob Meredith,, Everyone at
AFL Systems DirectorNathan Murphy
IR Gurus DirectorsMike Fegan, Andrew Niere, Ben Palmer, Nathan Murphy

Sony Computer Entertainment Australia

ProducerSteve Wherrett
Product ManagerKendall Travers
Senior Product ManagerPatrick Lagana
Assistant PR ManagerRebecca Rice
PR ManagerAdrian Christie
Promotions Co‑ordinatorKerri-Anne Ross
Promotions ManagerMandi Balbi
Director of MarketingRaoul Bedford
Managing DirectorMichael Ephraim

Sony Computer Entertainment WWS (Europe)

Senior ProducerIvan Davies
Associate ProducerStephen Griffiths
Director of External DevelopmentJohn Rostron
European Product ManagerRichard Lassiter
Vice President MarketingSimon Rutter
European Marketing DirectorMark Hardy
European PR ManagerCharlotte Panther
European PR ExecutiveRebecca Rice
European Release ManagerLouise Welch
Head of First Party QAShawn Layden
First Party QA ManagerDavid Parkinson
Test ManagerGareth Spencer
Functional Testing SupervisorWayne Smith
Functional Testing LeadTerence Matthews
Functional TestersGraham Price, Dan Crossley, Kevin Sandiford
TRC Testing SupervisorPaul French
TRC Testing LeadDavid Hill
TRC TestersLee Champion, Greg Munt
Shift SupervisorMatthew Osborne
QA TechnicianJon Lowe
Support Services SupervisorAnthony Gill
Support Services CoordinatorNeil Moran
CD DuplicationCraig Duddle, Christopher Stanley, Neil Pemberton, Stephen Allen, Phil Adams
Head of Format QAGeoff Rens
Format QA ManagerDave Bennett
Manual & Packaging CopywriterLewis Bowman
External Development CoordinatorAngela Kaston
External Development Studio AdministratorSandra Nolan
President Worldwide StudiosPhil Harrison
Vice President SCE WWS EuropeMichael Denny

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Credits for this game were contributed by Justin Halliday (810)