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Cheat Code Central (Nov, 2009)
Again, we have to ask: Why? Is there really that much demand for more Cars-related video games? If so, fans could do worse than Race-O-Rama. The vehicles handle well, and there's definitely plenty of single-player content for the money. That being said, the game is poorly optimized and brings absolutely nothing new to the racing genre. The open-world structure of the story mode is a neat concept, though the world itself isn't very interesting.
50 (Jan 08, 2010)
En dépit de la variété de ses épreuves, Cars-O-Rama souffre de lacunes techniques embarrassantes et d'un manque de rythme qui suscite rapidement l'ennui chez le joueur. Manifestement développé sans passion, ce titre médiocre ne parviendra à divertir que quelques temps seulement les plus jeunes fans du long métrage d'animation dont il s'inspire.
IGN (Oct 21, 2009)
Everything about Cars: Race-O-Rama seems designed simply to let the game get by with a bare minimum of effort and charm. It is the very definition of an average game, and does nothing to pay homage to the original movie, merely taking up six times the shelf space it should and damning any of the current platforms to yet another throwaway licensed game that simply wasn't needed.
47 (Nov 19, 2009)
Dieses Cars ist nett, dieses Cars passt, dieses Cars hat sich in drei Jahren kaum entwickelt. Es ist spielerischer Inzest im langweiligsten Sinne. Es ist vom Menü über die Musik bis hin zur Steuerung so rudimentär, dass sich die gefühlte Lustlosigkeit der Entwickler viel zu schnell auch beim Spielen breit macht.