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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 3.9
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.5
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.5
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.6
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.9
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 3.7
Overall User Score (48 votes) 3.7

Critic Reviews

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GamePro (US) (Jun 18, 2001)
Everything that made EFMI so great on the PC arrives on the PS2 perfectly intact. The game's many puzzles are perfectly balanced head-scratchers, but completely logical in their own Monkey Island sort of way; and the game invites creative experimentation since you can't die or make a mistake. The cartoony graphics won't win any technical awards, but they're totally appropriate for the game's goofy atmosphere.
Gamer's Pulse (Aug 01, 2001)
Escape from Monkey Island is the fourth and hopefully not the last in this great series (if the voodoo lady is to be believed number 5 will be coming someday). The transition to the 3D engine was handled perfectly and as usual with all LucasArts adventure games, from Sam and Max to Maniac Mansion to Grim Fandango, it is the plot and humor that carries you along. If you liked any of the previous Monkey Island games or just adventure games in general this is a must have game.
90 (Jul 26, 2001)
Comme je le disais plus haut, ce nouveau volet de la série est identique à sa version PC. Mais le fait de pouvoir jouer au pad augmente grandement le confort de jeu. Si vous possédez déjà la version PC, pas la peine d'investir dans celle-ci (à moins bien sûr, que vous ne soyez un fan absolu de la série et que vous ne voulez voir les quelques dessins préparatoires en bonus sur le DVD), mais si à l'inverse vous ne connaissez pas cette saga, c'est le moment de remédier à cette lacune. Vive les jeux d'aventure LucasArts !
88 (Jul 08, 2001)
You know, one thing that pisses me off these days is the amount of toilet humour on television shows claiming to be comedies. Why can't TV writers have a look at a game like Escape From Monkey Island to see what good comedy is all about. It's clean, but it's also tremendous fun and anyone with a sense of humour should enjoy this game immensely. The graphics, the action, the puzzles and the voices all combine to create one of the most enjoyable titles on the Playstation 2 this year. Prepare yourself for one great adventure.
Escape from Monkey Island is not a traditional type of game we expect to see on a home console. This quality PC conversion only begs the question, "why haven't we?" May the seaweed be with you!
IGN (Jun 20, 2001)
But anybody who liked a good adventure game once or thinks they might like to try one out will find a great experience in Monkey Island -- we should count ourselves lucky that this one made it to a console, especially since Lucasarts has thrown in a new art gallery, new mini-games, and a few other extras for the PlayStation 2 version. It looks good, it's easy to control, it has classic puzzles, and more than anything, it's a heck of a laugh. All that, and monkeys to boot.
Gamezilla (Jul 05, 2001)
What you'll get with Escape From Monkey Island is a rich adventure game that entertains with its quick wit and colorful characters. Even if you are new to the series like I am, you'll rarely notice, as the plot isn't dependent on it. What would have earned the game an even higher score, however, would be if LucasArts found a way to appeal to those who don't enjoy adventure games, as the puzzles can be too difficult or time-consuming for the novice to complete. Overall, if you enjoy adventure games or have enjoyed them in the past, Escape From Monkey Island will definitely appeal to you.
PSX Extreme (Jul 09, 2001)
To end the review with a pun, and yet a terrible one, Escape from Monkey Island is bananas load of fun. There I said it! Despite it being nothing like an adventure game that we've all become so accustomed to, Monkey Island is an excellent puzzle-solving adventure title that most fans of the genre must pick up. The game got personality and that's what makes up most of its final score. The voice acting is absolutely, positively first-class. It has been incredibly long time since a game featured sound caliber as magnificent as Escape from Monkey Island. Wonderful visuals, amusing gameplay and sound that will sweep you away, Escape from Monkey Island deserves its fun in the sun...oh and the monkeys are really funny!
Playboy (2001)
Perfect for big kids and immature twentysomethings alike, Escape from Monkey Island captures aging Marx Brothers appeal, but does so with modern-day flair. From battles against undead cutthroats to talking skulls, voodoo women and Monkey Kombat mini-games, you'll never know what to expect next. Then again, provided it's good times that come to mind, you won't be far off the mark. So set a course for the local retailer ASAP, matey -- your ship's just come in.
GameSpy (2001)
Escape from Monkey Island firmly sticks to the principle that 'if it ain't broke, why fix it'. This makes for a game that Monkey Island fans will love -- mainly because it's virtually identical to formula of MI1, 2 and 3. Being a fan myself, this suits me fine, but the fact is, a lot of people would like to see at least some fresh ideas. After the innovation we've seen in all genres of recent years, Escape from Monkey Island is a fun game that could have been so much more.
XGP Gaming (2004)
Rating this game is rather difficult. It has almost none of the ingredients that a great game needs to make it a success. Replay value is nonexistent as there are no special endings or any another reason to play the game again. There are no real mini-games or side quests to keep the action going. Moreover, there really isn't much action in the game at all. Take away the voice acting and the comedy and there really isn't much to consider except for the inventive puzzles. Nevertheless, I can honestly say that I enjoyed playing Escape From Monkey Island and felt that it was time well spent. Unless you are a game collector or an avid fan of the series, there is no real reason to purchase the game. The entire quest can be completed during a weekend rental if you can find a copy of the game available. However if you do decide to add this cerebral comedy to your library, you won't be disappointed.
Even though most of your time is spent conversing with swashbucklers and watching story breaks, challenge rears its head within hundreds of logic-defying puzzles. Monkey Island may not deliver a high level of interaction, but there’s no denying that it’s a great game and a nice change of pace. If you want to laugh, this title will keep you rolling.
Game Revolution (Jun 01, 2001)
But for the most part, this is a very smooth translation of an excellent adventure game and should definitely be checked out by fans of the genre or even the curious. Plus it's got zombies, pirates, monkeys and beer. What's not to like? In a world where good old storytelling too often takes a backseat to flashy new technology, this is a great escape.
GamePro (SE) (Sep, 2001)
Klart över medel, men ingen guldmedalj när priset för århundradets äventyrsspel ska delas ut. Men återigen, enbart den suveräna humorn gör det värt att köpa detta spel!
GameSpot (Jun 21, 2001)
The few technical issues and other shortcomings to be found in Escape from Monkey Island are worth pointing out but aren't worth dwelling on, because the game's great sense of humor and unique style ultimately deserve all the attention. The fact is Escape from Monkey Island is an excellent port of one of the best PC adventure games in the last several years. Granted, adventure games aren't nearly as popular on the PC as they used to be, but the on the other hand, a game like Escape from Monkey Island seems much more at home on a console.
To be honest it's difficult to capture the essence of Escape From Monkey Island without giving too much away. Quite simply it's very funny, great fun to play, but infuriatingly difficult and obscure in places. It's well animated, really colourful, beautifully voiced, original and lengthy. Although it may not be everyone's treasure chest, it will certainly float some gamers' boats.
Hot Games (2001)
It's a challenge, but the reward is a side-splitting good time with your favorite pirate friends.
While these types of games do not traditionally offer a high replay value, you might find yourself drawn to it again as if you were re-reading a favorite book. Hopefully Escape from Monkey Island will revive a genre that is on the verge of extinction, as it is a great example of how to make an entertaining comic adventure.
Det är svårt att vara negativ när man har ett sådant härligt spel att recensera. Det brukar ju sägas att äventyrsgenren är död, eller åtminstone döende, me när den verkligen det när spelen kan vara så här bra?
Myst has always struck me as the video game equivalent of an art film – it’s beautiful, pretentious, none too entertaining, and appeals to a rabid cult that fancies themselves more sophisticated than the average person. Think of Monkey Island as the adventure game for the rest of us – one that requires both a quick mind AND a sense of humor.
Gamekult (Jun 25, 2001)
Si vous êtes adepte des Monkey Island et avez joué à Escape from Monkey Island sur PC, oubliez cette adaptation : c'est exactement le même jeu. Si par contre vous ne connaissez pas ce quatrième volet de la mythique série de jeux d'aventure humoristique, et appréciez les jeux farfelus, plongez ! Si Escape from Monkey Island n'est pas le meilleur jeu de la série, il a le mérite d'exister enfin sur PS2. Rien que pour la beauté de ce geste, et parce que le genre est rare sur console, Escape from Monkey Island PS2 se voit gratifié d'un point de plus que son équivalent PC.
Gameplanet (Jul 11, 2001)
Those who have played the PC version will find no need to pick up a second copy; the versions are for the most part identical, which is a good thing. The game is solely driven by dialogue and story, so if button mashing action sequences are you thing Monkey Island is, well, not your thing. Those without a sense of humour need not apply. Ditto those without patience.
GameZone (Jul 03, 2001)
You always expect a little more from a game when it is one in a series. This one delivers on the most part, but I would have liked to see a little less humor and a little more in challenges to be met. While it may not be what I was expecting, nevertheless I had a great time playing it. It can provided hours of fun for those who just want to sit back and enjoy the play without having to deal with a complicated storyline. A few chuckles here and there help to keep the game light which is really what you want in a game when it is summer and just too hot to have to think too hard!
Overall, Escape from Monkey Island is a highly enjoyable adventure, definitely worth a peek if you're looking for a slight change of pace in your console gaming.
GamerWeb (2001)
There were so many hilarious phrases and humorous insults in this game that I can't even begin to remember them all. It's a great adventure / puzzle game with some flaws that keep it from being nearly perfect, but you really shouldn't ignore this title. You may have a LOT more fun than you think, and in the end, that's what this game is all about. Perhaps the gaming world needs more games like this.
75 (Aug 09, 2001)
Die Flucht von Monkey Island ist ein ordentliches Adventure, aber keinesfalls der Höhepunkt der Serie. Die Handlung ist vergleichsweise dröge geraten - so langsam ist die Luft aus der Serie raus.
PlayFrance (Apr 08, 2003)
Passionnant et à la portée de tous, doté d'un scénario original rehaussé de nombreux dialogues et de situations hilarantes, impeccablement réalisé malgré une animation dégradée par les accès disques… on peut dire sans hésiter que Monkey Island est un des meilleurs jeux d'aventure sur PS2.
Gamezone (Germany) (Jul 05, 2001)
Die Steuerung ist bei diesem Spiel sicherlich gewöhnungsbedürftig. Gerade auf der Landkarte passiert es einfach zu oft, daß man ungewollt in die falsche Richtung steuert. Der Kenner wünscht sich da einfach die gute alte Maus-Steuerung von Monkey Island 1&2 zurück. Die Rätsel sind allesamt recht knackig und man ist in manchen Situationen fast schon auf ein Lösungsbuch angewiesen. Das war bei den Lucasarts-Adventures aber schon immer so und steigert somit die Langzeitmotivation. Die Flucht von Monkey Island ist ein äußerst witziger Titel. Bestätigt von den, mit viel kreativität gestalteten Situationen mit anderen Bewohnern, verstrickt man sich schnell in quirlige Gespräche, zum abbrechen!
PSM (Aug, 2001)
It's a rollicking good time, except for one thing: nearly all the puzzles are impenetrable, "who the heck would ever think of that" stumpers. The game then climaxes with numerous rounds of something called Monkey Kombat, which will have even the most hardened adventure gamer pulling their hair out trying to work through all the permutations. There's a partial walk through included, but it won't get you far. Still, if you've got the patience, this is one terrifically funny and entertaining game. Just don't expect to beat it in a week (or likely as not, without help).
Maxim Magazine (Jun 18, 2001)
Though there’s nothing new here for salties who’ve played the PC version, the enhanced controls and graphics sink all doubts regarding the title’s seaworthiness. Obscure puzzles prove more troubling than a month at sea without wenches, but it’s nothing a bout of parody-within-a-parody Monkey Combat can’t cure. If you’re keen on tasteless, tongue-in-cheek jokes, smooth sailing lies ahead.
PSX Nation (Jul 16, 2001)
If it were just a little less linear, a little bit longer and a little less unforgiving in some of its latter stumpers (lots of 'littles' for a game trying to compensate for its lack of... well, you know!), "Escape From Monkey Island" would be worth recommending as something other than the best and funniest 5 day rental ever for PS2 owners.
EMI is not a bad game but it will never join its brethren in the panoply of gods of the genre. I for one would like to see LucasArts get out of the sequel to sequel to sequel business altogether and focus solely on new ideas.
The Video Game Critic (Aug 26, 2018)
Your direction changes upon entering a new screen, causing you to immediately exit the room you just entered. That initiates a lengthy load screen, and you'll be seeing a lot of those. Even more so than the original game you're forced to perform the most unlikely sequence of arbitrary actions to solve each puzzle. Typically this requires scouring the island, talking to everyone you see, and collecting worthless objects like a popped inner tube. The original game could get by on its sense of humor - a quality sorely lacking here. The prose is remarkably banal and unfunny, marching out one corny platitude after another ("See you later" "Not if I see your first"). The main character Guybrush Threepwood sounds more like some pencil-neck geek than a seasoned pirate. I really hate this game.