Dr. Muto Credits

Midway Games

Senior Staff ProducerScot Amos
Lead ProgrammerEd Logg
Senior Staff Art DirectorSteve Caterson
Lead Game DesignerMark Simon
Associate ProducerMike Kruse
Game Software EngineersJohn Geraci, Scott Reeser, Sun-Inn Shih, Joe Straitiff, Joshua Criz
Game DesignersTodd Papy, Justin Hendry
Character Artist/Animator LeadPaul Metcalfe
Character Artists/AnimatorsTakeshi Hasegawa, Kelly Perkins, Jose Amparan, Dave Hanson
Level Artist LeadStig Asmussen
Level ArtistsGreg Holt, Rachel Nador, Christopher Sturgill, Hyung Kim, Giovanni Erazo, Jose Erazo, Gustavo Rasche, Don Livingston
Special Effects and Boss MoviesDon Livingston, Hyung Kim, Takeshi Hasegawa
Cinematic Art DirectorMichael Kennedy
CinematicsDavid Peng, Santosh Kale
Pile of Triangles Render EngineDavid O'Riva, Bob Flanagan, Michael Mortimer, Robert Birmingham, David J. Richardson
Midway Sound Library and O/S EngineDavid Sheppard, Sean Gugler
Sound, Music, and VoicesMichael Henry (Music & Sound Design), Joe Lyford (Additional Music), Walter Fields (Voice of Dr. Muto), Walter Fields (Voice of Dr. Muto), Walter Fields (Voice of Dr. Muto), Walter Fields (Voice of Dr. Muto), Walter Fields (Voice of Dr. Muto), Lani Minella (Voice of Carla), Lani Minella (Voice of Carla), Sean Gugler (Voice of Steele)

Midway Marketing

Senior VP, PublishingMark Beaumont
VP, MarketingHelene Sheeler
Director, Entertainment MarketingLawrence Smith
Product ManagerPatrick Dillon
Director, Public RelationsMarcelyn Ditter
Public Relations ManagerJay Boor

Creative Services - San Diego

VP Creative ServicesDebra Austin
Project ManagerKathy Heppell
Creative DesignerRey Galza
Documentation SpecialistLynda Nario

Muto Test Crew, Milpitas

QA/Test ManagerLarry Cadelina
QA/Test SupervisorPele Gaoteote
Lead Product AnalystsJacob Rainbow, Trenton Lewis
Product AnalystsCharles Ybarra, Fredric Mora, Mario Guevara
Game TestersAlbert Robles, Abraham Aranda, Chris Spurgeon, Alex Suarez, Rick Cummings, Aaron Feil, Emo Gonzales, C. J. Sarraga, Eddie Dobson

Muto Test Crew, San Diego

Test ManagerRobert Sablan
Test SupervisorJohn Ubalde
Lead/Senior Product AnalystJim Dunne
Co‑LeadJared Hamiter
Technical Standards AnalystsAdrian CastaƱeda (Main), Jason Calvin (Backup)
Product Testing AnalystsGlen Hidalgo, Amber Mitchell, Brian Auch, Sherwin Reyes, Jeremy Rucker, Vladimir Rabara

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Debra Austin, 66 other games
Helene Sheeler, 59 other games
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Lawrence Smith, 46 other games
Takeshi Hasegawa, 44 other games
John Ubalde, 35 other games
Walter Fields, 35 other games
Mike Kruse, 31 other games
Ed Logg, 29 other games
Patrick Dillon, 23 other games
Adrian CastaƱeda, 22 other games
David Sheppard, 20 other games
Scot Amos, 20 other games
Jim Dunne, 19 other games
Bob Flanagan, 19 other games
Todd Papy, 18 other games
Jared Hamiter, 17 other games
Michael Henry, 16 other games
David O'Riva, 16 other games
Larry Cadelina, 16 other games


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Credits for this game were contributed by Corn Popper (69379)