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Advertising Blurbs
    Codemasters returns to rally competition with Colin McRae Rally 04 and the gear grinding action is more intense than ever. More game modes, beautifully detailed graphics and adrenaline-surging mud’n’metal rallying, and an all new look combine to ram home a driving experience like no other game. Colin McRae Rally 04 will have players driving on the very edge of control as the series' sublime car handling combines with new championships, custom rallies, new single and multiplayer gaming modes, and unique car part testing challenges to win advanced technology for your car. An advanced visual engine provides for more detailed environments and stages through the fresh international rally courses to present dramatic highlights from the rallies in jaw-dropping detail.

    Contributed by havoc of smeg (22261) on Sep 07, 2010.
    Take one map-reading talkaholic, one treacherous country road, one super-charged car and put a looney like you in the driving seat. Insane? Not half

    Take one map-reading talkaholic, one deserted, treacherous country road, one super-charged super car and put a looney like you in the driving seat. Insane? Not half, but that's what rally's all about. Take to the dirt, ice and tarmac tracks in a selection of powerful motors as unlike previous CMR outings you can race whichever mean machine takes your fancy. The choice doesn't end there as an entire glove compartment full of game options tumble out the moment you pop the disk in your PS2. It may have only been a year since his last virtual outing, but Colin McRae's back - bigger and better than ever.

    Rally games can be summed up quite quickly - drive fast down narrow lanes against the clock... repeat. What sets them apart from each other is their ability to deliver realism, instinctive handling and speed, lots of speed. Colin has all these optional extras and more besides. On the realism front, all the stages have been beautifully realised, from Sweden to the US, from Greece to the UK but don't let looks deceive you, these tracks are deadly.

    The handling has been greatly improved over previous CMR outings meaning the car pivots and twists like its real world counterpart and various road surfaces (gravel, tarmac, snow) affect the handling just like they would in reality. Lastly, the speed is here, oh yes. In fact CMR04 is so blisteringly fast, you won't have time to look at the stunning courses and you'll be going so fast you could care less about the subtle differences between driving on grass or the road. All you'll care about is staying on the course, avoiding those solid looking trees and shaving another one hundredth of a second off your stage time.

    Colin McRae Rally has always stood for quality when it comes to motorsport sims and CMR04 is no exception. As always, Codemasters has done the unbelievable and improved the handling, graphics, speed and gameplay modes. Add in the fact that you no longer have to stick behind the wheel of Colin's Ford Focus (he's moved to Citroen anyway) and can choose from a huge number of two-wheel and four-wheel drive vehicles, and CMR04 is on track for greatness.

    • Eight international rally locations including Japan, Finland, Spain and Australia

    • Over 20 authentic and not-so-authentic rally cars including Citroen Xsara, Ford Focus, Audi Sport Quattro and a 2CV

    • Multiple game modes for up to four players such as Championship, Rally and Quick Race

    • For Rally purists, unlock the Extreme mode for the closest thing to real rally driving

    Contributed by DreinIX (10667) on Apr 15, 2008.

Atari Australia Press Quotes - Xbox:
    ’ If you like rally racing sims then you’re gonna love this. ’ - X Gamer

    ’ This is going to be a hit ’ - XBM Magazine

    ‘ It looks hot and filthy. Its an instant winner ’ - Xbox World

    “The closest thing to rally perfection” " Colin McRae Rally 04 makes you wonder how the same developers managed to put out Colin McRae 3. It improves the game in so many ways, and adds new features that I’m sure not many rally fans would have envisioned in a game. If you have even only a small liking of racing games you simply must own this game.94%" -

    "The graphics in Colin McRae Rally 04 are fantastic and a huge improvement on last years game. The cars as mentioned before feature a realistic damage model and the tracks look superb. They don’t push the Xbox to the limit or even near it, but all the same it is a visual feast. Sound wise, the cars sound great and in the in-car view it is easy to tell if there is something wrong with a part such as the engine or wheels. The pace notes prepared by Derek Ringer (not Nicky Grist) are superb, and for the most part rather then looking at what was up ahead I used the pace notes which worked a treat." -

    Contributed by Xoleras (66686) on May 11, 2004.

Atari Australia website (for Xbox):

    The rally game re-invented by the people who invested the rally game. New cars, new co-driver and a new season, Colin McRae Rally 4 returns with all the gameplay you’ve come to expect from a Colin McRae title however this time it’s souped –up to the max. Test your rally skills as you battle it out in the snow, sand, gravel and mud to win the rally championship. Now you’re in control – chose the team, the car and the championship which includes forty-eight stages plus four shakedown stages across the eight countries from UK and Finland to Australia and the USA. Each international rally is designed in stunning detail to capture the dramatic environments and conditions to each course. Pick out your car from over twenty vehicles featured throughout the game, including 4- Wheel drive Citroen Xsara, Mitsubishi EVO 7 and the Subaru Impreza. 2- Wheel drive cars such as the ford Puma and the Fiat Punto are also included alongside classic cars and bonus vehicles. Constructed in exquisite detail with the spot-on physics and handling each car makes each driving experience unique. The high end simulation approach to the cars is beautifully balanced with the games exclusive rally stages, each designed by the hand to deliver the perfect rallying gaming experience. Colin McRae Rally 04 offers you the opportunity to test out car parts to provide your team with new advantageous technology. The tests take place in different countries and are each specifically designed around the technology you are testing. Take part in a rolling test to unlock new engine or the suspension test to unlock new springs. Maximising the rally gaming experience that tests both cars and your rally skills, Colin McRae Rally 04 is set to be the rally event of the year.

  • Technology Tests - 6 new mini games which represent the rally drivers importance, commitment and close involvement in developing a better rally car for the manufacturer. Intra-Rally events enable new technology to enhance the car's performance
  • New Game Modes. 8 key game modes (as opposed to CMR3's 2), including new 2WD and Classics modes, new a 4WD mode, in which you can compete in any of the 4WD cars available. Also there is an expert level for the true hard core drivers and a Custom Rally feature, whereby you can select some of the pre-set rallies such as Gravel-fest and Jumps, or build you own 6 stage rallies from any of your favourite stages throughout the world (subject to progression).
  • Improved handling and physics even greater realism in handling will see you involved in more sideways action, and many new improved surface parameters will add to the experience
  • 23 cars, 48 stages plus 8 shakedown stages across 8 countries: UK, Australia, Sweden, USA, Finland, Japan, Greece and Spain
  • 13,000 Polygons in the car models make them the most detailed in game rally cars ever!
  • Awesome graphic effects including animated objects in the environment, including grass, trees and crowds, increased texture resolution for more realistic graphics, more enhanced particle effects and even more car damage

    Contributed by Xoleras (66686) on May 05, 2004.