Crash 'N' Burn Credits

Climax: Produced in Brighton, England by Team Mashup

ProducerJohn Higgs
Lead ProgrammerBalor Knight
Lead ArtistVassos Shiarlis
Post‑Production ProducerVassos Shiarlis
Chief DesignerSerkan Hassan
Pre‑Production ProducerNick Rodriguez

Code Team

Programmer: format lead and replaysRoss Childs
Programmer: front end and game modesGreg Modern
Programmer: AIPaul Scully
Programmer: visual effectsPaul Scully
Programmer: onlineMatthew Ritchie
Programmer: physicsBradgoat Heath
Programmer: collisionBradgoat Heath
Programmer: optimizationBradgoat Heath
Programmer: soundMark Sheppard
Programmer: networksMark Sheppard
Programmer: game structureJonathan Withey
Additional ProgrammersIain Gilfeather, Dan Laufer, Andrew Stevens, Peter Ellacott

Design Team

Designer: vehiclesAlkan Hassan
Designer: tracksGeoffrey Cullen
Designer: Post-Production Support / LocalizationTom Geddes

Environment Artists

Artist: San Diego, Alcatraz, DetroitJason McFee
Artist: Bronx, Redwood, San Rafael and VegasPaul Trewin
Artist: Las Vegas and Frontend levelsSteve Wilding
Artist: Miami and car patternsLisa Selby
Artist: geometryMatt Parford
Artist: Grand Canyon and San Francisco, AWOLLee Matthews

Vehicle Artists

Chief Vehicle ArtistMatt Tracey
Artist: vehiclesPaul Philpot
Artist: conceptsPaul Philpot

Supported by:

Core Technology GroupSean Hammond, Dan Harrison, Canadian Caulfield, Julian Adams, Jim Callin
QAAndrew Macdonald, Dale Thomson, Chris Bowles

Sound & Original Music

Original Songs Performed byV8 Pack
Composed and Arranged bySteve Collett
All lyrics bySteve Collett
Except 'Gimme Speed', 'Way to Go, Way to Die' and 'My Life as an Airbag' bySteve Collett, J. Higgs
Recorded in theTower of Rock - Brighton by SGT Rock in the summer of 04; baby
MISGuy Mayhew, Rupert Mills, James Chapman
OfficeLynn Horton, Melanie Ward, Rachel Parker
VideoNik Faulkner, Dan Porter


Development DirectorNick Baynes
Studio HeadTony Beckwith
Art DirectorCraig Gabell
Technical DirectorGreg Michael


The Mashup Team produced the following babies during the creation of this gameIsaac Higgs (2003-07-13), Isabelle Modern (2003-11-06), Olivia Rosie Trewin (2004-05-09)

Eidos: Production

ProducerDan Mayers
Head of European Ext DevMartin Alltimes
Director of European DevDavid Rose


QA DirectorChris Rowley
QA SupervisorMarlon Grant
Product Test CoordinatorSteve Manners
Assistant PTCAnthony Wicker
Assistant PTC (Online)Phil Spencer
QA TechniciansVincent Boon, Stephen Addis, Sean Carter, Kevin Haddon, Linus Dominique, Steve Brocking, James Wicker, Shams Wahid, Nicholas Riggs, Paul Mulcare, James Hinchliffe, Danny O'Ferrall, Richard Acherki, Daniel Mills, Gareth Mills, David J. Williams, Alec Fu, Mark Parker
Head of MasteringJason Walker


Localization ManagerMark Kieran
Localization CoordinatorMonica Dalla Valle
Localization QA SupervisorMarco Vernetti
Localization PTCIain Willows
Assistant PTCPedro Geppert
Localization Test TeamAndreas Gschwari, Laure M. Diet, Jacques Galon, Joaquín de Prado García, Corinne Callois, Daniele Muto, Fausto Trevisan


Assistant Brand ManagerSimon Wells
Brand ManagerJohn Webb
Creative ManagerAndrew Cockell
DesignerJodie Brock
Web DesignerLeigh Kirwan
Web ProducerChristophe Taddei

Eidos U.S. - U.S. Production

Project ManagerTom Marx
Associate Project ManagerClayton Palma
QA ManagerMichael R. Kelly
Assistant QA ManagerColby McCracken
PTCStephen Cavoretto, Julian Mehlfeld
QA Test TeamQuinn Aguirre, Kip Ernst, Nichole Ferrara, Daniel Franklin, Patrick Goodspeed, Michael P. Gonos, Kari Hattner, Erik Kennedy, Jordan Romaidis, Aaron Safronoff

U.S. Marketing

International Brand ManagerMatt Gorman
Associate Brand ManagerMike Schmitt
PR ManagerMichelle Seebach Curran
PR SpecialistDenny Chiu
PR CoordinatorLoretta Stevens
Channel Marketing DirectorKim Pendleton
Channel Marketing SpecialistJanty Sumimoto
Web SupportKim Pendleton, Robert Fitzpatrick, Yasuto Suga
ProductionMichael Minson, Gregory Wu

Eidos Production

Style PoliceNick Bridger
Head of CommunicationsSteve Starvis
UK Marketing ManagerCarolyn London
UK PR ManagerMark Allen
UK Advertising ManagerJames O'Reilly
French Product ManagerBenoît Bohet
French PR ManagerPriscille Demoly
German Product ManagerSören Winterfeldt
German PR ManagerSven Liebold
Cover Image byJodie Brock, and Plastic Wax

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Credits for this game were contributed by Evil Ryu (65848)