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Gameplay is great, A.I. could be better. Exodia85 (2180) 3.6 Stars3.6 Stars3.6 Stars3.6 Stars3.6 Stars

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Category Description User Score
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 2.9
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 4.2
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.8
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.5
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.6
Overall User Score (11 votes) 3.6

Critic Reviews

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Gamer's Pulse (Mar 27, 2001)
If you are looking for some unique and realistically rendered racing I strongly suggest giving ATV Offroad Fury a try, as I found the game to be a must have for the PlayStation 2 system.
The arcade feel of this game is a nice change of pace from the numerous clones of a certain racing sim that have surfaced lately. Despite the “next to impossible to beat” AI, this game is just a blast to play, and it looks good while doing so. And isn’t that what video games are all about?
PSX Extreme (Feb 19, 2001)
In the end I must admit, at first glance I was not expecting ATV: Offroad Fury to be as good as it actually is, but after going one on one with this game for a couple of days, and more than two dozen hours, I was pleasantly surprised... no I was thrilled [there you go] at how amazing the game plays and how great it looks. I haven't played a game as enjoyable as ATV: Offroad Fury for months, the replay value and the gameplay alone makes this a must have title for all PS2 owners out there. With the four-player races, I urge you to go grab yourself a PS2 multi-tap, three friends and some sleeping bags, 'cause your party may take all night. I praise Sony and Rainbow Studios for pulling off one of the best racing games to hit the PS2 so far. Definitely a must have game for your Playstation 2 collection. Did I mention that Offroad Fury is four-players?
PlanetPS2 (Feb 24, 2001)
Overall, ATVOF is a mixed game. It can be fantastic fun for the simplest gamer, as well as those looking for a strategic racer (although you shouldn't expect too much strategy). With some minor unpleasant elements here and there, ATVOF is still one of the best experiences on the PlayStation 2 thus far.
Gaming Target (Apr 25, 2002)
As an early PS2 release, ATV Offroad Fury manages to still be a good game a year later, and since the price recently dropped to an affordable $20, anyone unsure is taking a much smaller splurge to find out what this game is like. And ATV is indeed a great, but not out of this world, racing game that is fun & enjoyable throughout, with tons of replay value to go along with it. Racing fans should love it, and anyone looking for a game that gives a lot of bang for the buck should as well. It’s not a charter Greatest Hit for nothing, you know.
86 (Jul 30, 2001)
Kritisoitavaakin toki löytyy. Grafiikka ei nopeutta lukuun ottamatta eroa kovin paljon vanhasta PC-esikuvastaan, eikä vaikeustason huomattava nousu heti ensimmäisen kisan jälkeen innosta varsinkaan vasta-alkajia uramoodin kimppuun. Lisäksi pelin teema - ajetaan mönkijällä maastossa - tarjoaa varsin rajallisen määrän variaatiota, niin kovasti kuin sen eteen vaivaa on nähtykin. Kokonaisuutena peli on kuitenkin viihdyttävä, pelattava ja helposti lähestyttävä, ja se jos mikä on tärkeintä.
82 (Aug 27, 2001)
ATV Offraod hat sich klammheimlich zu einem echten Geheimtipp gemausert. Im Schatten von Gran Turismo 3 bietet es vor allem Spaß für Spieler, die auf ein schnelles Rennen ohne viel Eingewöhnungszeit aus sind. Dank des genialen Stunt-Modus samt atemberaubenden Sprüngen hat es Sony geschafft, eine süchtig machende Mischung aus Tony Hawks und einem guten Fun-Racer abzuliefern.
81 (Sep 17, 2001)
Der Sprung vom PC auf die Konsole ist den Rainbow Studios gelungen, wenn auch nicht ganz ohne Einschränkungen. Denn das Spiel fördert trotz einer Menge Spielspaß und motivierenden Wettbewerben niemals das Gefühl eines eigenständigen Produktes zutage: Immer wieder wird man -wenn auch im positivsten Sinne- an Motocross Madness erinnert. Physikengine, Streckendesign, Steuerung - alles schon mal dagewesen. Trotzdem (oder vielleicht gerade deshalb): Offroad-Fans werden an ATV Offroad Fury nicht vorbei kommen. Gelegenheitsspieler werden sich wahrscheinlich hauptsächlich an einem entspannenden Spielchen zwischendurch und dem Multiplayer-Modus erfreuen.
Great graphics, fun and feature-packed gameplay are in a state of dynamic tension with an unfair AI and dipping multiplayer frame rates when ATV Offroad Fury reaches the final tally. There’s lots of gameplay in this package, including a ton of unique ATVs, lots of courses and a plethora of game modes. There’s even an editor for the completely off-road Enduro circuit that adds even more longevity to your purchase. Unfortunately, simulation jockeys will be annoyed at the AI’s cheap tendency to pack up and wait for you on each race, and the sometimes-dodgy collision detection. In the end, though, the fun factor takes it home, and ATV Offroad Fury‘s arcade roots make for a fast and furious race through all sorts of gorgeous scenery. Diehard sim fans will want to give ATV Offroad Fury a miss, but any other racing buff will find this package to be wholly engrossing and well worth their while.
PlayFrance (Apr 07, 2003)
Malgré quelques malheureux défauts presque pardonnables, ATV Offroad Fury reste sans doute l'un des titres les plus agréables à jouer en cette période. Sa simplicité d'accès lui permet de toucher un large publique, les qualités intrinsèques de son gameplay devraient plaire aussi bien aux hardcore-gamers qu'aux joueurs débutants. Pour une première sur PlayStation 2, Rainbow Studios réussit un véritable coup de maître et place la barre très haute pour les futures simulations de quad/motocross.
PSM (Mar, 2001)
Sony has realized, at least in this case, that realism doesn't take precedence over gameplay. This means that controlling your four-wheeler presents absolutely no problems; executing tricks is simple, and the interface is intuitive. In addition, all of the high-flying jumps are exciting to witness and preform. ATV's faults don't ruin the overall experience. If you've been looking for something to hold you over until GT3, look no further.
ATV Offroad Fury is a well-made but aging game. Like I said, I bought it for $5, and definitely got my money?s worth. It?s a short, but satisfying game. If you have the choice, however, I think you will be much better off getting ATV Offroad Fury 2 or 3.
Gameplanet (Jul 27, 2001)
ATV Offroad doesn't try and compete with driving simulations (such as the Gran Turismo series) and this strategy really pays off in the long run. The game is great fun, especially with up to 4 players via the Multitap peripheral, and goes a long way to injecting the PlayStation 2 with some much needed motocross-style action. This game is highly recommended to those players who like ATVs, or motocross racing in general, and also has the ability to sway those gamers who don't usually participate in this sort of racing game.
Gamezone (Germany) (Jul 10, 2001)
Eigentlich ist in diesem Spiel alles gelungen. Die direkte Fahrphysik, eine schöne Grafik und der abwechslungsreiche Spielmodi machen auf jeden Fall süchtig. Im Freestyle-Modi können sie einige Tricks, wie z.B. den "Superman", ausprobieren. Oder auch mal im Enduro-Modi, die sehr natürlich animierte Gegend bewundern. Dabei kann man fast ins Uferlose fahren. Neben der Möglichkeit, die verschiedensten PS-Monster auszuwählen, können Sie auch als Männlein oder Weiblein fahren. Hierfür gibt es verschiedenste Outfits zur Auswahl. Fazit: Möchten sie Staub schlucken, dann ist dieser Renner wärmstens zu empfehlen!
Imperium Gier (Apr 29, 2002)
Podsumowując ATV: Offroad Fury, to całkiem udana gra. Mimo zręcznościowego charakteru zachowuje realizm i wychodzi jej to na dobre. Pewnym minusem jest fakt, że dostajemy niewiele tras (jest ich tylko 11), ale zwycięstwo na każdej z nich zajmie nam trochę czasu. Jeśli jesteś fanem sportów motorowych, to ta gra na pewno ci się spodoba.
Gamekult (Jun 26, 2001)
ATV Offroad Fury fait une très belle prestation sur PlayStation 2 en réussissant un savant dosage entre l'arcade et la simulation. En s'appuyant sur une très bonne réalisation et sur un très bon moteur physique, ce jeu de courses de Quad promet de très longues heures de luttes grâce à de nombreux modes et à un panel de circuits conséquent. Seule ombre au tableau la gestion de l'intelligence artificielle qui une fois de plus est assez défaillante. Reste que les acharnés du cross en tout genre trouveront là un excellent jeu qui arrivera même à convaincre les plus réfractaires au style.
As far as racing titles go, ATV Offroad Fury is a great offering, even if you don't particularly care for quads. The racing is great, the control and graphics are tight and what the hell, it's another good title for the PS2. Nothing wrong with that. Buy it.
GamePro (US) (Feb 07, 2001)
Once you start racing, taking corners with your ATV is effortless and almost automatic. The gameplay instead focuses on timing the rhythm of jumps with the right approach, you'll sail cleanly over a set of bumps, but the wrong one will leave you slogging slowly over each individual bump. All told, Fury will reward offroad racing fans with gameplay and challenges that definitely suit their interests.
GamePro (SE) (Sep, 2001)
Dock ska påpekas att ATV OffRoad är roligt i tvåspelarläge. Men nja, lägg pengarna på GTIII istället.
The Video Game Critic (Apr 23, 2002)
The game is just plain fun, and even people not familiar with ATVs are sure to appreciate this cool arcade racer.
GameSpot (Feb 06, 2001)
The opponents are consistently on top of their game right from the get go, almost always catching speed lines, which raises the learning curve significantly and makes the memorization of speed lines downright necessary. The AI also seems to lack variety, as opponents have the tendency to herd up, creating large groups of quads on the track. The AI and graphical flaws bring ATV Offroad Fury down, but not by a lot. The game's arcade feel may discourage those looking for an off-road racing sim, but most everyone else will find it to be a fun pick up and play game.
ATV Offroad Racing kan nog tilltala många. Själv är jag full av förakt.