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Call of Duty 2: Big Red One Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

User Screenshots

PlayStation 2 version

Main title
Main menu
Chapter selection
Time to join in with the rest and take out the enemy force dug in the town
Allied forces rushing toward the enemy line
Checking the mission objectives
Enemy gun emplacement just costed your one of the tanks
Oh no, he drove us too far, enemy tanks are incoming, turn back and step on it!
Stopping the advancement of Panzer class tanks, at least until their Tigers arrive, then we pull out
This transport plane is blown to smithereens
Shooting at transport planes is nothing but target practicing
Dropping bombs on enemy fleet
Halftrack has great AA gun for taking down the Stukas
Using binoculars to mark the spot for the artillery
That was too close of a hit
Storming the beach
Enemy soldiers behind the barricades
Sherman tanks coming to aid you in your mission
Zoom in for a more precise shot, enemy soldier on the window is down
Clearing the houses
No more hiding behind the counter
Enemy soldiers taking cover behind the fence
Bonus materials unlock as you progress the campaign
Artwork, Kasserine Pass
Info on vehicles, Tiger I tank
Close rendering on Tiger I tank
MG34, a regular expression for a german gun nest
Info about the characters
Missions are supported by real video footage of World War II