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GamePro (US) (Feb 10, 2003)
With plenty of gameplay modes, secret fighters, and varied styles, there's a good chunk of replay value here. Black & Bruised isn't Knockout Kings, but it doesn't try to be, and it certainly doesn't have to be. All it has to be is fun and engaging, and on those levels, Black & Bruised succeeds.
AceGamez (Oct 29, 2004)
Black & Bruised is a gorgeous looking, highly accomplished boxing game with a fresh cartoon style and a great sense of humour. It's bright, brash, fun and challenging but whilst it is a great addition to the boxing genre it's not going to last very long for those not really interested in fighting games. Where it shines most is in quick two player bouts against a friend.
All in all, this is a jovial romp of fisticuffs, also know as a decent boxing title. The cartoony characters look good, the gameplay works, and it has not one, but two sweet gimmicks: battling for power-ups and a CG-filled story mode. I still miss the strategy elements of Punch-Out however, where you have to figure out how to beat each foe. Also, the personalities of the fighters here weren't too distinguished via their fighting styles; they all pretty much hit the same. Definitely worth a look-see, though.
68 (Jul 29, 2003)
Auch wenn Black & Bruised anfangs aufgrund seines schnörkellosen Arcade-Gameplays für Begeisterung sorgt, flacht diese doch relativ schnell wieder ab. Auf Dauer sind die Kämpfe trotz motivierender Power-Up-Hatz nämlich einfach zu monoton, die Spielmodi zu unspektakulär und die Kamera zu unübersichtlich. Zudem beschränkt sich der Multiplayer-Part auf simple Einzelkämpfe und im Optionsmenü könnt Ihr gerade einmal Rundenzahl und -zeit bestimmen. Für unkompliziertes Comic-Sparring zwischendurch sind die schrägen Cel-Shading-Boxer aber immer wieder gut. Vor allem da Charakterdesign, Animationen, Verletzungen und Sound-FX zu gefallen wissen. Die deutsche Lokalisierung ist dank professioneller Synchronsprecher und trashiger Beleidigungen sogar ausgesprochen gut gelungen. Zu schade, dass die spielerische Seite da nicht ganz mithalten kann.
GameSpot (Feb 05, 2003)
Obviously, any serious boxing fan will want to look elsewhere for sim-styled boxing. But in the end, Black & Bruised is a fun arcade-style boxing game that casual gamers will find entertaining for awhile.
GameZone (Feb 07, 2003)
Reminiscent of those classic arcade-styled boxing games like Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out or Ready 2 Rumble, Black & Bruised is colorful and fun... but, unfortunately, the boxing fun does grow stale a little too quickly. If you’re looking for some lightweight boxing fare with enough modes and zany characters, this game is worth your time. Otherwise, all other boxing fans should find this an interesting weekend rental.
IGN (Jan 30, 2003)
For fighting and boxing fans hoping for an artistic rendition of Rocky, it was not meant to be with Black and Bruised. The gameplay is strongly rooted in quick and shallow action, and won't hook you beyond the various story and tournament modes that were wisely included. Definitely give it a look if you're helplessly attracted to the style and personality the title spouts; perhaps for a great weekend rental. Purchase with caution, however, as there's little chance that you'll find yourself jumping back into the ring once your love affair ends.
Gaming Target (Mar 04, 2003)
Yes, it was indeed a valiant effort, a noble attempt if you will, but in this industry you can't make it solely on your brownie points. For every one thing done right here, two things went wrong, and that's simply not going to cut it with most gamers. If you're desperate for some wacky, over the top boxing, you can't go wrong with the original Punch-Out! games. If you've played those to the death like many have, you can do worse than a rental of Black & Bruised, just don't expect a masterpiece.
Armchair Empire, The (Apr 05, 2003)
Overall Black & Bruised cannot emerge as a solid boxer. The developers seemed to have a pretty solid concept by making an arcade style game, but in the end the game falls short of what is promised. While the game does have a solid number of modes, the gameplay seems to be too repetitive and lacks strategy that other games have.
58 (Sep 22, 2003)
Boxing still can't hit the mark on the Playstation 2 and while the graphics in this title are impressive the overall gameplay becomes too repetitive too quickly. Black and Bruised can really only be recommended to die-hard fighting fans.
55 (Jul 17, 2003)
Je suis vraiment désolé pour Black & Bruised. Le jeu dispose de beaux graphismes, d'une ambiance marrante à souhait, d'une durée de vie honnête, le seul hic (mais de taille) étant son gameplay beaucoup trop lourd qui conduit à des affrontements longs et sans intérêt. Zut alors d'excellent petit jeu le soft de Digital fiction descend donc au statut de titre sans envergure et vite saoulant.
GameSpy (Feb 19, 2003)
Gamers looking for a game to pop in for some quick and fast-paced two-player action could certainly do a lot worse, but Black & Bruised isn't the most memorable game in terms of characters or action. With some tweaks to the way it plays, and a better stable of characters, it could be much better. As it stands though, the game is just slightly above average.