Call of Duty: Finest Hour Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

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PlayStation 2 version

Opening trailer
A band of brothers
Main title
Splash screen
Main menu
Game options
Each mission features loading screen depicting it
Clearing buildings
Using machine-gun nest to fend off enemy attack
List of eastern front missions, there are three fronts in total
Mission briefing
Female sniper, taking out the officers first
Sniping enemy tank crew
This Soviet tank is in need of repair
German bombers
Soviet machine gun is eating bullets like crazy
Assault on the airfield mission
Tank cannon is efficient against infantry if you can get them in your scope
Wehrmacht infantry coming out of the barracks
German tanks protecting their airfield... unsuccessfully
Panzerschrek crew
Destroying enemy planes as they're trying to take off
British commandos on a night mission in Africa
German sniper
Destroy trucks on the road to clear your path
Driving through the German ranks
Mounted gun is no match for a tank... better step on it and get the hell outta here
Stuka dive bombers trying to get you before you reach the top
Western front campaign missions start after D-Day
Sarge is brief but to the point in his plan of attack
Liberating cities is a slow and costly progress
Our tanks are under attack
Enemy on the first floor
Enemy on top of the staircase
Slow-motion close quarter shootout
The morale speech
Enemy Panzers version US Shermans
Zooming in on the destroyed enemy tank
New tank column approaching
Preparing to storm the bridge
Advancing toward the bridge
Aiming down the sight gives you better precision
A view from the bridge
Firefight on the bridge to Germany
Taking German MP-40 for close combat efficiency
Unlockable unit animations
Unlockable concept art
Unlockable making-of content