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Atari 50

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Category Description User Score
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.5
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.7
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.5
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.8
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.7
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 3.7
Overall User Score (6 votes) 3.6

Critic Reviews

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GameZone (Oct 23, 2003)
I think we can all agree that war is, at its heart, an abomination of humanity. It should be the last resort to resolve any differences as the physical and mental destruction it causes can take centuries to rebuild. Having said all that, there’s nothing like picking up a PS2 controller, invading a country and blowing the natives to bits in the name of patriotism, world protection, and upholding the peace (or whatever you’d like to call it) in the world of video games.
A meaty shoot-'em-up with tricky tactical elements, let down by a few bugs and rough edges.
Boomtown (Oct 16, 2003)
Sand. A single grain of it is approximately 64,000 times bigger than one of your body cells and it can be a bugger to get out of your ear after a day out at the beach. Other than that, it is pretty unremarkable. You can build pretty sandcastles out of it and wise men don't build houses on it - but other than that you wouldn't think twice about the yellow stuff. So it's a case of 'hats off' to developers Pivotal Games - they have managed to create two games based around 'beach pepper'. Conflict: Desert Storm was one of last year’s most popular games and with good reason. It was spankingly great.
IGN (Oct 08, 2003)
This game, however, takes place during the 1991 Gulf War and once again has players operating as either US Special Forces or British SAS operatives. There's no Saddam Hussein in either Conflict Desert Storm game, but the sequel offers up some technical enhancements, a few new moves and weapons, and even more of the hardcore tactical squad combat that made the original an underground favorite. In all honesty, not enough of what was wrong in the first game has been fixed to make this one a giant leap over its predecessor, but fans of the series will be pleased with the new missions and fresh features.
Jeuxvideo.com (Sep 26, 2003)
Au final, Conflict Desert Storm, à défaut de nous surprendre et d'innover, se rend assez plaisant en dépit de quelques aléas de gameplay et de technique. L'aspect tactique s'efface un peu plus sans disparaître (on évite la comparaison avec certains autres softs comme ça) au profit d'une action plus soutenue qu'on prend plaisir à appréhender avec différents personnages. Un bon choix pour les amateurs de shoot arcade.
Gamerz-Edge (Oct 20, 2003)
When I saw Desert Storm II at E3 in May, I was a little confused about whether or not they were trying to create a tactical battle simulator (ala the Tom Clancy games) or whether they were trying to create an arcade shooter (ala Syphon Filter). After playing the completed game here in October, I am still confused. Trying to cover both fronts, this enjoyable games falls short of being spectacular, which it easily could have been if only SCi and Pivotal had chosen one style. The old adage about the jack of all trades being the master of none certainly applies here.
Games TM (Sep 11, 2003)
Ultimately, this offers little over the first Desert Storm other than a new campaign and several engine tweaks but given the game's setting, there's precious little more you could ask of it. Nothing groundbreaking, but if it's fun with guns you're after then a few current squad-based titles provide it better than this.
So we wholeheartedly recommend Desert Storm 2, especially if you’ve always harboured vague ambitions to join the TA, if only you didn’t have to get off of your fat arse to do it. But we have to say this: it’s still a bit disquieting, “playing” through such a recent conflict which involved people we know. It seems a little unfair to cast the apparently oppressed soldiers as the enemy here. Mind you, in the Sonic The Hedgehog games all the enemies were brainwashed minions too. The difference: every time you shoot an Iraqi soldier, a smaller, cuter “unoppressed” version of that Iraqi soldier doesn’t appear and skip happily off the screen. Shame. But once you get used to the idea that US oil interests equal peace, justice and freedom, you’ll be popping off those Iraqis like so many bunnies. Altogether now: USA! USA!
Player1 (Oct, 2003)
Förmodligen blir inte Desert Storm II höstens stora actionspel, men likväl ett tänkbart och köpvärt alternativ till andra spel i samma genre.
Game Over Online (Feb 26, 2004)
Take Two recently acquired the rights to the next instalment in the Conflict series, Conflict: Vietnam, so it’s good to hear this won’t be the last tour of duty. It’s had a good run, particularly on the Xbox and GameCube platforms where there are few comparable titles. But the preceding year has turned the tables a bit. The trip back to Baghdad certainly doesn’t look as rosy as it might have seemed earlier on.
GameSpot (Oct 07, 2003)
Last year's Conflict: Desert Storm gave players squad-based tactical action with a tie-in to modern military history. As you'd gather from the name, the game was set in the Middle East during the early 1990s' Operation: Desert Storm--the famed military action against Saddam Hussein's invasion of Kuwait. Its current-events context notwithstanding, the first Conflict just wasn't very good. Scarcely a year later, we're receiving a direct sequel titled Conflict: Desert Storm II. The hasty release of a follow-up was no doubt spurred by the political and military events of the last year. However, the new Conflict is quite an improvement over the extremely shaky first game.
De l'action, beaucoup d'action dans cette suite peu innovante. Fans du premier Ă©pisode, tous Ă  vos fusils ! Amateurs de simulations pointues Ă  la Ghost Recon ou Rainbow Six, passez votre chemin !
Worth Playing (Oct 30, 2003)
In hindsight, BTB’s failings are not that it is a bad game. What leaves BTB inadequate is that this game was good for two year old standards. As the PS2 grows long in the tooth, designers are left to get creative and squeeze every pixel and polygon out of the system. Next to the Xbox or Gamecube the PS2 lags in terms of sheer horsepower however there are still games being produced which continue to dazzle even a jaded gamer’s eye. BTB unfortunately does not stretch the PS2 to its limits in terms of graphics or playability. With other tactical shooters out there it is difficult for me to whole hearted recommend this game to anyone unless it was marked off at a bargain price because in the end that is what the buyer is left with: a game with bargain value design.
GameSpy (Nov 02, 2003)
There are plenty of tactical shooters on the PS2, but few of them offer much in the way of a multiplayer experience. Quite simply, this is one of the best multiplayer games I have played in quite a while. Unfortunately, it is still far from perfect. The game suffers from drab graphics, sports an uneven and occasionally frustrating single-player mode, and has a general lack of polish. But the sheer fun of the sitting-on-the-couch-with-a-buddy gameplay more than makes up for those problems.
GamePro (US) (Nov 17, 2003)
Although this sequel could be easily mistaken for a tribute to the most recent battles in Iraq, Back to Baghdad instead continues its fight in the 1991 Gulf War. Unfortunately, like the first Conflict, this follow-up still retains the same clunky control scheme that should have ended this war before it even started.
Game Critics (Sep 22, 2004)
It's not a bad game by any stretch, and indeed the big guns of Tom Clancy's games could stand to learn a thing or two from the flexibility and depth of the squad command interface. But it still feels too much like the same game I played the first time, and with the vastly superior action in Rainbow Six 3 having evolved the tactical shooter on consoles, Back to Baghdad simply fades into the background as an also-ran.
DreamStation.cc (Mar 20, 2004)
The action works well in Conflict: Desert Storm II - Back to Baghdad but the whole game is run from script. If you see something at a certain point you will always see it at that point. The problems with the simple AI, a backpack the size of a Buick and vague objectives makes this game not much fun and causes it to not have much replay value.
The Next Level (USA) (Nov 11, 2003)
Overall, you could do worse than this squad based warfare title. The point, however, is that you can do much better and this is a title that sets its sights for the middle of the pack and lands precisely there. That’s just not good enough.

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