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Consoles Plus (Sep, 2002)
Que ce soit sur PS2 ou Xbox, le jeu est incroyablement riche et travaillé. Avantage Xbox pour les graphismes, mais globalement, le fan du genre sera satisfait.
GameZone (Sep 09, 2002)
Commandos 2 Men of Courage, a PlayStation2 console release from Eidos Interactive and Pyro Studios, is a complex action game featuring solid graphical elements and intense game play. It is the kind of war game that fits the console system perfectly, though players may find themselves spending a good hour learning the interface/game commands system.
games xtreme (Sep 21, 2002)
All in all Commandos is a fantastic game, the attention to detail and little animations raise it from a level of average to enthralling, the various mission types and levels set it highly and really leave you going to sleep at night thinking of a plan to complete the last level your on, where to set traps and where to hide. Its a Real puzzle game that comes down to timing, forward planning and not rushing in shooting first and thinking later.
Game Chronicles (Nov 09, 2002)
Commandos 2: Men of Courage is a challenging game targeted toward expert gamers, or at least gamers with a high tolerance for challenging gameplay and somewhat frustrating controls. The game’s design promotes experimentation and subconsciously encourages you to keep playing and replaying missions, even after you have won them.
83 (Sep 18, 2002)
Endlich kommen auch Konsoleros ins Vergnügen, mit den Kommandos in den Befreiungsfeldzug zu ziehen. Nach anfänglichen Bedenken, vor allem bezüglich der komplexen Steuerung, steht eines fest - Operation gelungen. Commandos besitzt auf der Konsole genau dasselbe Suchtpotential wie auf dem PC, macht genauso viel Spaß und sieht fast genauso gut aus. So, jetzt muss ich aber wieder einen deutschen U-Boot Hafen infiltrieren, mein Taucher, der Green Beret und auch mein geliebter Sprengstoffspezialist warten schon ungeduldig aufs "Go". Konsolen-Soldaten, die nichts gegen einen gehobenen Schwierigkeitsgrad haben und auch mit jeder Menge Frusterlebnissen fertig werden, lassen sich diesen gelungen Mix aus Taktik und Action nicht entgehen.
In the end, Commandos 2 is a pretty decent game. The game's strategic gameplay is too die for, and it's only made better by the game's awesome audio and array of characters. The game is held back however, by some super-difficult to grasp controls. If you're a console RTS fan, and you think you can deal with some really unintuitive controls, go ahead and pick up Commandos 2. Just remember, it's not going to be a walk in the park.
75 (Sep 26, 2002)
Wie bei so vielen Konsolen-Konvertierungen von Echtzeitstrategiespielen aus dem PC-Bereich verliert auch Commandos 2 durch grafische und steuerungstechnische Kompromisse teils erheblich an Glanz und Bedienungskomfort auf der PS2. Zu umständlich und zeitraubend ist die Aktionswahl über Pop-Up-Menüs via Joypad, während das Geschehen auf dem Bildschirm munter weiterläuft. Zu unausgereift ist die Grafik-Engine, wo selbst das Rotieren oder Zoomen des Bildausschnitts zur Qual wird – von den endlosen Ladezeiten ganz zu schweigen. Wer mit solch teils gravierenden technischen Mankos leben kann, wird zwar nach wie vor mit einem erstklassigen, wenn auch höllisch schweren Genre-Leckerbissen belohnt, gegenüber dem PC-Original fällt das PS2-Commandos allerdings deutlich ab.
GameSpot (Sep 03, 2002)
Commandos 2 is a distinctive game with a great design and a lot of impressive features. Yet even though the designers did as good a job as could be expected of porting the excellent PC version to the PlayStation 2, Commandos 2 just doesn't feel at home on a console. The fine detail in the graphics is lost, the cooperative multiplayer mode is gone, and the controls, which were difficult to get used to in the PC version, are less precise but no less difficult to master. If all that's not enough, the PC version retails for about $20 less these days. Commandos 2 definitely deserves a large audience. But it's only worth playing on the PlayStation 2 if there's simply no way for you to play it in its original form.
Commandos 2 arrives on the PS2 and it's a good port. Awkward controls take time to learn but once you have you'll grow to love the game. If you have a PC though you would be better off with the PC version because it is far easier to control.
Game Over Online (Nov 30, 1999)
There is no denying the overt level of difficulty that Commandos 2 boasts but thankfully, it isn't completely unforgiving; you'll have the option to save your game anywhere in a mission so that you don't have to restart each time you bite the dust. In addition, while it will take the average gamer quite some time to get the hang of the game's complex gameplay requirements, it is ultimately worth it due to the unprecedented amount of tactics that are at your disposal. The few glaring issues with the game do keep it from greatness, however. The fact that the PC version of this game, which was released last year and can now be had for considerably less than the PS2 version, is superior, there really isn't much reason to buy the PS2 port unless your computer is antiquated and can't meet the minimal system requirements. However, if you must play hardcore strategy games on your PS2, than Commandos 2 should fit the bill nicely.
Gamereactor (Sweden) (May 07, 2003)
För att försöka sammanfatta ska jag börja med att klargöra att Commandos 2 är ett bra spel i grunden och ett måste för de som gillar strategi blandat med action. De välgjorda uppdragen innehåller snyggt återgivna miljöer, stämningsfull musik, realistiska ljud och utmanande spelmoment. Dessvärre är dock spelet ännu ett exempel på att strategispel gör sig bäst på PC och att det sällan är problemfritt att konvertera dessa till konsol. Har du redan detta spel till PC finns det alltså ingen anledning att köpa PS2-versionen. Äger du däremot ingen PC och är ute efter ett smart, actionfyllt och framförallt utmanande strategispel, är detta ett givet köp.
IGN (Sep 04, 2002)
I'm going to come clean with it right from the outset: this is one of the most difficult reviews I've ever had to pen in my professional career. A strategy and action fanatic to be sure, I would have thought going in that talking about a simple hybrid of the two genres would have been a walk in the park. After all, I've been doing this for quite some time now, and weighing the good aspects with the bad has slowly become a natural process I undertake the second I play anything -- regardless of its beginnings.
Gaming Target (Sep 16, 2002)
Of the majority of strategy games released on home consoles throughout game history, most were not all that great. With the exception of maybe a few titles, you have to think that the strategy genre has never really thrived distant from its PC roots, but there are those developers who see things differently. Pyro Studios is one of them. Teamed up with Eidos Interactive, Pyro has now brought forth onto unsuspecting PlayStation 2 owners a sequel to one of the more popular PC strategy hits from a year past that focuses on the World War II era, in a game that is undoubtedly made for the hardcore PC lover of the original.
GameSpy (Nov 19, 2002)
The "Dirty Half Dozen" are back -- but as with the first game the soldiers you lead just don't measure up to Lee Marvin, James Brown, Charles Bronson, or even Telly Savalas. They're too much more like Ken Wahl or Larry Wilcox, and before you say, "they weren't in The Dirty Dozen," they were in the craptacular TV sequel. What does this have to do with Commandos 2: Men of Courage? Well the characters in the game are more akin to a lousy TV movie of the week than anything resembling the actual exploits of Allied Special Forces during World War II. On top of that, the PS2 version of Commandos 2 has that same disappointing quality of cheapie "Made for TV" movies, especially in terms of visuals.
65 (Sep 09, 2002)
Un jeu excellent sur PC, qui ne fera pourtant pas le bonheur des joueurs consoles à cause des lourdeurs de gameplay et du challenge surhumain qui y est proposé. On passe presque plus de temps à réfléchir sur les contrôles de jeu que sur les tactiques de missions, et l'on ne profite même plus de la richesse du soft.