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Advertising Blurbs
    The long-running gothic action adventure series returns with an all-new hero torn from
    the ranks of evil.

    This latest Castlevania adventure takes players on a journey through a dark and dangerous
    world filled with ghastly horrors and chilling locations including the ruins of Castle Dracula.

    As a former lieutenant of the vampire lord, Hector must use his power over minor devils to
    defeat the minions of the underworld and make his way through the perilous levels.
    Powerful weapons, items and customisable abilities add an engrossing roleplaying element
    to the on-screen action. Curse of Drakness marks a new dawn in Koji Igarashi's smash-hit

    • All-new chapter in the Castlevania series moves away from the Belmont clan to
      introduce a whole new hero

    • Utilise Devil Forgery to control Innocent Devils to aid you and attack your foes

    • All-action combat mixes with challenging adventure and roleplaying to create the ultimate
      Castlevania experience

    Contributed by DreinIX (10672) on Feb 19, 2008.

Back of Case - PlayStation 2/Xbox (US):

    Vengeance Runs Deep...

    Fueled by revenge for the murder of his true love, the Devil Forgemaster Hector returns to the ruins of Dracula's castle to punish those he once fought alongside, unaware of the sinister plot that has been orchestrated to lure him home.

    • Master the dark art of Devil Forgery to summon Innocent Devils as allies
    • Level up by destroying the evil creatures of the night
    • Collect evolution crystals to develop and enhance your Innocent Devils
    • Acquire a wide variety of powerful new weapons and abilities
    • Explore the biggest 3D Castlevania world yet!

    Contributed by Sciere (587607) on Dec 06, 2005.