Champions of Norrath Credits

Snowblind Studios

Lead & Engine ProgrammerEzra Dreisbach
ProgrammingRyan Geithman, Paul Haugerud, Raoul Said, Ben Wilhelm
Additional ProgrammingTam Armstrong
Lead DesignerPaul Knutzen
Lead Character ArtistJohn Van Deusen
Lead Environmental ArtistsBrian H. Johnson, Brian Sostrom
ArtistsBrian Despain, Miles Germer, Javier Rodriguez, Amanda Sartor, Colin Tennery
Additional ArtworkJason Wiggin
Original Game DesignEzra Dreisbach, Ryan Geithman
Story and DialogChris Avellone, Scott Bennie, Neal Hallford, Paul Knutzen
Business DirectorsRyan Geithman, Brian Sostrom

Sony Online Entertainment

Executive ProducerRichard Lawrence
ProducersBenjamin Bell, Robert Hill
Assistant ProducerTodd A. Carson
Production AssistantJason Boone
DesignJake Sones, Robert Hill
ProgrammingMatt Sivertson, Ryan Smith
Vice President of Quality AssuranceGeorge Scotto
Director of Quality AssuranceTony Rado
Quality Assurance ManagerEdward Hocking
Quality Assurance SupervisorsJason Roberts, Dominic Bindley
Quality Assurance TestingNick Munford, Jesse Bell, Dan Bahman, Nick Rodney, Sam Prescott, Anthony Atonelli, Chad Walker, Jeff Haskell, John Zimmerman, Jason Good, Billy Winter, Danielle Homer, Adam Stevens, Carl Flaherty, Eric Shell, Sam Parra, Shad Halsey, Brook Kuhn, Jason Boone


Composed and conducted byInon Zur
Recorded and mixed byDori Amarillio
Orchestrated byPaul Taylor
Additional music byGeoff Zanelli
Music supervision byAdam Levenson
Water's Edge Credits RemixWill Loconto

Sound Design

Paul Gorman, Michael Kamper, Adam Levenson, Paul Menichini, Tim Walston, J. P. Walton
Game Audio MixingJ. P. Walton
Audio ScriptingAdam Levenson

Voice Talent

CastingChris Borders
Directing Chris Borders
Recorded atMarc Graue Recording
CastMalcolm McDowell, Oded Fehr, Dee Bradley Baker, Cam Clarke, Grey DeLisle, Robin Atkin Downes, Quinton Flynn, Bill Farmer, James Horan, Tony Jay, Bob Joles, Vanessa Marshall, Bill E. Martin, Scott Menville, Philip Proctor, Michael Bell, Tara Strong, Diane Michelle, Nick Jameson, Julie Nathanson, Michael Gough, Charles Dennis, Fred Tatasciore, Michael Reisz, Kevin Michael Richardson

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Credits for this game were contributed by Jake Sones (35) and Axiom (129)