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Dakar 2: The World's Ultimate Rally Credits

Acclaim Studios Cheltenham

Lead ProgrammerRobert C. Dibley
ProgrammersDon Boogert, Ewan Brown, Simon Clay, Steven A. Dunn, Bradley Heath, David Hoskins, Michael Percy
Additional ProgrammingMark Allen, Tony Marshall, Robert Pitt, Paul Richardson
Lead ArtistsJames O'Brien, Robert Osborne
ArtistsTom Dicken, Keith Dunne, Dan Edwards, José Fernández Castro, John Golding, Toby Harrison-Banfield, John O'Malley, John Nash
Additional ArtworkMartin Calvert, Wayne Peters
Lead AnimatorGrant Wallis
Animation GroupAdam King, Paul Gartland, Ciarán Wright, Des Duggan
AudioStuart Duffield, Robin Stout
ProducerPaul Weaver
Studio HeadHarvey Elliott
Art DirectorMichael Muskett
Audio DirectorStuart Duffield
Creative DirectorNick Harper
Technical DirectorPaul Brain
Thanks toStephanie Bagley, David Collins, Deborah Lennard, All at Matinee, Brian, Dave and DTY at Mech Motorsport, Toby Moody
Special Thanks toLogitech, Mathieu Perez, The team at A.S.O.


CommentaryToby Moody
Voice ArtistsTom Eastwood, Benedicte Paviot, Oliver Desiandes, Takeshi Sudo

Quality Assurance

UK QA ManagerDaniel Luton
AnalystsMark Bridges, Alex Johnson, Chris Knaggs, Martin Riley
US Quality AssuranceBrian Regan, The team at Acclaim Entertainment Inc. NY

Acclaim Entertainment

BrandNed Browning
Thanks toKathleen Byrne, Rod Cousens, Rick Fox, Simon Hosken, Barry Jafrato

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