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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the actors' performances in the game (including voice acting). 3.7
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 3.3
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 2.9
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.4
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.1
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.4
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 3.2
Overall User Score (9 votes) 3.3

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This is one of the best games of 2005. The voice acting by, Christian Bale, Katie Holmes, Cillian Murphy, Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine is all great. If you loved the movie, and like a good stealth game, buy this, you won't regret it.
83 (Jun 17, 2005)
Nach einigen nicht sehr erfolgreichen Versuchen verschiedenster Hersteller den Mythos Batman in angemessener Weise in ein Videospiel zu verwandeln, erscheint nun einer der ambitioniertesten Anläufe dem düsteren Flattermann gerecht zu werden. Pünktlich zum Kinostart des neuen Batman Filmes "Batmen Begins" werden die Konsolenjünger hierzulande von Electronic Arts auf allen Plattformen losgeschickt die Unterwelt von Gotham City aufzumischen.
GamePro (US) (Dec 02, 2005)
Batman Begins re-energized the franchise in the theaters, and the game goes beyond just another run-of-the-mill movie tie-in to re-energize Batman after too long of an absence on the video game screen. Batman Begins delivers a pleasing mix of action, sharp graphics, and variety of gameplay, all the while conveying a faithful recreation of the film experience, reflecting a creative effort that doesn't just rush to cash in on a license.
79 (Jun 21, 2005)
Schade, aus Batman Begins hätte dank schöner Ideen mehr werden können. Trotzdem ist es nur ein klassisches Lizenzspiel geworden. Wahrscheinlich hätte etwas mehr Entwicklungszeit dem Spiel gut getan. Trotz eintönigem Spielverlauf kann der Flattermann aber Batman-Freunde und Gelegenheitsspieler mit schönem Leveldesign, guter Atmosphäre und einsteigerfreundlicher Steuerung gut unterhalten.
By de-Burtonizing the film we finally met the Dark Knight (and may he rule the box office forever) and here, by ditching the overly gadget-dependant action and fighting dung heap, EA breathe new life into the game space as well (gadgets figure into the mix but don’t weigh down the action). As a movie game Batman Begins excels, and should you strip away the Hollywood veneer you’ve still got a worthwhile adventure on your hands.
75 (Jul 17, 2005)
Batman Begins maybe doesn’t have the most original gameplay aspects and you have probably seen everything you do in the game in some other game in the past, but that still doesn’t mean it isn’t fun to play. If you are a Batman comic book collector, like me, or a fan of the movie then you will probably enjoy this game a lot while it lasts and even if you aren’t in one of these categories you should still enjoy it. Batman Begins is a fun game to play but it’s most disappointing factor is that it is kind of short and doesn’t have a lot of replay value once you beat it. With this in mind, you may want to rent Batman Begins before you buy it just to be safe.
Batman Begins is a must-play for all Batman fans, including the fans of the new, just-released film. It's short, lasting all of about 7-9 hours, and beatable in about two to three sittings. I'd recommend a rental for pretty much anyone interested in the Batman franchise, and possibly a purchase for die-hards. Batman Begins is the beginning of the transformation of the Batman franchise. I like what I see, and I like even better what I play.
This certainly isn't the smart, wry Batman game that fans have always wanted, but it is a pretty decent base to build off of. I, for one, hope that EA takes the intelligence and skill of its audience to heart and really delivers a Batman classic the next time around.
Game Captain (Jun 26, 2005)
Technisch überzeugende und atmosphärisch einwandfreie, aber spielerisch etwas simple, zu kurz geratene Filmumsetzung für Genre-Neulinge und Batman-Fans.
PlayFrance (Jun 27, 2005)
Malgré quelques défauts liés essentiellement au fait que le jeu demeure très court et trop scripté pour proposer une replay value digne de ce nom, Batman Begins a la mérite de proposer un jeu fidèle à la fois à l'ambiance originelle du comics ainsi qu'à la trame narrative du film ! Electronic Arts signe ici un titre intense et captivant du début à la fin, doté d'une réalisation technique et esthétique surprenante, le tout agrémenté d'un gameplay très varié mêlant judicieusement action, infiltration et courses en Batmobile. Batman Begins est un des meilleurs jeux à licence sortis sur PS2 à ce jour, que tous les fans de l'homme chauve-souris se doivent de posséder !
Game Over Online (Jul 08, 2005)
As far as movie tie-ins, Batman Begins isn’t the worst game that’s ever been produced, but it’s definitely one that would appeal to the diehard fan only. With extremely linear gameplay, a relatively flawed fear mechanic and basic combat system, Batman really isn’t breaking a sweat in this title. Neither will gamers looking for a challenging adventure game.
Layered with actual footage from the movie the cutscenes give you something to look forward to especially if you haven't seen the movie. The sound effects and music are excellent as is the animation. The production values raise the bar for an interactive movie. If you're just looking for some mindless entertainment with occasional bursts of brilliance to keep you awake then look no further than Batman Begins.
XGP Gaming (Jul 11, 2005)
Most games released to coincide with a films release seem rushed and overall a crappy product. While Batman Begins doesn’t seem rushed at all, it still isn’t quite the experience most gamers would have liked. Sure, the stealth and fighting elements are cool, but they are extremely basic and don’t give you anything you haven’t seen before. Then the game is extremely linear, which really puts a damper on everything. While Batman Begins isn’t a bad game, it isn’t a good game either. The developers had some excellent ideas which they didn’t execute as well as they could have. With that said, if you enjoyed the movie then you will love the game. Just don’t expect anything groundbreaking.
I have mixed feelings about Batman Begins. On one hand it's too linear and too simplistic but on the other hand it does a good job of being true to the movie (something you can't say about games based on movies). It's disappointing that the combat and stealth aspects are too simplistic. The game is also rather short and it shouldn't take much more that 5 or 6 hours to complete. Even with these complaints taken into account though, it's a game that you'll probably appreciate if you've enjoyed the movie and if you don't play usually play games of this nature, there won't be much here that will cause any difficulties.
68 (Jul 25, 2005)
It's always the same. Every time a new Hollywood blockbuster is released, it comes with a licenced videogame that always lacks a proper finish. There are exceptions to the rule (Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay, The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King...), but they are rather rare. EA tried earlier to end this long-lasting mayhem with Catwoman and failed miserably. Now they're rolling out Batman Begins. Is it a nice attempt or will history repeat itself?
Imperium Gier (Jul 08, 2005)
Batman Begins jest całkiem dobrą produkcją, na tyle, na ile to możliwe. Ma co prawda trochę niedoróbek, nie jest ściśle związana z fabułą firmy w każdym jej calu, jest też trochę liniowa, ale można ją uznać za wartą zakupu. Pewną wadą może być natomiast to, że jest dość krótka, a więc za długo się nią nie nacieszymy.
IGN (Jun 15, 2005)
IGN's two greatest and most outspoken editorial miscreants, Ed Lewis and Ivan Sulic, both completed Electronic Arts' Batman Begins. Because of their unending love for you, the loyal reader, they have opted to forsake our traditionally one-sided formulaic reviews in favor of a rather fantastic collaboration. The fantastic part is just below.
Pouring salt into the wound, the combat engine is just as shallow, monotonous, and nauseating as the fighting in the Catwoman game. Spectacular crashes light up the screen in the Batmobile segments, but the horribly designed objectives make this fast ride run out of gas quickly. As enjoyable as is it to lurk in the shadows, this bat is best left locked in the belfry away from your systems.
GameSpot (Jun 17, 2005)
While reviews of the film Batman Begins indicate that the caped crusader has made a turnaround of sorts on the silver screen, we can't say the same about him as a video game superhero. Yes, the new Batman Begins game from Electronic Arts and Eurocom certainly captures the fearsome new look of Batman as portrayed in the movie. And the inclusion of high-quality voice work from Christian Bale, Liam Neeson, and the other stars from the film also contributes a lot to the overall package. Unfortunately, the gameplay feels too much like a mishmash of several other well-known gaming franchises and ends up overly simplistic. While the game is still worth a look for Batman fans, you can't help but feel that an opportunity was missed to make something more special.
66 (Jun 19, 2005)
Eines muss man EA lassen: Besser als Catwoman ist Batman Begins auf jeden Fall. Doch um sich als der ganz große Wurf zu präsentieren, lässt der Flattermann doch zu viele Wünsche offen. Zwar sprüht die Action vor einigen (wenn auch nicht neuen) Ideen, doch im Detail haben die Entwickler überall wertvolle Prozentpunkte verschenkt, die die Filmumsetzung in gute Bereiche hätten katapultieren können. Der Ansatz, Kämpfe mit Stealth, einem Furchtprinzip sowie der obligatorischen Batmobil-Fahreinlage zu kombinieren, ist zwar lobenswert, aber die Ausführung lässt zu wünschen übrig: montone Kämpfe ohne Anspruch, wenig fordernde Stealth-Einlagen, ein sinnloses Furcht-System sowie schlechte Batmobil-Rasereien. Lediglich im Bereich der Atmosphäre rettet sich Bruce Wayne, denn die bietet ein gelungenes Zusammenspiel aus ansehnlicher Optik sowie feiner Akustik.
66 (Jul 01, 2005)
Batman Begins is strictly, and unsurprisingly, a game for fans of the movie - and that probably includes pretty much anyone that has seen it. The game includes many of the movies set pieces, but the games short legth and linear levels make it better as a rental. Just make sure you've seen the movie before you play the game.
Gamer Within (Aug 04, 2005)
Batman Begins is one of the more enjoyable movie games to come out in recent memory. With a combination of nice visuals, great sound, and the epic way the story unfolds all come together in a nice package, though it’s got its shortcomings along with it. Some great gameplay elements are here, but there’s just not enough freedom to go along with them to warrant anything revolutionary. If you enjoyed the movie (and really, who didn’t?) you’ll have a good time unlocking the bonus interviews with the cast and writers for some extra behind the scenes action. Judged on gameplay alone, the game falls on the short side and ends so suddenly that it can only be recommended as a rental if you’re not a die hard Batman aficionado
65 (Jun 16, 2005)
Bon c'est sûr, Batman Begins ne révolutionnera pas le petit monde des jeux vidéo : très classique dans son gameplay, pas novateur pour un sou, le jeu s'avère même être linéaire et dirigiste. On doit cependant admettre que la réalisation est à la hauteur et que l'on passe un bon moment à jouer à ce soft tiré du film éponyme. Bref, c'est le type même de jeu que l'on termine une fois avec plaisir mais qui ne laisse pas un souvenir impérissable. Sympathique sans plus.
PSX Extreme (Jul 05, 2005)
EA certainly goes to great lengths to show you that this is not just another way to cash-in on a movie license by including several interviews and making-of features. It's obvious that more resources were put into this game than the normal game based on a movie, but that doesn't change the fact that it's an unsatisfying experience overall. If you were a fan of the movie and want to re-live the experience, this isn't a bad way to do it, but if you're looking for a game that expands upon the movie, or one that stands on its own, it doesn't get the job done.
1UP (Jun 17, 2005)
Stealth, as Mr. Neeson was kind enough to inform us, is Batman's greatest ally (one wonders how Robin would take this news). Batman Begins is at root a stealth game, cloning dutifully, during its best moments, the exploits of Sam Fisher in Splinter Cell. The game uses a similar third-person camera -- accompanied here by an anti-personnel radar straight out of Metal Gear Solid -- and there's a basic pleasure in skulking just outside enemy sightlines. As with Splinter Cell, much of the game is spent scaling drainpipes, shimmying across overhangs, and generally finding ways to pass unseen through problematic vertical situations; Batman's ability to leap and glide lends these segments the feel of a platform game.
UOL Jogos (Jun 17, 2005)
Se a equipe tivesse elaborado um sistema que desse mais liberdades de escolhas para o jogador, poderia ter sido um título mais recomendável. Fica para uma próxima oportunidade a tentativa de superar as duas versões de "Batman Returns", clássicos para Super Nes e Mega Drive.
GameSpy (Jun 20, 2005)
Although Batman Begins is better than most of the comic-based games out there, I'd be lying if I didn't say it was disappointing. It features some excellent graphics and audio production, as well as some of the best voiceover work to date. However, this can't make up for the frustrating gameplay, which tries to focus on stealth, combat, and platforming, yet doesn't manage to do any of these particularly well. The Dark Knight may have returned, but his latest game could have used more training.