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Back of Keep Case - PlayStation 2 (UK):


    Get ready for the most hardcore fighting experience on
    your console. Insane stunts, brutal weapons and a whole
    world of pain, Backyard Wrestling allows you to step
    into a groundbreaking new world of
    open-ended gameplay.

    Punish your opponent using
    instruments of pain like bricks,
    light bulbs, tables as well as
    the environment itself.
    • Loads of weapons to beat, bludgeon and maim your opponent.
    • Fully interactive environments.
    • Innovative damage model system.
    • Create a Wrestler mode allows you to build the ultimate fighter.
    • Awesome soundtrack, including tracks from Insane Clown Posse, and Sum 41.

    Contributed by UkCollector (2480) on Sep 12, 2010.

Atari Australia Press Quotes - Xbox:
    "Where WCW Mayhem took wrestlers out of the ring, Backyard Wrestling takes them on a wild ride of pain and humiliation out of the ring. Use nearly every object in the environment -- whether it's a tool chest, brick, chair, or what-have you, and then smash your enemy's face in. " -

    " this one is easy to pick up and pretty hilarious to watch, with lively stages that are incredibly easy to navigate, simple-to-perform moves, and plenty of interactive items to bash your pal with. " -

    " It's obvious that if you're into the Backyard Wrestling video series, you're going to be pretty pleased with the game, but it looks worth paying attention to either way. If Paradox nails the game engine, there's a chance you could be looking at the next Tony Hawk--a series with a legion of fans that aren't necessarily into skateboarding" -

    " BYW is plenty bloody, the wrestlers will be slashed, gashed, and bruised depending on where and how they get hurt. It wouldn't be backyard wrestling if there weren't intense violence. And well, the rest just comes along with the scene. If you are wanting to get into some fast paced, hard core, slaughterhouse fun then this is what you've been looking for. " -

    Contributed by Xoleras (66813) on May 07, 2004.

Atari Australia website (for Xbox):

    Backyard Wrestling places you in the role of an aspiring wrestler. You must be prepared to endure extreme amounts of pain and take incredible risks in order to move one step closer to the BYW title and ultimately be crowned ‘The King of Hardcore’. But the road to glory is long and dangerous. Dozens of weapons including thumbtacks, barbed wire, light bulbs, baseball bats, tables, trash cans, and stop signs are at your disposal to help re-arrange the faces of new challengers. And did we mention the fire?

    Enter the fully interactive and destructible environments to the awesome in-game soundtrack and prepare for battle. Learn to master ultra-violent moves including grappling, throws, and hand-to-hand combat as you brutalize your opponents into submission. Real life BYW characters such as Josh Prohibition, MDogg20 and Sabu head up some of the competition. See them bleed with the innovative damage model system allowing characters to get cuts, bruises and gashes all over their bodies depending on the moves they’ve been doing, and more painfully what moves have been done to them!

    The controversial and shocking US phenomenon of Backyard Wrestling has been around almost as long as professional wrestling. It was unorganised, undocumented fun but has now evolved into something much more. With the popularity of ‘hardcore’ or ‘deathmatch’ style wrestling on TV, people were no longer satisfied with just being spectators and took playful wrestling with their friends to the next level. Where a bunch of guys would once play fight in their yards, they now perform outrageous stunts.

    Backyard wrestlers think nothing of throwing opponents off 25ft high rooftops onto flaming tables and inflicting super violent acts with baseball bats wrapped in barbed wire. The game is based on the best-selling Backyard Wrestling video series that has become a worldwide phenomenon selling millions of copies of VHS tapes and DVDs in addition to successful pay per view events.

  • Over 20 unlockable playable characters based on real life Backyard wrestlers, each with their own fighting styles and signature moves
  • 7 destructible, fully 3D levels including a gentleman’s club, a mansion, a slaughterhouse, a truck-stop and of course a backyard! Each level provides the player with a variety of fighting areas including high levels for those breath taking high risk manoeuvres!
  • Numerous playing modes including single player matches, versus mode, tournament mode, 6 unlockable bonus modes and a video clip mode featuring real footage from the Backyard Wrestling videos and DVD’s
  • Dozens of weapons including barbed wire, light bulbs, baseball bats, tables, trash cans, and stop signs are at your disposal
  • A vast range of devastating moves including slams, throws, combos, ledge throws, aerial manoeuvres, running attacks, ground attacks, reversal moves and of course weapon attacks
  • Innovative damage body system allows characters to get cuts, bruises and gashes all over their bodies depending on the moves they’ve been doing. But beware, the more high risk the move the more damage you receive yourself!
  • No more button-mashing combos! Moves are based on timing and skill and every attack, throw or slam can be reversed with carefully executed counter moves
  • Special ‘stun’ meter provides players with extra humiliation moves. The more you stun your opponent with your cool moves the higher your stun rating will go allowing you to humiliate your opponent
  • An awesome soundtrack including an exciting partnership with multi-platinum recording artists the Insane Clown Posse (ICP) and Psychopathic Records

    Contributed by Xoleras (66813) on May 05, 2004.

Back of Case - PlayStation 2:
    Over 30 Hardcore Wrestlers

    Create-A-Wrestler - Puts You in the Game

    Dozens of Weapons at Your Disposal

    Annihilate Your Opponents

    Over 40 songs from: Andrew WK, Sum 41, Insane Clown Posse, Rancid, Bowling for Soup, Spineshank and more!

    Interactive and Destructible Environments


    - FHM

    "4 STARS!"
    - FHM

    Contributed by Corn Popper (69379) on Nov 26, 2003.