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Aggressive Inline Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

User Screenshots

PlayStation 2 version

Title screen.
After the initial display of the company logos the game shows a low quality video montage that culminates with tricks by key skaters
The game's main menu. All menus are shown over a video montage which is quite distracting. The icons are for Career mode, Freestyle, Timed Run, Multiplayer, Park Editor and Options
These are the game configuration options, left to right we have Save/Load, Sound, Controller, Media Viewer, Credits and, shown here, Cheats.
The Media Viewer shows different cut scenes, these have to be unlocked by completing in-game objectives.
There are three different pre-set controller configurations to choose from
The character selection screen. The player can choose an existing skater and rename them.
Starting a Timed Run. Left/right selects the environment, up/down shows previous course records
Challenges open up new levels, improve the skater's abilities and so on. They are received from people with red spinning things over their heads, radios other things offer challenges too
This is one of the tricks that can be performed. Skate near an edge. Press cross to jump, press triangle to grind, use left/right to balance
Getting a trick wrong means a painful and bloody fall
A Timed Run through the Movie Lot environment, (all other areas are locked at the start of the game). This is the view from the top of the ramp at the start
The street level detail is good too. Fountains, flags and traffic all move well. The purple spirals are one of the game's power-ups, others are green and orange
These are the statistics from an uninspired run
This is a hand grab, balancing upside down on top of a half-pipe. Tricks like this take some practice but when they come off it is very satisfying
After collecting a power up flames come from the skates. The full 'juice meter', top left, means the player can now perform special moves