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76 (Jul 25, 2006)
Basically, Pyro have taken the beloved series and put more of what fans of the series would expect into a FPS for this game. A few problems aside, Commandos Strike Force is a nice title which will keep fans happy until the next release. Some sub-par graphics and a lack of ambient sound, short of some repetitive music, will leave FPS players wanting more, but its definitely a good attempt at bridging the gap between the two genres. It'll be interesting to see any future first-person releases from this series.
Game Over Online (May 25, 2006)
World War II is getting old. We've gotten so many WWII games in the past couple years that we're in the middle of what is generally considered a glut. If you want your WWII game to stand out and do gangbusters, you have to come with something stellar. Mediocre just won't cut it nowadays. Commandos: Strike Force is the latest in the World War II genre. Is it the greatest? Not quite.
IGN (Apr 06, 2006)
With the "next-gen" games clocking in at $50 and up, Strike Force rolls in at $39.99, which in my opinion is just a bit above what I'd pay for a game that can't consistently distinguish itself with the excellence and challenge we've come to know from the series. And it should run quite well on a midrange computer, since it's not technologically demanding. I'd say that fans of the series ought to check this one out, but those of us who've gotten spoiled by Brothers in Arms and Call of Duty will only see glimpses of that intensity and cinema.
Next Level Gaming (Apr 24, 2006)
There are a lot of things done well in Commandos Strike Force. However, it’s hard to really recommend for a couple reasons. Firstly, for those who aren’t familiar with the series, you won’t find anything here that will knock you over. Without understanding how good the other games were, you won’t have the context to see this one as anything but a sub-par WWII game. Secondly, those of you who did like the other Commandos games will realize hat the old view really gave you a gameplay advantage, and helped set the games apart. You’ll still get the variety of gameplay, and the ability to control multiple commandos in one mission, but it won’t be the same. Add that all together with shoddy graphics, and we don’t exactly have a system-seller on our hands.
Cheat Code Central (Apr 13, 2006)
There's no use mincing words. Commandos Strike Force is a dumbed down version of the Commandos series. It's more accessible, more forgiving and for the right player it can be a whole lot of fun. The focus is on variety and as a first-person shooter the game delivers the good even if it feels a little generic at times.
VGcore (Jul 28, 2006)
In the end, I can think of no reason for someone to buy Commandos Strike Force. If you’re looking for a World War II shooter, there are plenty out there and most of them are better. If you want to give the game a try, do yourself a favor and rent it before you purchase it. You’ll most likely end up saving yourself some money.
Commandos Strike Force ne marquera certainement pas le genre et pour son passage au FPS, espérons que les développeurs ne se tirent pas une balle dans le pied. Reste un jeu pas désagréable mais sans surprise, qui pêche par son manque d'ambition.
60 (Mar 17, 2006)
La série des Commandos a cédé aux sirènes du grand public et elle y a perdu une grande partie de ce qui faisait son charme : le réalisme tactique. Avec Strike Force, on se retrouve avec un FPS qui n'est pas foncièrement mauvais mais qui n'arrive cependant pas à la cheville des références du genre. Pas assez spectaculaire et rapide pour plaire au fans de jeux d'action rythmés, pas assez stratégique pour convenir aux amateurs de gameplay tout en finesse, Commandos Strike Force risque d'avoir du mal à trouver son public.
GamerDad (May 16, 2006)
The overall experience is very similar to that of other World War II games from two or three years ago such as Call of Duty – frenetic action, constant danger, and some graphic situations that make this a game that is decidedly targeted at teens and older. But there is nothing gory or overtly sexual, nor does the action come close to the realism or frantic feeling of peril that many newer games provide.
Game Critics (Jul 26, 2006)
One of the first things I learned about reviewing videogames was the importance of always reviewing the game I played, rather than the game I would have liked to have played. Every now and then, this is harder to do than it sounds. Sometimes a game is very close to being good, close enough that it almost seems like a tragedy that the developers didn't go the extra mile to make the game just a little bit better—in those cases it becomes nearly impossible to judge the game on its own terms, and instead, I find myself compelled to fixate on the huge mistake, and let it color my overall opinion of the game. Commandos: Strike Force, is one of those games.
1UP (Apr 07, 2006)
Originally a squad-based tactical game, the latest installment in the Commandos series makes a long, hard jump to first-person shooter territory. Well, saying it makes the jump is about as generous as can be said. It doesn't fall flat on its face, but it's no Carl Lewis. The result of the transition is a competent, if not actually great shooter that introduces some novel ideas that don't always work all that well.
60 (Jun 03, 2006)
Veterans will ondoubtedly remember it. The first Commandos was a surprise and put the then relatively unknown Pyro Studios on the map.This squad based RTS offered chalanging tactical gameplay combined in a beautiful World War II setting and could, because of that, count on a great deal of fans. Gradually the World War Two hype started to show up in gameland and as with all successful titels various sequels were released.
GamingExcellence (Jun 06, 2006)
A long time ago (in terms of the gaming industry at least), Eidos and Pyros treated us to Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines. The game put the player in charge of a team of World War II commandos behind enemy lines (surprise!). Players had to make and execute their plan, deftly using the strengths of each commando to succeed. The game was a hit with gamers due to the creativity and originality of its gameplay. Commandos: Strike Force tries to use the same successful formula of its predecessors. Unfortunately, it leaves a lot to be desired.
GameZone (Apr 16, 2006)
The reality, as I said before, is that this isn't a realistic game. Intensity is lost when soldiers can barely run. Enemy AI is pretty weak, and I was repeatedly bothered by the weapon change function. It's not a huge problem, primarily due to the lack of objective variety (the game is mostly about finding objects and killing enemies). But to change my weapon I have to press down on the D-pad. Big deal, right? It is – until I'm running. How can I place my thumb on the left analog stick to run and strafe and press the D-pad at the same time? I can bend my index finger inward to accomplish this task, but it's not very comfortable. The controller wasn't designed to be used that way – no game controller has been.
Lawrence (Apr 27, 2006)
History hasn’t been kind to strategy games that attempt to translate to first-person shooters. Command & Conquer Renegade was a big disappointment, and Starcraft: Ghost has been delayed indefinitely. In some ways, Commandos: Strike Force is a very enjoyable game. At other times, it seems like the most generic FPS you’ve ever played.
GameSpot (Apr 14, 2006)
The Commandos series dates back to 1998, and it was always a whole lot easier to like than it was to describe. While the Commandos trilogy looked and played like real-time strategy games, they combined tactical action and puzzlelike situations from an isometric perspective. The result was some tense, open-ended, and highly challenging scenarios. Now Commandos is back in--wait for it--a World War II-themed first-person shooter. This latest entry in the series attempts to integrate some of the distinguishing features of the previous Commandos into a fast-paced WWII action game, but it just doesn't execute on its ideas as well as a lot of other similar games do.
Commandos built up a cult following as an isometric, small-scale strategy series, so I find it curious that it’s abandoned its roots in favor of a full-3D experience. That said, there has been some attempt to preserve some of the franchise’s hallmarks, like the ability to switch between characters with different abilities to accomplish level goals. However, in practice, this has resulted in nothing more than a poorly done tactical shooter that can’t seem to decide if it wants to be a bad version of Hitman or a bad version of Medal of Honor. If I had more space, I could detail the game’s numerous flaws in control, design, and AI, but I don’t. Thank God.
Video Game Talk (Apr 26, 2006)
You know, it's sad to say, if Commandos Strike Force came out three to four years ago it would have been a lot better. As it stands the game feels underdeveloped in just about every regard. It has a lot of nice elements and it even carries over some of the feel of the Commandos series, but when you take everything into consideration it feels dated and outclassed by the competition. That's just the nature of business I suppose. Even so diehard WWII gamers may want to rent it. Heck, fans of the Commandos series may want to give it a test run to see how it is, but everybody else can skip it entirely.
Pro-G (Apr 18, 2006)
Commandos Strike Force is something of a departure for this popular series. In the past it was a fairly complex squad-based game with a World War II setting. Your three-man squad, comprising of a Spy, Green Beret and a Sniper, combined with local forces to take on the evil Nazis in top-down strategy style. In Strike Force you take control of the same three-man squad and once again combine with local forces to take on the evil Nazis and their nefarious warmongering. So where's this departure you may ask? In Strike Force the series hurdles, or rather stumbles, over a fence and into the unknown territory of a first-person perspective.
The opening movie would lead you to think so, but unfortunately it looks like they blew most of the budget on that very first movie. It looks good, sounds good but as soon as its over you are exposed to the grim realization that the rest of the game was thrown together in a short time and held together with gum and paper clips... perhaps some string too. I wouldn't be surprised really. Allow me to elaborate. The environment is supposed to give you a feeling of the game. The more care placed into the surroundings the better the experience, the player is drawn into the world that is created for them. The textures in this game for the world around you are horrid. Muddy texturing on the trees and buildings mar the play and take you out of the experience.
GameSpy (Apr 28, 2006)
Aside from its entertaining multiplayer experience, Commandos: Strike Force feels like a weak attempt to cash in on a flooded market. The WW2 shooter has been done to death, and this game doesn't do anything at all to breathe life into the genre. Meanwhile, fans of the Commandos series are likely to be turned off by the complete change in direction the franchise has taken. Unfortunately, the weaknesses in Commandos: Strike Force make the characters feel less like a strike force, and more like a strike out.
G4 TV: X-Play (May 17, 2006)
In trying to break free from its strategic roots, Commandos: Strike Force is caught in an overcrowded WWII shooter market filled with too many distinguished franchises for the game to make a name for itself. While Strike Force is not without its share of interesting features, they are lost in substandard visuals, controls, and level design. Sadly the type of game Commandos aspires to be, the thinking person’s shooter, is already done more superbly by Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood. Everything in Commandos has been done before and done far, far better, meaning first-person shooter fans should grant these soldiers of misfortune a dishonorable discharge from their shopping list.
Yahoo! Games (Apr 12, 2006)
Eidos isn't going to get away with using Jason Statham (or a guy who sounds just like him) to sucker us in this time. Commandos was once a rigorously demanding isometric strategy war title with intricately rendered locations and a half-dozen character classes. Commandos: Strike Force is an entirely different beast, a limp first-person shooter that forgoes strategy and adaptability for linear play. The voice acting may be great, but that doesn't disguise that there are half as many characters, and half as much fun.