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I don’t think Chaos Wars is an excellent game in the turn based genre, but it shouldn’t be passed up. Fans of these games will benefit the most from this game and I think that will hurt the game. This crossover event might not be what we were looking for. Hopefully other companies will see what O-3 Entertainment tried and they’ll try something unique like this.
IGN (Jun 06, 2008)
For what it is, Chaos Wars is a nice little take on a strategy RPG. In truth it's probably one of Idea Factory's best efforts released here in the States, melding staples of the genre with more open, zippy little ideas. You'll almost certainly want to be steeped in the lore of the characters, which for most will mean having played Gungrave and Shadow Hearts at the very least, but as a crossover effort, it manages to handily deliver all the trappings that fans of SRPGs are looking for, if only on the most basic level.
TotalPlayStation (Jun 21, 2008)
Chaos Wars isn't a terrible game. It's a decent game with some terrible parts (the localization, mostly), and requires that you have at least a basic knowledge of most of the characters, some of which are frankly a little obscure and actually require that you be something of an import junkie. Still, this is probably one of Idea Factory's best SRPGs, and as someone who usually rolls their eyes whenever they see the name mentioned, it's actually a little refreshing to see them crank out a solid -- if flawed -- niche title. Idle curiosity makes me sort of wonder how the story or characters would have turned out had the game been localized by an Atlus or an NIS America, but that doesn't mean there can't be some enjoyment had with the game. It's just that it's not going to be overwhelming, and with so many incredibly solid SRPGs on the PS2 at this point, Chaos Wars doesn't really have what it takes to stand out.
RPGFan (Jun 01, 2008)
Chaos Wars is not a great game, but it is fun. I felt let down by O~3's low-budget localization, and the last few hours of gameplay really felt dragged out, but otherwise I enjoyed the experience. If you're a very forgiving person, and you crave every JRPG to grace our presence, get Chaos Wars and love it for what it is: a light-hearted Strategy RPG.
Like most RPGs, Chaos Wars doesn't offer much beyond the one-player story experience. However, the story mode is quite long, which is great for those who might be interested in this title. For the niche JRPG fans, Chaos Wars holds a lot of promise, especially for those who have played or imported most of the games this title draws from. I am always a fan of mash-up games, and I really respect what Chaos Wars set out to do as a nearly fans-only title. It's really great when you get a game you feel is created specifically for your fan community, and I'm sure, to some extent, fans will appreciate this title. But I wish more effort was put into making Chaos Wars the quintessential JRPG fan game. If the game could have been more discretionary with the implementation of all the characters from the other RPGs, improved the visuals, and severely upgraded the dubbing, this might have been a game die-hard JRPG fans could look forward to. As it stands now, Chaos Wars is just a missed opportunity.
Gaming Age (Sep 06, 2008)
Outside of that Chaos Wars plays like most of your typical Japanese strategy titles. The game is definitely built with the fans of these various series in mind, and I can't imagine it would have the same amount of draw here as it would overseas. However, if you're a big fan of these niche style games, then it should be right up your alley. Nothing else about Chaos Wars really stands out, the graphics are 2D on a 3D plane, and look well enough, but the music isn't really exceptional stuff. The voice acting is something you'll be switching over to Japanese pretty quickly, and overall the game plays like what you'd expect. If you come into it with reasonable expectations though, it shouldn't let you down.
GamingExcellence (May 23, 2008)
It's safe to say that unless you're not a big fan of strategy role-playing games, you're not going to like Chaos Wars. Even so, as an SRPG goes, Chaos Wars doesn't really offer much that makes it worth playing. While the inclusion of a whole lot of other characters from other games is an interesting choice, it often feels like the story gets bogged down with all the extra characters. The frustratingly slow pace makes things feel even more dull, and over all it just feels like the game doesn't deliver as well as it should have. If you want a game with all these characters this badly, then by all means, give it a shot. Otherwise, there are better SRPGs on the market and this one is worth a pass.
Legendra (Jan 13, 2009)
Chaos Wars n'a rien de bien transcendant. Techniquement faible, ultra répétitif, lourd par ses blagues redondantes, le jeu possède tout de même un bon gameplay, un superbe design et la capacité de faire vibrer les joueurs qui verront leurs personnages fétiches mélangés... pour peu qu'ils les connaissent. Hélas, une grande partie des jeux originaux n'a jamais quitté l'archipel Nippon et il y a fort à parier qu'une majorité des joueurs les découvriront grâce au jeu. C'est donc l'atout majeur d'un cross-over qui s'envole, exposant plus facilement aux joueurs les faiblesses et les lacunes du jeu... Dommage.