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Power Unlimited (Jan, 2004)
Grafisch komt het redelijk in de buurt van games als Tekken 4, afgezien van de beschamende slowdown die soms ontstaat. Ook is het masteren van alle combo's niet zo uitdagend als je zou willen. Al met al heel vermakelijk hoor, maar redelijk oppervlakkig.
GamingTrend (Oct, 2005)
Although the game has many modes, there are no compelling reasons for playing through the game with multiple characters. The characters do have different moves, but since the game doesn't seem to have many unlockables, other than five characters, the replay value is limited. It might be fun to try to build up all the characters in the career mode, but I feel that this would become monotonous and not fun in the long term.When I got this game, I really wanted to like it. I had heard of the shortcomings of the previous versions, but I thought that they couldn't be that bad. Well, after playing this game, I can see they weren't exaggerated. BR4 can be fun with friends and those new to the fighting game genre, but the lack of depth and the button mashing controls don't help BR4 against the high standards set by other games in the fighting genre.
Om man tycker att skillnaden är för liten mellan till exempel Soul Calibur och dess uppföljare kommer man att få spader av Bloody Roar 4. Här är det verkligen inte något alls som har hänt, det känns precis som att spel Bloody Roar: Primal Fury. Det behövs något fräscht inför nästa del, annars tappar jag intresset totalt, mördarkaniner eller ej.
GameSpy (Nov 28, 2003)
Bucking the trend, the Bloody Roar franchise has gotten weaker as it progresses. A lot of this is due to the increasingly higher level of competition from other fighters, but most of the blame goes to the tired development. The look of BR4 is seriously behind the curve. The single-player game is lackluster and the multiplayer, while the most exciting way to mix it up, is still just a button-mashing endurance contest. The game's "guys turning into animals" gimmick is the only thing going for it. And I have a feeling it's the only thing keeping the series alive. Maybe the SPCA is preventing anyone from killing this thing.