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PlayStation 2 version

Intro movie of the Dark Genie's Castle
Title Screen
New game movie: The ancient book which tells the story of the hero.
New game movie: The evil general that wishes to awaken the Dark Genie in order to rule the world.
New game movie: The Dark Witch recruited to perform the ceremony to break the Dark Genie from his prison.
New game movie: The Dark Genie awakens and is hungry after 400 years.
New game movie: Meet Toan, the hero, who is enjoying a ceremony in his home village of Norune.
New game movie: The Fairy King tells Toan that not all is lost though, the village and its people are alive, but trapped in a nearby dungeon.
When entering a dungeon, select the level of the dungeon to enter, as long as you've previously cleared that level of the dungeon.
Fighting: A cave bat stalks the hero. Fighting without locking on can prove to be difficult.
Fighting: Locking onto the enemy allows easy strafing and targeting.
Fighting: A skeleton appears and he's a little more difficult as he evades the hero's slashes.
Unleashing an alta in a flash of light that gets drawn into the hero's Altamillia.
A treasure chest found in a dungeon. Exclamation points above the hero indicate that something can be interacted with.
An item floats out of the chest ready to be taken.
Waterfalls and ponds throughout a dungeon provide an easy way to refresh the hero as his thirst level drops while exploring the dungeons.
A secret entrance into the back side of the dungeon. Each level has them, but they can only be accessed with a special item.
Georama: The overhead view of the georama where the hero rebuilds the villages attacked by the Dark Genie.
Georama: These statistics shows the level of completion in the current village.
Georama: Rebuild the village as you see fit, here the hero has placed a river surrounded by trees.