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Category Description User Score
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.2
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.9
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.9
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.6
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.7
Overall User Score (16 votes) 3.6

Critic Reviews

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85 (Dec 21, 2000)
Dynasty Warriors 2 won't appeal to everybody. Having to kill up to 1,000 opponents in a level may turn a lot of people off, but for many it will be a reminder of past hack 'n slash games such as Golden Axe and Gauntlet. Dynasty Warriors 2 manages to convey the enormity of large-scale battles perfectly with as much energy and excitement as you would expect in a real battle. Keep this game in mind when you are looking for something a little more long lasting then the numerous arcade-based games on the Playstation 2. Thank you THQ for releasing this excellent title here in Australia.
82 (Dec 11, 2000)
Insgesamt ist Dynasty Warriors 2 ein gutes Beispiel dafür, welches Potenzial in der PS2 steckt, auch wenn es nicht so scheint, als ob KOEIs Ausflug ins Action-Genre dieses Potenzial vollends ausschöpft. Unterm Strich erhält man ein Action-Spiel, das dank versteckter Charaktere auch zum mehrfachen Durchspielen reizt, das jedoch mit ein wenig Feinschliff im Bereich Grafik und Sound zu einem Pflicht-Titel hätte werden können. Auch ein paar Schlagvariationen mehr hätten dem Spiel sicherlich gut getan. Trotzdem: Wer Action mag, ist hier gut bedient.
Video Games (Oct, 2000)
Leider ist der zur Darstellung der vielen Figuren notwendige Rechen- und Speicherplatzbedarf deutlich erkennbar, denn bei der Sichtweite (Dauernebel nach wenigen Metern) und der langweiligen Landschaftsdarstellung müssen einige Abstriche gemacht werden. Auch ein leichter Schluckauf stellt sich bei übermäßig viel Feind- und Freundaufkommen gelegentlich ein. Der Sound überzeugt dafür vollkommen mit harten E-Gitarren-Riffs, wirkt lediglich ab und zu in den riesengroßen Stages, an denen ihr oft knapp eine Stunde zu knabbern habt, etwas repetitiv. Dank des strategischen Gesamt-Gameplays ein Import, der sich definitiv rentiert.
Overall, I like the psychology of this game. Once you learn the ins and outs of mass combat, you’ll try to make tactical decisions, going where your combat skills will do the most good. Sometimes, however, berserker bloodlust overcomes you and you go too deep, getting yourself in a situation you’re not prepared to handle – and believe me, you don’t want to die 45 minutes into a battle. The action can get monotonous at times, but is addictive all the way to the hard-fought end.
PlanetPS2 (Feb 02, 2001)
Dynasty Warriors is a beautiful, addictive game that will serve to entertain throughout a rainy Saturday. If you like relentless beatings with no real plot or thought required, definitely pick this one up.
IGN (Oct 23, 2000)
In some strange way, despite its simple core, Dynasty Warriors 2 is very appealing to me. It's partly the scope and the sheer amount of people on screen, and maybe it's that equestrian stuff...I don't know. It's a great game despite its limitations, but I just wish that after three levels I wasn't bored to tears smashing the same set of buttons over and over. But if you want to see some awesome graphics, well take a look at this game. It's simply gorgeous.
Video Games (Dec, 2000)
(PAL version)
Wieder mal ein Spiel, bei dem ich meine Begeisterung nur schwer erklären kann. Das Gameplay ist primitiv und strotzt nicht gerade vor Abwechslung, die deutsche Synchro gehört zu den schlechtesten, die ich je gehört habe und das Bogenschützen-Feature (ihr könnt in der Ego-Perspektive Pfeile verschießen) könnt ihr getrost vergessen. Doch irgendwie schlägt die Dauer-Action aufs Gemüt: Man kämpft sich halt so durch, bis man in einen regelrechten Wahn verfällt und mit jedem Schwertstreich voller Verzückung gleich reihenweise gegnerische Befehlshaber umnietet. Und man will es vielleicht nicht glauben: Es steckt sogar eine Prise Taktik dahinter: Wo greife ich zuerst an, wer benötigt meine Hilfe, wann hole ich Verstärkung? Kein Classic für jedermann - ich persönlich kann es euch aber auf jeden Fall empfehlen.
GameSpot (Aug 16, 2000)
Dynasty Warriors 2's beat-'em-up gameplay is simple enough to make it easy to get in to, and the game is interesting enough to keep you entertained for a while. It's definitely a solid purchase for fans of the genre.
75 (Dec 11, 2000)
Au final, voici donc un soft qui, s'il ne paraît pas extrêmement original offre néanmoins un plaisir de jeu des plus intenses. On reprochera toutefois sa longévité un peu faible en dépit des nombreux personnages mais surtout une maniabilité parfois pénible et un caractère beaucoup trop répétitif à la longue. Quelques défauts que l'on aurait pourtant tendance à oublier rapidement tant ce titre est un régal sous de nombreux autres aspects. Mais pour un temps seulement.
The best thing about the game is the freedom to do whatever you want. You can play the whole mission guarding the leader, or you can help allies who seem to be having a rough go at it. This is a war, after all, so many different battles are happening in real time across the map, and there are specific conditions for victory. The bottom line? If you're craving a nonstop action title for the PlayStation 2, look no further.
Fans of action flicks or just brainless button mashing will be enthralled with Dynasty Warriors 2's incredible battles. The 1km wide battlefields are sparsely detailed, but when you're hacking and slashing your way through hundreds if not thousands of guys, do the backgrounds really matter? A definite rental, but a purchase should be well thought out.
Game Revolution (Jan, 2001)
I think the problem with Dynasty Warriors 2 isn't so much what it is, but what it isn't. You get the feeling that they're on the verge of something great. With a few more strokes of the design pen - more control, better AI, improved graphics - this could be a fantastic game. But instead, it's simply average. A rental for sure, but not necessarily worth a buy. Back to the dojo, grasshopper.
Gamezone (Germany) (Apr 26, 2001)
Schade ist auch, dass es von Level zu Level keinerlei Abwechslung gibt, dafür aber immer mehr Gegner, die darauf warten, dass sie durch die Luft geschleudert werden. Fazit: Im Großen und Ganzen macht die Prügelei schon Spaß, aber auf Dauer etwas monoton!
60 (UK) (Dec 29, 2000)
At the end of the day, although Dynasty Warriors II is a competent and entertaining game which does well to take advantage of the PlayStation 2's graphical hardware, any game that becomes tedious through repetition deserves more than a raised eyebrow. Although there's some fun to be had here, for what we dole out for PlayStation 2 games it should last beyond a first day's worth of play, and that's why we have to be so harsh on it.
PSM (Nov, 2000)
Unfortunately, this game has some serious flaws. Each character essentially has only three primary attacks, and that's all you need to finish the game. Secondly, enemy and allied AI is idiotic. Too often you'll find soldiers just sitting there while you're getting pounded on by an enemy. And finally, while there are some strategic elements, you can't command your soldiers or the main army, and that takes some of the fun out of being a fictional Super-General.
Gamers Europe (Mar 25, 2002)
The majority of people take no affection from these sorts of games. It's ones of those games which one out of ten people happens to really enjoy and the rest couldn't care less, I am that one person. And so in a review, which all sorts of games players are going to read, I have rationalise the fact that most people will probably hate this game. It's repetitive as hell and will bore most long before they get anywhere near the end. There are other flaws, which I can point to too. The camera can be a bit dodgy at times and the music is terrible. Without building up your character a bit by replaying levels, an obvious chore the game is damn near impossible and the controls can sometimes be a little cumbersome as you try to swivel on the spot to take out three of four people who are keen to carve your kidneys out. And finally, as with every single beat-em-up game under the sun, the longevity is seriously lacking; once you've finished it you won't return.
Gameplanet (Nov 17, 2000)
Despite the fact that there is little innovation or variety in the game it still manages to be an unusually enjoyable experience. Perhaps it is the uphill slog through a vast enemy, or the war cries of the enemy as dozens charge at you. Whatever it is Dynasty Warriors 2 is more than the sum of its parts. If nothing else this game is the closest thing one can get to being a warrior in the middle of a war. Something that no other game can really claim.
Dynasty Warriors 2 är ett riktigt röjarspel där den stackars X-knappen blir misshandlad om och om igen. Efter att ha stuckit ned 600 fiender känns det som att handen ska gå itu, och på de sista banorna är det så mycket fiender att man befarar att tummen ska brinna upp. Inte visste jag att krig kunde bara så här överdjävliga.
PlayFrance (Apr 08, 2003)
Décidément ce n'est pas Dynasty Warriors 2 qui va relancer le beat'em all, peut être faudra-t-il attendre The Bouncer de Square pour que cela se produise. Néanmoins il plaira aux joueurs en mal d'action ou à ceux qui souhaitent se défouler après une rude journée de travail. Si les décors avaient été plus fouillés, variés et nombreux, on tenait un hit en puissance, malheureusement ce n'est pas le cas.
Gamekult (Jan 02, 2001)
Dynasty Warriors 2 n'a que deux intérêts : offrir la possibilité de combattre des centaines d'ennemis à chaque niveau, et montrer que la PS2 sait afficher plein d'objets 3D animés simultanément. Les étripages se suivent et se ressemblent, n'en finissent pas, et gonflent rapidement. Le premier Dynasty Warriors, sur PlayStation, était un honnête jeu de combat classique (Machin versus Bidule, fight !). Sa suite, une fois sa façade séduisante abattue, dévoile un impressionnant néant ludique.