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GamePro (US) (Jul 24, 2001)
The RPG connection here is saliva thin, but if you?re thirsting for old-school controller-bruising action; you should sink your teeth into Dark Angel: Vampire Apocalypse.
IGN (Jul 17, 2001)
If you're dying to play a Diablo-type dungeon hack on your PlayStation 2, you might want to consider buying this game but we definitely suggest renting it first because this is one of those types of games that most people will hate, while a select few will find enormously addictive and a complete blast to play. I personally found myself to be somewhere in the middle, as there were times that I would lose myself in the game for hours on end, but for the most part I just lacked the desire to even load it up in my PlayStation 2.
PSX Nation (Jul 20, 2001)
You didn't buy your PS2 for games like "Vampire Apocalypse", but if you're into this type of genre then "Dark Angel" is like a McDonalds Value Meal: it'll fill your hack-and-slash needs, but won't add any worthy RPG nutrients to your gaming diet. A good rental if you happen to take a week off from work to beat it (it'll take you at least that long to think there's a chance in hell of beating it).
Dark Angel: Vampire Apocalypse has all the trappings of a promising game. It features action packed dungeon crawling, character development, multiple dungeons and enemies, an interesting back-story and a modular inventory system that makes it easy to tailor your attacks to the current foes. Sadly, though, none of these expectations are ever really fulfilled, leaving roleplayers and action gamers alike gasping for the polish that would have pushed this title away from feeling so much like a bargain bin purchase. These rough edges are apparent in the game’s clunky interface, its decidedly sub-par graphics and AI, and the lack of variety offered by the extensive gameplay. Put simply, Dark Angel: Vampire Apocalypse is strictly for those who have demolished Gauntlet: Dark Legacy and absolutely have to have another fix of this genre. Everyone else is advised to stay clear of this novice bloodsucker.
Electric Playground (Jul 24, 2001)
If this is some kind of punishment for all those people who complained Onimusha was too short, then Metro3D have produced what might be considered the ultimate gaming hell. If anything, Dark Angel: Vampire Apocalypse is a counterpoint to anyone who argues that Diablo is a simple button mashing hack-and-slash, because Dark Angel is just that and is as far removed from Diablo as you could possibly get.
GameSpot (Aug 29, 2001)
Why anyone would make an action RPG without the all-important RPG element is beyond comprehension. No one enjoys reliving the same battle over and over again without some form of personal attachment--no one. For a game that withholds its major payoff until 100-plus hours into the experience, Dark Angel: Vampire Apocalypse never attempts to cultivate such an attachment. As such, its audience is limited to the less discerning among us.
Just RPG (Jul 02, 2001)
Dark Angel: Vampire Apocalypse is just too long of a game to really deserve attention from most people. Making matters worse is that it’s not that good of a game anyway. At first glance this may ALMOST seem like a tempting buy, because it can constantly be found in the cheap bin at stores, and because it’s called Dark Angel: Vampire Apocalypse…come on, that’s a cool title! But, I would steer clear of this game. Even at a marked down price, you won’t likely get your money's worth out of it.