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GamePro (US) (Jul 28, 2003)
By taking two killer licenses and placing them in a real-time strategy setting, Zono Inc. has crafted a compelling, addictive, and challenging-as-hell game offering over 20 campaigns in which you can play as an Alien hive, a Predator hunting clan, or a cadre of Colonial Marines. Play as Aliens, and you can breed face-huggers and harvest human, animal, and Predator hosts for impregnation until you build an rampant horde of murderous xenomorphs.
Gameswelt (Sep 03, 2003)
Insgesamt ist 'Alien vs. Predator: Extinction' kein Überflieger und hätte in puncto Umfang durchaus länger ausfallen können. Die vorhandenen 21 Missionen machen aber dennoch durchaus Spaß und an der erstklassigen Steuerung gibt es eigentlich überhaupt nichts zu bemängeln. Einzig die Auswahl der Truppen, die KI und die technische Umsetzung lassen zu wünschen übrig. An dieser Stelle hätte man bei Zono sicher mehr Arbeit investieren können. 'Alien vs. Predator'-Fans dürften sicher ihren Spaß haben, jedoch solltet ihr den Titel vor dem Kauf trotzdem kurz anspielen.
GameSpot (Aug 04, 2003)
The Aliens Versus Predator universe has been a staple of video gaming for a number of years now, and it's not hard to see why. It draws from two well-developed and immensely popular action movie franchises, both of which feature creatures, characters, and weapons that lend themselves nicely to the typical action game. Most of the AVP games released to date have been first-person shooters, with a few brawlers thrown in here and there, so it's a bit surprising to see that the newest one, Aliens Versus Predator: Extinction, is actually a real-time strategy game. It's even more surprising, given the somewhat dubious history of RTS games on consoles, that Extinction is a thoughtfully designed, complex, and pretty fun game to play. Alas, a dearth of supplemental features and some flimsy presentation drag down what could have been a more solid overall package.
Just RPG (2003)
Alien vs. Predator: Extinction is a game with a lot of problems, but it’s not often that you find a decent RTS on the consoles. Hard-core RTS fans might find something worthwhile, and fans of the Alien and Predator franchises might find it worth their attention. The Alien campaign is pretty fun, each species plays greatly different, and the controls work pretty well for a console RTS. I’d advise anyone thinking about buying this game to give it a rental first, though, because it’s not for everyone.
Imperium Gier (Jan 16, 2004)
Alien Vs Predator: Extinction jest zupełnie nowym spojrzeniem na znaną serię. Niestety nie jest grą idealną i posiada parę większych lub mniejszych błędów. Mimo wszystko chyba warto ją kupić, bo jest to całkiem fajna odmiana po łażeniu z wieloma spluwami w plecaku i strzelaniu do wszystkiego co się rusza.
Worth Playing (Aug 31, 2003)
The title says it all: two of the most well-known extra-terrestrial forces are back in the new and upcoming movie, Alien vs. Predator: Extinction. Before the arrival of the movie, however, console owners will receive a nice little treat in the form of a teaser on how the movie storyline might evolve. Let’s go kick some extra-terrestrial butt.
67 (Aug 17, 2003)
Aliens vs. Predator Extinction ist zweifellos der bislang gelungenste Versuch, das Genre Echtzeit-Strategie auf der PS2 zu etablieren. Die Steuerung ist nahezu optimal und mit drei unterschiedlich spielbaren Rassen sollte eigentlich nicht viel schief gehen. Doch trotz aller Vorzüge, die Extinction sicherlich bietet, sollten nur Spieler, die keinen Zugriff auf die Echtzeitstrategie-Bibliothek am PC haben, einen Ausflug in die AvP-Welt unternehmen. Denn mit Ausnahme der Alien-Missionen läuft nahezu alles auf stupides „Seek-And-Destroy“ hinaus. Was an sich ja wiederum auch nicht schlecht wäre, wenn das grafische Umfeld stimmen würde. Doch die passabel animierten Figuren bewegen sich durch äußerst spartanische Hintergründe, so dass zusammen mit dem immer wieder kehrenden Einheitsspielprinzip schnell Langeweile aufkommt. Daran können die klasse Soundkulisse und die sparsam, aber effektiv eingesetzten und gut aussehenden Spezialeffekte auch nichts mehr ändern.
Gamezilla (Aug 21, 2003)
For a console RTS, Aliens versus Predator: Extinction isn’t half bad but compared to a PC RTS, however, Extinction is too simplistic for it’s own good and hardcore RTS fans would do best to avoid it. Aliens Versus Predator: Extinction may be one of the best RTS games out there for the PlayStation 2, but that isn’t really saying much when sizing up the competition.
GameZone (Aug 16, 2003)
I’m a big science fiction fan, and have been a huge follower of both the Aliens and the Predator series in the movies, comics, novels, and of course … video games. Fans of both series have been treated to a number of Alien and Alien vs. Predator titles ranging from 2-D side scrollers to action packed FPS creepfests, and the AvP game on Atari Jaguar was one that many said was the only really good game for the failed system. Recently, the Alien vs. Predator war has been revived and re-packaged for the PS2, only this time in an RTS style of gameplay. Does it stack up to what us fans have come to expect over the years? Well … not really.
IGN (Jul 30, 2003)
Trapped inside a gigantic spaceship and surrounded by the deceased trophies of conquered beasts from throughout the galaxy, the most stirring moment in an otherwise average film known as Predator 2 was the scene in which Danny Glover discovers a xenomorph skeleton hanging on a chamber wall. Taken at face value it's a brief moment in cinematic history, but when one considers the chain reaction that the scene has created across multiple forms of media, it could be one of the most important science fiction scenes of the last 15 years.
If I told you I didn't have fun with this game, I'd be lying to you. Of course the exact definition of fun would probably differ, but some 'fun' was had. At the same time, I also have a very hard time recommending the game. Though the concept is great, the follow through isn't nearly as good. After the initial thrill of the game wears off, monotony begins to sink in.
Thunderbolt Games (Sep 19, 2003)
If you are really into RTS games and were looking forward to this baby, then get used to disappointment because it's not that good. If, on the other hand, you're a big Aliens and Predator fan like me, you might just forgive the game's many, many misgivings and play it a lot longer than the middling score implies you should. You'll at least get a good weekend's play out of it and so maybe this one's a bit more of a rental than a buyer. It's quite fun in the short term but, as with any game, the more you play the more irritated you become with it's failings. What Extinction really needed was a touch more big-budget razzamatazz, you know, a little bit of movie magic. Hell, maybe this sucker needed a cameo from Bill Paxton getting wasted for old times' sake, who knows. All I can say is that this package comes up a short and as such should be approached with caution.
GameSpy (Aug 24, 2003)
The biggest flaws with AvP: Extinction are the lack of a rotating camera, the unit micromanagement required, and the fact that there are only 21 missions in the game with no multiplayer at all. While the game weighs in at an affordable $40 at retail, it's up to fans to decide if only 21 missions (seven per side) are worth the price. I wasn't disappointed with the game, and I don't think fans of AvP would be either.
Game Revolution (Aug, 2003)
I’ve always been a science fiction nut, and when I was a kid I tried to read every sci-fi book I could get my hands on. But it certainly didn’t stop there. I would religiously watch any TV show or movie that took place in space, no matter how awful. Reruns or new stuff, it didn’t matter. I would flood my brain with images from Battlestar Galactica, Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon, V, The Last Starfighter and even Space 1999. On the other hand, I was never really able to stomach Dr. Who.
Good to see another RTS on PS2, but this just isn't the kind of Alien on Predator action we were expecting.
50 (Sep 02, 2003)
Trop pauvre pour un STR, trop mou pour un jeu d'action, Alien Versus Predator : Extinction est loin d'être passionnant. Les missions sont ennuyeuses et le gameplay trop limité malgré de bonnes idées dans le fond. Ajoutez à cela une réalisation en dessous de tout et vous obtenez un mélange bien faiblard.
40 (UK) (Nov 08, 2003)
Historically speaking, consoles haven't done very well with real-time strategy games. This is probably because as a genre, RTS games thrive on high screen resolutions, mouse control and online multiplayer options. AVP: Extinction isn't about to rewrite history, but apparently it is happy to re-enact some of the genre's most frustrating crimes of the 1990s: sloppy AI and path finding, dodgy low-res visuals, and unbalanced units.

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